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Will the Internet Party target the Asian vote?

The Herald’s Lincoln Tan explains

The migrant vote could “swing the political ballot” as the number of overseas-born New Zealanders reach over a million, a diversity expert says.

With the general election five months away, the most recent?Herald-DigiPoll survey showed National could govern alone with 50.8 per cent of the party vote, while Labour was polling just under 30 per cent and Greens 13.1 per cent.

But Edwina Pio, professor of diversity at Auckland university of Technology, believes the September 20 poll could hinge on persuading migrant communities to vote.

A Statistics New Zealand survey found that 60 per cent of recent migrants did not vote in the last election. In Auckland, about 40 per cent of the population are migrants and nearly one in four are Asian.

Professor Pio said political parties did not appear willing and lacked strategies to target Asians.

“While various political parties actively seek to progress trade in the billion dollar market potential in Asian countries, there is an opaqueness of strategies for inclusivity of migrants and also a subtext of ‘we like their food but we don’t like them’,” Professor Pio said.

This is true for Labour, Green Taliban, Mana, and New Zealand First. ?All of those parties have expressed official xenophobic ideas and have proposed policy to keep Asians at bay within our own country. ? Read more »

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Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Mana and internet parties agree to date more before engagement

Well, it isn’t a marriage made in heaven.

Mana and the Internet Party had an arranged date yesterday, and there are no talks of marriage. ?But to ensure it doesn’t sound like a complete failure, they’ve announced they’ll date some more.

Hone Harawira and Kim Dotcom have taken the next step in their slow dance, after Mana Party members agreed late last night to move forward in negotiations with the Internet Party.

The Mana Party has given its leaders a month to negotiate, before they put any proposed alliance out to the party’s local branches for consultation.

Yeah, Dotcom is on Maori time now. ?I doubt he realised that the speed of decision making in Maoridom is glacial. ?And a month is long time in politics. ?You never know what might happen.

How did Dotcom appeal to his fellow bros and wahines?

The internet tycoon and his entourage arrived at the Mana annual meeting in large Porsche and Mercedes SUVs but he pulled out all the stops to convince Mana of his working-class credentials.

He had spent the journey down from his Coatesville mansion being briefed by a Ngati Whatua kaumatua on marae protocol and the Treaty of Waitangi. ? Read more »

MANA will join forces with the Internet Party today

This weekend will be a tough on for Sue Bradford and John Minto. ?Are they going to go with what they know is right, or will they take a huge dent to their credibility (such as it is) by yielding to the MANA party’s objective?

A tie-up with Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party is finding favour among the Mana Party’s younger grassroots members as a means of engaging young voters, Mana’s president Annette Sykes says.

The prospect of a tie-up with the Internet Party and the controversial German millionaire’s appearance has helped fire unprecedented levels of interest in the party’s annual meeting today in Rotorua, leader and sole MP Hone Harawira said yesterday.

Mr Dotcom’s speech to delegates this morning is his chance to convince the approximately 250 Mana members attending that an alliance is in their interests and won’t compromise their core values.

He is up against the perception that as a conspicuously wealthy man who initially cosied up to the political right in the form of John Banks, he is making a cynical grab for the chance of a seat or two in Parliament that a tie-up with Mana and Te Tai Tokerau MP Mr Harawira would offer.

“That’s one of the perspectives held strongly by some of our membership,” said Ms Sykes, who is also the party’s Waiariki candidate.

That would be the intellectually honest and almost sane part of the MANA party then. ? The only reason Kim Dotcom wants your obedience and supplication is so that he has a snowball’s chance of being part of the King Maker Party after all the votes are tallied up. ? Read more »

The emperor has no clothes: Kim Dotcom’s legal troubles multiply

You have to admit, he had most of you going for a while. ?Maybe not you, the reader, because Whaleoil has been one of the very few media outlets ?(the only one?) that has consistently warned everyone that Kim Dotcom would be a tar pit to anyone who chooses to get near him, as well as the reasons why.

Just three days ago, the combined might of the movie industry filed civil charges against Kim Dotcom.

Today, the combined might of the music industry followed

Four music labels filed a copyright infringement lawsuit on Thursday against the file-sharing website Megaupload and its founder Kim Dotcom, three days after several major movie studios did the same.

The lawsuit says that Megaupload, Dotcom and other defendants “engaged in, actively encouraged, and handsomely profited from massive copyright infringement of music,” according to a statement issued by the Recording Industry Association of America. ? Read more »

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Moroney denied chance to politically weaponise children


We’ve seen the Teachers Unions do it: ?whip the kids into a frenzy against that “nasty government”. ?Doing parades and carrying union supplied placards in ?”parent initiated” protests.

Tabling a finger painting in Parliament?

If this is the sort of strategy that Matt McCarten and #heyclint think will be the circuit breaker that Labour is looking for, I think we’re all safe.

Read more »

Kim and Hone sitting in a tree…

Oh, I know this is a cheap shot, but it is just too good not to share with you


Uptake of Internet Party app “slow”

Stacy Kirk reports on the waning fortunes of Kim Dotcom

However we feel about German internet mogul Kim Dotcom, he has changed the way New Zealand voters engage with politics.

Typically, he’s done it by releasing an app, the first of its kind allowing membership sign-up. It satisfies both electoral law requirements and Apple and Google’s rules around collecting money through their stores.

Acutally, to be honest, Peter Dunne needs the credit for causing these changes. ?When he found himself in a pickled a while ago by not actually having a party anymore, he used the Internet to sign up new members, only to find that the Electoral Commission didn’t allow that as a method.

That set into motion a number of changes that subsequently recognised that if we can pay a mortgage on-line, or apply for a passport, why can’t we join a political party?

All that the Internet Party did was be the first to write software for smartphones.

One of the things that amuses me is that Apple and Google are making money every time someone signs up as an Internet Party member.

Are they getting rich? ? Read more »

Hone Harawira on investments


A reader writes

Dear Cameron,

I don’t usually get involved in political stuff, but the following Herald article had me scratching my head. ? Read more »

Who are the Internet Party using as their “visionary”?


Let’s face it, if the law allowed it, Kim Dotcom wouldn’t be a “party visionary”, but he would be the Winston Peters of the Internet Party.

Instead, the law keeps him at arms length. ?Only his money, and of course all his direct orders will be implemented. ?A bit like being a bankrupt that has his wife running the company… on paper.

So it behooves us to look into Kim Dotcom’s aka Kim Schmitz’s past and see what where foundations of his visions lie. ?People tend to be able to point into their past to explain how they came to their current world view.

Schmitz’s biography is the stuff of local tabloid legend, beginning with his arrest six years ago for allegedly hacking into corporate computer systems and stealing telephone calling-card numbers.

Schmitz spent several months in pretrial detention, an experience that inspired him to try using his skills to make a legal profit.

“That’s where I decided to use my knowhow and skills to become the world’s most successful businessman,” says Schmitz, with characteristic modesty. ?? Read more »