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The Owl is making a comeback

Observation by the Owl ? I?m back

Let?s start 2015 with a bang.

Here is some interesting subjects for 2015

Why hasn?t Unite Union?s Charitable Trust filed their accounts?

Why hasn?t The Maritime Union of NZ?filed their accounts?

Will Andrew Little make sure these matters are actioned asap?? Read more »

Unions own Labour and why 20% stacks up ? Observation by the Owl

Helen Kelly and Andrew Little have completely stuffed Labour. This is a party which will never recover.

It will be doomed to the backwaters and is the new Alliance Party.

I give Labour another 3 more election cycles before it fades from history.

Here are some of the parallels

Unions got 20% of the vote to elect the Labour Leader

Total people belonging to unions in NZ (actually less than 20%)

Labour polls 20% ? Read more »

Why is the EPMU not donating to National on behalf of its members? ? Observation by the Owl

The Owl is not surprised by the press release about the Unions donating funds to NZ Labour Party. The Owl says this is orchestrated because it is showing an incredible ?squeaky clean? approach with all the donation sagas going on.

Observation by the Owl.

EPMU says they are going to donate $60,000.00 but when you read the EPMU constitution, the executive powers does not state anywhere that they can make donations to a political party.

The Executive Powers are quite clear in Section 6 (paraphrased headings).

  1. Represent members
  2. Subscriptions
  3. Property
  4. Invest
  5. Borrow
  6. Appoint
  7. Contracts

The Objectives are as per Section 5 read to promote the members wishes through a variety of methods which are sound and reasonable.

This this is where the Owl thinks it gets all a bit ?tricky?? – the EPMU is affiliated to the NZ Labour Party, votes for the leadership and appoints a member to the NZ Labour Party. ? ? Read more »


Loans, investments and suspended interest – Observation by the Owl

The Labour party is under the hammer right now for dodgy and shonky donations practices.

The Owl has been looking over some branch accounts and found something of interest.



2010 accounts shows a loan to the NZ Labour Party of $100,000.00

2009 accounts shows?a loan to the NZ Labour Party of $134,000.00

That’s great – NZ Labour Party paid off $34,000.00.

Or did they?? Read more »


Smashed Unions own Labour and it has gone past donations ? Observation by the Owl

Here is an extract from Helen Kelly speech to the Labour Party conference November 2013 ? source CTU website

?We want to work with the NZLP on what this means for Government and for unions .? We want a different form of this historic relationship between our two movements based on our shared outlook of sustainable development and a fair society, and on agreed expectations of what good modern Government looks like and what it does,? and what a modern union movement looks like and what it does.

And this is a relevant discussion at this time on the anniversary of the Great Strike of 1913.? It really was the beginning of the development of the dual political/industrial wings of the Labour movement and the vision of how this relationship should look 100 years on is a very relevant discussion.

It might be true to say that more recently the relationship has been transactional rather than deliberative, depicted by both parties and in the media within the narrative of winning and losing, dominance, reliance and patronage, rather than within a common vision with intersecting values driving policies consistent with achieving those values and visions to the benefit of those that live and work in the country.? In this regard we have, to some extent, failed to play to our strengths, to build the logical mutually reinforcing set of interests which are firmly based within our joint constituency and mandate.? Read more »

Why I won’t vote Labour in 2014 – Observation by the Owl

While everyone is dissecting policies the Owl has already determined why he won’t vote Labour

noHere are his reasons


  1. After two leaders and 6 years there are no policies and the best one, 100,000 homes looks weak at best.
  2. Any policy announced now are made up off the hoof


  1. Their manufacturing crisis clearly showed they did not under the micro economy issues…now we are under resourced in manufacturing
  2. Barring interest rates issues – the economy looks great and debt reduction is now key. So what does Labour want to do to the economy? I can’t work it out.


  1. National nailed the education issues today – I really believe in rewarding teachers – job done
  2. Labour answer was the Greens response today – tackle poverty ? Read more »

2013 Union statistics – just get worse and worse

The new societies Office Register just gets worse and worse for the Unions.

So good is the new register the following information is gleaned within minutes.

Observation by the Owl

The CTU is so irrelevant the Societies have not even put them on the list of 147 registered unions.? Read more »


2013 Union Statistics continued – this looks very bad

Observation by the Owl

There are 371,000 Union members in New Zealand.

234,000 work for the tax payers

This looks very bad because the underlying numbers are even worse.? Read more »


Societies Office brings Unions out of the cold ? Unions now on notice

The NZ Societies Office has now created a separate Union register (finally) and it is for all and sundry to view.

This is the biggest re-organisation of any selected group by the Societies Office since god knows when.

The whole 147 Unions are listed with incorporation dates and registration numbers.

Observation by the Owl

My first question is why would the Societies Office create a separate register?

I am pretty sure I know the answer. (refer to my post on Steven Joyce 29/11/2012)

Some quick statistics

There are 147 registered unions

111 are independent and don?t belong to the CTU (75% have said no to joining Helen Kelly?s CTU)? Read more »


Helen Kelly’s Together Union – has it fallen over?


As you know the Owl’s favourite little union is Together Union.

The one which Helen Kelly pumped $90,000.00 of Union money and decided to provide $1.00 per week union fees – especially for people like Taxi Drivers while letting affiliated Unions slug their members 300% to 700% more.

So now with the new Labour Leader who wants to regulate taxi services and give self employed people the “living wage” the Together Union is just perfect Helen Kelly and the new Mr David. (Note this is the third Labour Leader with the name David and the other two were knee-capped while leader.)? Read more »