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BBC idiots lose their cash cow after May and Hammond quit

The BBC idiots who sacked Jeremy Clarkson have now watched James May and Richard Hammond walk out the door too.

Their cash cow series Top Gear is now dead in the water without any of the stars.

James May and Richard Hammond are out of contract with the BBC, after declining to sign new deals to present the next series of Top Gear.

The pair are now free agents, meaning rival broadcasters can approach them with job offers.

Hammond has tweeted that he is “not ready for retirement”. May does not seem in a great hurry to find new employment.

Asked this morning what he was planning to do with his newfound leisure time, he replied: “I’m going to cook a shepherd’s pie and make a film for YouTube.”

May said he hopes to work with Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson again, but in a different sphere.

“One day the three of us may do something ? but it may just involve a pub and a restaurant rather than a TV programme.”

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