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UN intern faked his predicament, admits it to lefty website

All the media were a flutter about David Hyde, the poor fool who accepted an unpaid internship in Geneva working for the UN and then whinged like a hooker who hasn’t been paid when he couldn’t find accommodation.

Turns out the publicity was a scam, a little stunt by this fool in order to garner sympathy and score some free accommodation for him and his equally bludgy?girlfriend.

With attitudes like that they just have to be lefties…the fact he wanted to work for the UN suggests that, but so too is his choice of outlet to fess up…the enablers of Julian Assange and the traitor Edward Snowden.

A young unpaid Kiwi intern at the United Nations who caused an uproar after he was reportedly living in a tent has admitted to arranging a publicity stunt.

David Hyde, 22, was offered somewhere to stay after Swiss newspaper Tribune de Geneve photographed him in his suit in front of the tent he was camping in on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Today Mr Hyde told The Intercept website he and his girlfriend had planned ahead to alert media to his living arrangement.

“I looked up some studios and room shares to see the sorts of prices I would be paying in Geneva and it was clear that it would be too expensive for me,” Mr Hyde told The Intercept. ?? Read more »

Panty sniffers


Panty sniffer number one has a thing for American government employees’ underwear. He just can’t get enough of it. The more he sniffs the more he is shocked that skid marks not only exist but in some cases are downright disgusting. He considers that he is doing the American public a service by revealing the details, ( the dirty, smelly details ). He rejects the title ‘Panty Sniffer’ which suggests that he is in some way perverted for having a fixation with other people’s underwear and that he is a criminal for rooting around in other peoples dirty laundry searching for stains and other unsavory marks.

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