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New Zealand MSM are making a big mistake handing their customers to Facebook

After praising The New Zealand Herald for their balanced coverage of Resolution 2334 in a post I wrote yesterday and published this morning, I decided to view the comments on all the articles that I had referred to in my post. The New Zealand Herald like Stuff have handed their comment sections over to Facebook which has many downsides as I was soon to find out.

The first problem I encountered my total inability to find the article I was looking for on their Facebook page. I was looking for the article titled, “Rob Berg: NZ Government stance on Israel smacks of hypocrisy” which was published that day but all I could find on their page was stories like…

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Spock’s selection: It’s news captain but not as we know it.

I have scanned the Stuff and New Zealand Herald websites to find examples of news headlines that are more suited to a women’s weekly magazine than a serious MSM News outlet.

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Corporate tax dodger NZ Herald finally pays what it owes

The NZ Herald recently ran a campaign, fronted by Matt Nippert, against corporate tax dodgers.

They accused all sorts of companies?of?various nefarious tax activities but never once called into question their owners and their proven tax evasion. Now they’ve finally given in and settled with?IRD for more than $36 million they owed for their corporate tax dodging.

Australian publisher APN News & Media, which includes the NZ Herald in its stable, has reached a binding heads of agreement with the Inland Revenue Department to settle its alleged tax avoidance case and other disputed tax issues for $36.3 million – around half the amount that was in dispute.

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Feel the fear, that sound you hear is journalist’s knees knocking together

The Media party are shaking in their boots.

After years of degrading their mastheads to the status of?clickbait sites they are now facing mass redundancy.

Trade Union leaders are worried that a merger would have serious consequences for NZME and Fairfax NZ staff.

Hundreds of New Zealand journalists face an uncertain future if the planned merger gets the green light.

Media companies Fairfax and APN have told the New Zealand Stock exchange they are in talks about merging their New Zealand businesses by the end of 2016.

NZME – the New Zealand arm of APN – owns several North Island daily papers and radio stations, while Fairfax’s media portfolio includes newspapers, magazines, such as Cuisine, TV Guide and NZ House & Garden, and the country’s most-visited news website ?? Read more »

So this is what they want to paywall

I took a look at the front page of the NZ Herald online this morning:

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Cunliffe on the mess The Spinoff and the Herald have made of the Hilary Barry story

Media commentator Regan Cunliffe blogs about the Hilary Barry story:

When Hilary Barry?s resignation was made public late on Friday, the inevitable snow job on Mediaworks was fast and fierce. ?The rumours ran rife, the most common of which was that Barry would be heading to TVNZ?s?Breakfast program, a poaching that happened because apparently, TV3?s alternative was having an impact.

The amount of mourning that has happened by people who apparently either hate Mediaworks, or are supposed to be boycotting the network is hysterical.

Leading the charge on the Mediaworks attack has been its major competitor, The New Zealand Herald. ?Considering they publish more fiction than John Grisham, I?m reluctant to believe anything they write. ?But let?s assume for a moment that they are right and that Hilary Barry has been poached.

When the?three retardos, John Drinnan, Matt Nippert and David ‘Tainted’ Fisher, are all piling in you know you are looking at a manufactured hit job. ? Read more »

A Newspaper’s website went down and nobody cared

The NZ Herald or as referred to commonly on this Blog ‘A Newspaper’ has a problem with ever declining circulation. They are struggling to even give their papers away. Only last week we received a card in our mailbox offering free copies.

The future luckily is in online news and The Herald has an online site that is currently free but is expected to eventually go behind a paywall. The online version of The Herald is currently in competition with its dead tree version. Why would you pay for old out-of-date news on paper when you can get it constantly updated online for free?

When the website went down recently one would have expected that it would have been missed but one would be wrong. A Newspaper’s readers were not slow to make their feelings clear in a number of hilarious one liners.

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The Changing Hats of Fran O?Sullivan – NZ Inc. or NZME. ?


So far we have looked at the following in this series:
And so we begin
Telling the Truth about Fran O’Sullivan and Dirty Politics
Dirty Politics and Fran O?Sullivan?s ?Unethical Alliance? With Bloggers
Dirty Media – Who feeds Fran?
Dirty Media ? a nice bit of confusion over names, and just who or what is NZ Inc?

On the 16th September 2014 an Application for Trademark of NZ Inc and New Zealand Inc was made by Fran O?Sullivan.

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Dirty Media – a nice bit of confusion over names, and just who or what is NZ Inc?


So far we have looked at the following in this series:
And so we begin
Telling the Truth about Fran O’Sullivan and Dirty Politics
Dirty Politics and Fran O?Sullivan?s ?Unethical Alliance? With Bloggers
Dirty Media – Who feeds Fran?

Let us start?explaining the players and links between each.

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Dirty Politics and Fran O?Sullivan?s ?Unethical Alliance? With Bloggers

In Nicky Hager?s the book all about me called ?Dirty Politics?, Nicky Hager traced the whole origins of his my work back to the award-winning hit on Len Brown which resulted not just in gongs for myself but for the New Zealand Herald.


Wasn?t it terrible for a politician to actually be attacked for his political beliefs!

Yesterday I gave you a small taste of NZME. Editorial Director for Business, Fran O?Sullivan?s involvement. ?She sent me information about my nemesis Michelle Boag seeking to discredit Boag?s commentary about Len Brown.

As promised I can reveal that also went much further than throwing our mutual enemy Michelle Boag under a large winebox.

On Tuesday night at the left wing love fest with John Campbell and Nicky Hager, Fran O?Sullivan claims she sent an ?internal memo? to former Editor Tim Murphy ?some months before? the book Dirty Politics was published warning him of what was happening. I don?t quite know how to respond to that given she was still passing me information and complicit in seeking my feedback right up until the book was released. ? Read more »