The Mangrove

Hot dates for S.A.D.

Today is S.A.D.

Singles Awareness Day aka Valentaines Day. Yesterday in the Herald on Sunday liftout they had a feature on the hottest Valentines. Who should feature? None other than The Mangrove, Stuart Nash.

The Mangrove, Stuart Nash is a hot Valentine

It certainly looks like the Herald on Sunday thinks that Nashy is back on the available list. The husbands of Napier need to lock up their wives, Nashy appear to be?back?in the saddle.

Also copping a mention was My Little Pony, Jacinda Ardern. I note the mention of the good set of teeth. Nice to see the churnalists at the Herald read the politicianary.

My Little Pony, Jacinda Ardern is a hot Valentine

The Mangrove Spokes

Funny post from Melissa Lee’s Facebook wall about The Mangrove.

The Mangrove Spokes


Mangrove tells NZ that he is now only rooting in the Hawke's BaySometimes politicians don’t engage their brain before committing words to the interwebs. Most of the time some politicians are engaging their little brain. In this case, once again, it is the Mangrove, Stuart Nash. Looks like Little Stuie was engaged on this effort, freudian slips and all.

This will be a huge relief for all the husbands of attractive women the nation over, except for those in the Hawke’s Bay, to know now that The Mangrove’s roots are firmly only in the Hawke’s Bay. One thing is for sure though when a mistress becomes a wife, a position becomes vacant.

Perhaps readers might like to help The Mangrove re-write that sentence more appropriately.

Fossy's Gay Ute

Craig Foss's Rooting UteCraig Foss has got himself a new ute. Well if you call such a soft vehicle a ute at all. It’s the sort of thing Charles Chauvel would drive.

Shortly after he got it Stuart “The Mangrove” Nash was seen climbing all over the back of it when the whinging bikers were in town. I hear he wants to borrow it for the following features:

Wellside – with sports bar, lockable roller shutter, bedliner with 12V power socket, and internal tie downs.

Rooting in the back of the ute is a time honoured Hawkes Bay tradition. Still I suppose it is better than converting the local gravestone makers office into a huge billboard to scare young kids and elderly passersby.

The Mangrove scaring small kids and elderly

mangroveOne of my loyal readers in the Bay has sent me through an photo of? The Mangrove’s new office. My informant reckons the image on the side of the wall is scaring the elderly and small children.

Megalomania springs to mind, have you seen how many masters and post grad degrees this man has…really not necessary unless you need them to give you confidence or pull university chicks.

Anyway The Mangrove sent me a text the other day wanting to catch up for a drink and a chat.

He obviously doesn’t know about my “Never Drink with Pinkos” rule, though he is to the right of Labour and very much in the Shearer camp.