The Star

Makes Andrew Williams look tame

Andrew Williams got hammered, urinated in the street and drove drunk which is nothing in?comparison?to this mayor:

Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto has long been dogged by controversy over his often boorish behavior and less than diligent attention to work. On Friday, Mr. Ford faced his greatest political test following two reports that he is seen in a video apparently using crack cocaine.The Toronto Star?and the Web site?Gawker?reported on Thursday night that they were shown the video on a smartphone by two men who were trying to sell it. The Star, which said that two of its reporters had watched the recording, reported that it was made by a man who said he had sold crack to Mr. Ford.

Mr. Ford called the accusations of crack use ?ridiculous.?? Read more »

Weekly Facebook post brought to you by the letter G

The thing I like about Facebook is the fun groups that people create so today let’s look at some of them.

Ginger Groups (no not political, groups for Ginger people)

Facebook | “you’re not strawberry blonde, you’re ginger, deal with it”

Facebook | Ginger Kids – Help find a Cure

Gun Groups

Facebook | Banning Guns Makes Them Disappear Like Prohibition Made Alcohol Disappear

Facebook | If guns kill people, I can blame misspelled words on my pencil.

Facebook | If Guns Kill People, Spoons Make Michael Moore Fat

Facebook | Girls and Guns turn me on

Granny Groups

Facebook | Grannies Gone Mad!!!


Ok so the last one isn’t about Grannies but hey, I have an audience that cries out for crass.

Suggestions in comments for the next letter.

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