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The Nation asks if Talleys is a good corporate citizen but uses a man who threatens violence and rape as their front man

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The Nation on TV3 did a hit job on Talleys?yesterday and replayed it again this morning.

They presented a worker called Phillip Reweti Bear, He is also standing for the Wanganui Council.

We have covered this ratbag before and his behaviour. Where he threatened Paula Bennett with rape and violence.

So yesterday morning we had The Nation asking AFFCO and Talleys are good corporate citizens?

Well what about the guy they were promoting, is he a good citizen? He’s still at the threats of violence, here is a recent outburst:

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Compare and contrast Lisa Owen’s treatment of two individuals

I will declare my bias up front. Lisa Owen’s treatment of my husband when the Rawshark hacking story hit was appalling. He was the victim of a criminal act, a criminal hack and she constantly interrupted him and spoke to him as if he was a criminal rather than a victim. He was speaking from Israel and even though she knew it took a few seconds for her question to reach him she consistently would not give him time to reply and consistently cut him off. I don’t know how Cam remained calm under the circumstances but like David Seymour in this latest interview he did. Only a transcript of the interview is now showing on The Nation website. The video link has been removed.

Her latest investigation has her interviewing Te Whanau O Waipareira Trust chief executive John Tamihere and Education Under-Secretary David Seymour. ?If you compare and contrast the two interviews it is incredibly obvious who she has cast as the victim and who she has cast as the criminal. ?The way she speaks to Mr Seymour is disgusting. She lacks respect and keeps trying to frame the story the way she wants it to be, not the way it actually is. David even refers to her ” relentless negativity ” while being interviewed by her.

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Nobody is forced to live in a car; they have clearly chosen to do it

The Media party, and Newshub in particular, are still pimping the housing crisis.

On Saturday morning The Nation (yes them)?pimped a couple living in their car.

They are called the hidden homeless.

They’re a growing number of working families being forced to live in vehicles due to being unable to afford Auckland’s soaring rent prices.

According to figures collated by the Salvation Army, rent for three-bedroom homes increased in Auckland by 25 percent from 2010 to 2015.

For Marie and her two young children, her car has been her home for two months.

“It’s like they’re shut away from society, really like I’ve hidden them away for society. They have nothing we’re just here 24/7.”

Her partner’s not here — he’s busy at his fulltime job. However his take home pay of $600 a week can’t match south Auckland rentals demanding $500 and more. ? Read more »

Ben Rachinger and the dirty Mediaworks tag team


As news is generated about Ben Rachinger, media cover it. ?In fact, last court appearance, there were camera?crews from TVNZ, Sky News (I believe) and TV3.

That’s all normal and fine.

But what happens when a news organisation starts to champion one specific individual’s case against another? ?What if they are actively interfering?in the court case? ? What if they fund a media lawyer when their protagonist is self represented? Read more »

So re-writing history is now an investigation?


The Nation is one of the more dishonest media organisations out there.

Now they are claiming a special investigation which is in reality a re-writing of history from a liberal elite, guilt-laden 21st century view.

An investigation by The Nation has uncovered some unpleasant history behind many of New Zealand’s public statues.

Genocide and racism can be linked to some well-known and celebrated colonial figures.

Governor Grey’s statue has stood since 1912, only now attracting some closer scrutiny — is this still a figure to be honoured?

“He did some very, very nasty things. He basically oversaw what some people would call today a genocide,” says historian Damon Selesa.

Historians say he has blood on his hands, leading an aggressive attack in Waikato and beginning the Waikato war.

On Auckland’s One Tree Hill, the monument erected by John Logan Campbell is dedicated to Maori. But Mr Campbell’s intention was that it would memorialise the Maori race, which he believed was dying out. ? Read more »

So tell me again why you’d speak with The Nation?

Arthur Taylor is the cause c?l?bre at the moment for Newshub and the crim-huggers at The Nation.

But yet again one of their causes is under investigation as a result of their story.

Auckland Prison inmate Arthur Taylor does not have the permission of the prison director to earn an income while behind bars, and a Corrections spokesperson has confirmed the department will be looking into it.

The self-styled jailhouse “lawyer” told The Nation’s Lisa Owen that he gets paid for what he calls consultancy work.

“I am contacted frequently… from people who seek advice on various matters and are only too willing to pay,” he says.

In 2010, media reports claimed Inland Revenue had assessed his income for the previous year at more than $100,000. ? Read more »

According to Cunliffe, last week was one of his better ones

The Nation interviewer Lisa Owen spoke with David Cunliffe

Lisa Owen: After the week you?ve had, could it get any worse?

David Cunliffe: Look I actually think this hasn?t been too bad a week at all. What?s happened is that support for me within my team is absolutely rock solid and I think public support has galvanised in the face of what people can see is pretty petty politics by the current government.

Let?s just take a look back at your week. I?m wondering why you would have used or inferred that people who don?t support you within your party are scabs, when it?s such an emotionally charged and derogatory term. What were you trying to do?

I made the point Lisa that particularly for the Labour movement over many decades when we?re up against very powerful forces one of the most important things, if not the most important thing that we need to do is to stick together and present a united front. And I?m very pleased that that is exactly what my team is doing and will do. And what we?re going to do now –

And did you need to remind them of that, that they needed to be united? Did you need to remind them??

And what we?re going to do now is to focus on the issues that matter to Kiwis. And that?s about their jobs, it?s about their homes and it?s about their families.

Oh, so it’s not about trips in China, cash for access or dodgy donations then? ?It’s taken Labour to be caught with their hand in the till regarding trips in China, cash for access and dodgy donations to suddenly realise that isn’t a winning strategy?

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David Parker announces that Labour doesn’t want Auckland homeowner’s votes

David Parker has told us via his appearance on The Nation and as reported by NBR that Labour isn’t interested in Auckland homeowners votes.

In fact he has told us that Labour actually hates those voters and will punish them with more draconian lending criteria than the rest of the country.

Loan-to-value (LVR) loan limits aren’t working and Labour would rather limit them to just Auckland, Mr Parker said.

LVRs “certainly not necessary” in Dunedin, for example, the Labour deputy leader said: “Why should our economy be hobbled? Why should our young people be prevented from buying houses” because of Auckland house prices.”

Let’s see how that will work. ? Read more »

Twitter as a political tool

Matthew Beveridge appeared on The Nation to discuss Twitter as a political tool.

He makes the follow extra observations:

1) If you are going to be on social media: Do it, do it properly or go home. There is no point starting a Twitter account and not doing anything with it. There are a number of MPs who are guilty of this, Ian McKelvie, David Parker, Mark Mitchell (though he is now making an effort), Eugenie Sage. ?They all have accounts with very low numbers of Tweets. Some with as little as 1. To me, going to the effort of starting an account, adding a profile photo and the like, then not using it is the same as walking away from a conversation. It looks like you aren?t interested in hearing what people have to say. So if you are a political candidate or MP and you are thinking about starting a social media account, make sure you are willing to put in the effort to do it properly, or don?t come out to play.

Mostly they should not come out to play. Most are useless at it and I still don’t believe that any meaningful engagement occurs. ? Read more »

The Nation cancelled? Depends on who you listen to

Richard Harman put it about that The Nation had ben cancelled. This is apparently untrue.

Regan at Throng explains:

Yesterday we published a story that claimed?The Nation had been canned by TV3. ?This is incorrect. ?TV3 contacted us this afternoon, concerned about inaccuracies in the story. ?As it turns out, the release sent out by Frontpage, the company that has produced The Nation for TV3 for the last 4 years was misleading.

The headline stated ?After four years The Nation ends this weekend?. However, TV3?s Head of News and Current Affairs, Mark Jennings, told Throng that this isn?t the case at all.

?The Nation is a TV3-owned concept and part of our news and current affairs stable and we certainly haven?t ?canned? it.?

What is actually happening is that the independent production company has been removed from the equation and it will now be produced in house.? Read more »