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Who’s been speaking out of school?

The Otago Daily Times has an article about the mysterious Goff free zone of Labour’s billboards:

Prime Minister John Key’s visage will be smiling at voters throughout the country now that election hoardings have started to appear in the lead-up to the November 26 election.

But if voters want to see Phil Goff’s face on a hoarding, they will probably have to visit Mt Roskill, his home electorate.

Labour has been criticised by some bloggers for ignoring Mr Goff in their hoardings.

For instance, Dunedin South MP Clare Curran has no hoardings in her electorate featuring Mr Goff. In contrast, her National counterpart, Joanne Hayes, will have several with Mr Key on them, along with the National Party logo.

National is highlighting Mr Key because he is the party’s best asset, and candidates, especially those dependent on the list to get in, will want people to tick the National Party list vote to try to get themselves into Parliament.

Being seen with Mr Key is regarded as a major campaign asset by National candidates.

Being with Mr Goff is a liability for Labour candidates.

It is obvious the more you drive around and see Labour’s?assigns?that they are distancing themselves from Goff, it must also be a conscious decision fromt he campaign?strategy?team led by Trevor Mallard. Labour’s internal polling on Goff’s negatives must be dire.

Labour MPs, already in trouble in Auckland for putting up signs before the official start (and some, like Jacinda Ardern, for breaching size regulations) are distancing themselves deliberately from Mr Goff.

The party signs will show the candidate’s photo, a silver fern and a tick to vote Labour.

The MPs believe Mr Goff will hamper their campaigning and want to put as much distance as possible between him and themselves during the campaign.

Other signs feature a call for a $15 an hour minimum wage, the removal of GST from fresh fruit and vegetables and stopping the sale of state-owned assets.

Some of the MPs believe Mr Goff will announce his resignation on election night, leading to the real election for Labour taking place on Sunday, when a new leader will need to be identified.

Now that is interesting. This is the ODT, they are unlikely to have canvassed any MPs outside of the region so which Labour MP has spoken out of school. It won;t be Hodgson, he is retiring, it won’t be David?Clark?he isn’t an MP, and it can’t be David Parker?because?he has moved to Auckland, so that only leaves Clare Curran because every other MP int eh region is from?the?Blue Team.

Jetstar makes Key Error

OMG, I have just heard from sources that Jetstar left John Key on the tarmac at Queenstown

He was down there opening the Winter Festival and thought that since he was Tourism minister to support the new operator buy flying Jetstar.

It would have been good for their attempt at recovery after a week from hell where even today they left behind passengers on an overbooked flight, but they managed to add to their PR misery by leaving John Key on the tarmac, stranded in Queenstown.

Was it raining?, Was it snowing? Nope he was just running late.

Jetstar may as well just shut the doors and go back to Australia.

Plane chocka, Jetstar lying

Just spoke to Sonny Shaw, he is an All Blacks fan and travels to every match, as well as every Black Caps match and is a very seasoned traveller. He was also one of the few that got onto the Jetstar flight to Wellington.

He made it onto the plane and was willing to speak to the media because he reckons the people left outside got a raw deal. He stated to me that Jetstar started boarding the plane early at 3.01pm, he was surprised and quickly went through security and boarded. While he sitting their they annouced over the plane intercom that the flight was “very full”, overhead lockers full, and so could people please store things under their seat. He flight was so full that it left 20 minutes late. He did not see ANY empty seats on the plane, which would strongly suggest it was overbooked. The last person who boarded did so at 4:01pm. He suggests that if you look at the manifest that it would probably show a full plane, or at least a plane which would not have enough room to fit the stranded jetstar passengers.

Sonny also told me that he is travelling with Jetstar next week and they have already changed his flight details and schedule twice. He is currently re-evaluating his trip. Another person with whom he works was planning a wedding in Queenstown and has had their flights rescheduled more than 8 times.

There is seriously something wrong at Jetstar and they also seem unable to tell the truth. Time for the Commerce Commission to get involved I think.

Swinging to the right

Swinging to the rightShane Wairau is ready to take the plunge into a new era without a Labour Government. At 34, the former Labour voter is now married with a 1-year-old son and working as business manager for a tourist bungy jump operation in Queenstown. After… [NZ Herald Politics]

Labour are rooted if this article in the Herald is anything to go by. For starters it was written by Simon Collins a guy who probably thinks that Communists are hard right. Then there are the quotes from former Labour supporters;

“We’re going to have to work till we drop because we can’t afford to retire,” adds Hopwood. “We’re all in the drivers’ union. They [the employers] offered us 1.5 per cent. We wouldn’t accept it, so we haven’t had a pay rise.

“I usually support Labour, but I’ll probably go with National. With a bit of luck we’ll get rid of the Prime Minister.”

More in keeping with the country’s mood, two Invercargill retailers in their 50s who give their names as Caroline and Heather feel abandoned by their party.

“Labour is supposed to be a family-oriented party, but taxes have gone up, it’s harder for young people to get a house. Two of my children live in Australia,” says Caroline.

“My father is 90. He’s been a Labour man all his life. He is lost. He doesn’t know who to give his vote to.”

Heather, whose only child has also gone to Australia, says: “I’ve been a Labour person all my life and I’m absolutely lost. It really hurts me and I almost feel like not voting – and I used to go out and canvass for Labour.”

The mood for change sweeps from low-income suburbs such as Manukau’s Clendon, where 18-year-old hairdressing student Ashley Kumeroa is voting National because she resents paying taxes for people who are “fit enough to work but decide to stay home”

“The things that affect me are children’s things – things that Labour has promised haven’t really happened.”

“I think the Government has got too arrogant in the way they force everything down our throats,” says Rodney Thurlow, 38, a Rotorua sawmill scheduler and father of a baby born in May.

“Everything’s going up. No one’s getting any wage increases,” says Onehunga mechanic Graeme Wedding, 54, who is voting National for the first time since the Muldoon era in the 1970s.

“I always thought Labour was supposed to look after the working people, but they’re not. I think they could have given us some relief on our fuel instead of taking a percentage of the increase.”

In Christchurch, a grandmother pushing her grandchild in a pushchair around a suburban mall declines to give her name because she was “home-invaded, bashed and robbed the week before last”. “I haven’t been able to stay in my own home since then,” she says. “Psychologically, I’m terrified at night. It’s life-changing.”

“They should harden up the prisons – less internet and underground heating and three-course meals,” chimes in pregnant Telecom call-centre worker Maree Ragg, 28, relaxing in the lunchtime sun in Christchurch.

“There are too many no-hopers around, too much unemployment -_ a lot of guys that are not willing to work. They’re getting paid not to work. I think they should be looking at putting people into work more.”

Many of those leaning towards National, like Mangere Bridge chicken-boner and mother-of-three Sandra Taratu, 43, are attracted by the policy to make sole parents work at least 15 hours a week when their youngest children turn 6.

“They [Labour] are paying all our tax on the beneficiaries – they should be working too,” says Taratu, who has voted Labour all her life.

“Maybe I’ll vote for National. They are going to get all the ones that are on the benefit to work.”

Yep, Labour are screwed.