The Labour Party

Is the Labour Party a friend of Israel?

After the National Party shafted Israel at the UN a number of us here on Whaleoil expressed our disgust. Some of us asked what other political parties we could give one or both of our votes to in order to show both our support for Israel and our condemnation of what the National Party has done. I decided to contact the leaders of Act, New Zealand First and the Maori Party as well as the Labour Party. I didn’t bother with the Green Party as their anti-Israel stance was made abundantly clear earlier this year. The Conservative Party currently lacks a leader so I had no one to contact.


The first leader to respond to my request for comment was Labour leader, Andrew Little. I am very impressed considering that most politicians are on holiday and unavailable to media. Even if they were all available no New Zealand mainstream media have even tried to cover the story of what McCully and the National Party did at the UN to Israel, let alone ask any politician what their parties stance is.


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The Alt-Left not only exists it is already active in New Zealand

On Wednesday, the conservative-leaning advocacy group One Nation released a statement on Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

“Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders Lead Alt-Left in Hijacking of Bipartisan Medical Research Bill,” the subject line read.

Wait. “Alt-left?”

You may have heard of the alt-right…

There remains plenty of disagreement about what exactly “alt-right” means, but it’s a loaded political term carrying connotations of white nationalism and even racism.

…The term isn’t brand new, but it has just now gradually worked its way into the mainstream…

…The use of the term “alt-left,” then, would seem to be a way to point out that there are also extremists on the left.


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Another begging letter from Broke Andrew


So let me get this straight. Andrew Little wants to use other people’s money to build houses so that people who cannot afford a house, can have a house. In the same email, he is asking for other people’s money to fund his political party. His party cannot afford to fight an election so he needs our money so he can win an election…maybe.

It’s nice that the Labour Party are so concerned about charity for others but the problem is that the political party is a charity case itself. Taxpayers are already footing the bill for Matt McCarten.

It’s important people know this: John Key has just ordered his MPs to vote against a proposal to build 100,000 new affordable homes.Yet again, he’s rejected a common-sense step to help fix the crisis.Just this week, the average price of an Auckland home hit a staggering $1,000,000. What chance do young families have of ever making the Kiwi Dream a reality?John Key has shown he has no intention of building more houses. Today’s vote proves it.

The Labour Party  have a dream. It is the dream of winning the election. What chance do they have of making the dream a reality?

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We’re a political party, not a debating society

theconversation.com926 × 617Search by image New Zealand Labour leader David Cunliffe (left) and NZ Prime Minister John Key during a televised political debate. AAP Image/Mediaworks
New Zealand Labour leader David Cunliffe (left) and NZ Prime Minister John Key during a televised political debate. AAP Image/Mediaworks

Andrew Little has famously declared that Labour is a political Party not a debating society. Is this perhaps a brilliant strategy on behalf of the Labour leader? Maybe he has decided that if you can’t beat them don’t join them.

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Is this Labour Party idea worth stealing?

Learning this one historical fact about politics explains so much about the Left

Until recently I was ignorant about the origins of America’s two main political parties. I knew that the Democrats were similar to our Labour party and the Republicans were similar to our National party. They have other parties but, because they do not have MMP, the tail never gets the opportunity to wag the dog like it does here in New Zealand.

So, many of the Democrat’s policies confused me because, to my conservative and libertarian eyes, they were patronising and racist. It turns out that there is a very good historical reason for the way they treat their Black American supporters.

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