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Bradbury admits that he was ” in the engine room ” of the Internet Party

There?s a lot of talk, mainly from Kim Dotcom, that he?s going to restart the Internet Party. As someone who was in the engine room of the last attempt, I think the idea that the Internet Party could get 5% in 2017 seems ludicrous in the extreme.

-Martyn Bradbury

No matter which side of the political divide you are on and no matter whether or not you are a fan of Whaleoil most people at least suspect that Kim Dotcom had something to do with the hacking of Whaleoil.

When radio journalist Sean Plunket?invited Rawshark to ring up the first person to call Sean was Kim Dotcom.?In addition to that very strange co-incidence, Kim actually bragged in a speech at an Internet Party gathering about how he had hacked the German Prime Minister’s financial rating. When asked point blank by media if he had hacked Whaleoil he said ” no” with a big smile on his face.

Later his personal bodyguard sent us copies of texts?that appear to reveal that Kim knew that the Dirty Politics hit on us was coming and that he had hired ” professionals ” to get him ” information.”

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Face of the day

Laila Harre

Laila Harre

I watched 3rd Degree last night where three of Dotcom’s ex employees were interviewed.

It was a shocker.
I wonder if Laila Harre was watching and how deep in denial she actually is. Remember Laila is pro union and pro workers rights. She doesn’t believe in a class system as we are all equal. She would never call anyone SIR for example.

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Pot Kettle black

A writer on the Left has his tighty whities in a knot and is SHOCKED that others are making connections between Hitler and Kim Dotcom and his bought and paid for Internet Party.

His angry response to these connections was to post this.

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Mona Dotcom leaving – the financial threat to the business and the Internet Party

Money has been hard to come by at the Mansion. ?Having been ‘forced’ to pay out all his debts that were seriously in arrears as part of the Internet Party launch dented Dotcom’s cashflow somewhat. ?Staff have been told about reduced hours and the budgets have had the twice-over.

Publicly, the money never ended. Offers to pay candidates while running for parliament was but one public sign, and sources close to the Mansion report?the Internet Party and Mana Party alliance issues have had the sharp end of a million dollars thrown at it recently.

The problem with Mona Dotcom breaking up with Kim Dotcom is that it places a severe amount of risk on the money supply. ?Chris Keal explains

The split could potentially complicate Mr Dotcom’s business affairs.

The accused pirate owns no shares in the company with which he is most closely associated, Mega.

Mr Dotcom resigned as a director in September 2013 to help clear the path for his political career. His only legal tie to the file sharing business he founded is through his wife, who?holds?a 17.73% a stake through MD Corporate Trustee, in which she is the sole shareholder.

Mona Dotcom recently sold down her Mega stake from 26%, with major National Party donor Shen Zhao Wu?emerging?as the largest shareholder with a 18.28% holding. Read more »

It takes more than a visionary with money to make a party


Fascinating parallels to our own Internet Party in the UK with Nigel Farage’s Ukip suffering Nazi and homophobic problems

[Ukip] party’s leader Nigel Farage was challenged over another candidate’s suggestion for gay men to be shot to force other homosexuals to ‘decide’ to be straight.

John Sullivan wrote on Facebook in February: ‘I rather wonder if we shot one ‘poofter’ (GBLT whatevers [sic]), whether the next 99 would decide on balance, that they weren’t after-all? We might then conclude that it’s not a matter of genetics, but rather more a matter of education.’

Mr Farage said he had never heard of Mr Sullivan and said he would face a ‘disciplinary charge’.

If Kim Dotcom thinks it is easy to run a political party, I have a word of caution for him: ?wait until you start announcing your candidates. ?The media will crawl through their small intestines to discover who they are and what they are all about. ? Pro Tip: ?get all your candidates to delete and unsubscribe to all their Twitter, Facebook and other social media activities. ?It won’t stop the media, but it will slow them down a little. ? Read more »

It’s official: The Internet Party exists


via 3 News

Well, it’s all on now:

Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party, and it’s logo, have been registered by the Electoral Commission.

That means it’s clear to contest the September 20 election, but there’s still no news about whether it has struck a deal with Hone Harawira’s Mana Party.

To be registered, the party had to sign up at least 500 paid-up members, which it says it achieved within 24 hours using using a smartphone app.

The purple on its logo caused a problem when United Future leader Peter Dunne told the commission it was similar to his party’s logo, but that didn’t stop it getting through.

This personal folly of Kim Dotcom is actually going to contest the election and gather votes so that, maybe, perhaps, they will go into a coalition government so that, perhaps, they can make Kim Dotcon’s extradition a bottom-line no-no.

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Politics isn’t colourblind

For a party with just one MP, Peter Dunne?seems to get more than his share of headlines

United Future has objected to the Internet Party’s use of the colour purple in its proposed logo, saying it could cause confusion among voters.

Public submissions on the Kim Dotcom-founded party’s application for registration as a political party and its proposed logo closed on April 30 and an objection was made by United Future leader Peter Dunne.

In a?letter to the Electoral Commission, Mr Dunne says the hue of purple is quite similar to that of the Internet Party’s.

“You will be aware that purple has long been the colour associated with United Future and it is our submission that the tone of purple proposed by the Internet Party in its logo has the capacity to cause some confusion that it is actually the same as United Future.”

The party doesn’t object to the style or content of the logo, but asks the Commission to take United Future’s objection into account when considering the approval of the logo.

The Commission has passed on the details of all objections to the Internet Party which has until May 8 to respond. Read more »

Crown to appeal Dotcom court ruling

via AAP

via AAP

Word around the Mansion is that things aren’t going very well for Kim. ?Lots of shouting and begging being heard.

Odd how the pressure comes on when the money runs out.

So the decision by the Crown to deny Kim Dotcom more of his assets for the time being will?be hurting Kim badly. ?Many of his plans fall apart unless they have a steady flow of cash to fund them ? Read more »

Nigella needs special permission while fraudsters can walk right in

Something’s not right here. ?Claire Trevett reports

Nigella Lawson needs special permission to visit New Zealand, but the “Wolf of Wall Street” will be eligible for a visa when he comes next month, despite having been jailed for fraud.

Last week it was revealed that British television cook Lawson had to get a special dispensation to visit New Zealand next month because she had been refused entry to the United States after publicly admitting using cocaine and marijuana.

She will be ineligible for a visa to New Zealand for the rest of her life, despite having no convictions.

However, no such dispensation is needed for Jordan Belfort on his visit to speak at investment seminars. A spokesman said Mr Belfort was yet to apply for a visa, but he was eligible because his sentence was less than five years and the conviction was more than 10 years ago. Only those sentenced to more than five years are ineligible for a visa for life.

There is such a legal bias towards drug related charges in the law. ?There are people in the US imprisoned for life for marijuana possession. ?But ripping off people from their hard earned money? ?Meh. ? Read more »

Marriage of convenience, but who will get the bash when it breaks up?

It is actually fascinating to watch Hone and Kim work so hard to convince everyone they are the answer to taking down National, and John Key with it. ?But we all know it will come to conflict at some point.

Rodney Hide muses

The intricate Hone Harawira and Kim Dotcom dance is proving every bit as exciting as the royal tour. What makes the Hone-Dotcom tie-up exciting is its incongruity. It’s the sheer implausibility of the marriage that commands attention.

The Mana Party represents Northland’s poor and dispossessed. And here’s Dotcom arriving at their conference with a cavalcade of late model European SUVs.

Dotcom drove up more like an African potentate than a suitor for the hearts and minds of Te Tai Tokerau.

Harawira believes “white mother[]****** have been raping our lands and ripping us off for centuries”. Dotcom is as white as white. The party that shouts the loudest about indigenous rights and Maori sovereignty is hooking up with a party led by a German self-styled “visionary”. Dotcom is not even a New Zealand European but a European European.

Harawira says he would be uncomfortable if one of his seven children dated a Pakeha. But here he is hopping into bed with one.

Just goes to show bonny boy Hone is for sale. ? When all is said and done, he’s quite happy to enter into an agreements with another white mofo and setting himself up to be ripped off again.

It’s like a woman going back into an abusive relationship. ?Hone doesn’t know how to be anything but a whipping boy. ? I doubt his mum is proud of him right now. ? Read more »