The Sun (United Kingdom)

Hookers upset with Hooker sting that brought down a Labour Lord

It seems that hookers have ethics far more so than the politicians they root.

They’re upset that the two hookers who ran the hooker sting on Lord Sewel have lowered the reputation of hookers in general.

Lord Sewel, eh? Or John Buttifant Sewel if you prefer. By now, we?ve all had the sight of his orange bra burned into our consciousness, seethed as we listened to his racist remarks about Asian women, shaken our heads over the fact that it?s public money ? our money ? he?s spending on cocaine and sex workers. Lord Sewel has resigned and there are few tears to be shed.

But what of the women in the coke-snorting, bra-wearing, Cameron-slagging video? Purveyors of the ?sordid sex party? as The Sun put it. Because, as much as Lord Sewel used these sex workers as props for his naughty night ? at one point, you?ll remember, he?s sniffs a line off a woman?s breast ? so too has The Sun. Their role is clear: wanton accessories in a lurid scandal.

Well London escorts are fed up with the whole affair. Perhaps none more than Lydia*, who, a few years ago, was herself outed by a tabloid as a part-time sex worker, a situation which cost her a public-sector career and lost her friends.

?Seeing someone?s personal life splashed across the paper still makes me feel sick,? Lydia confides. ?Regardless of what you think of them. When it happened to me, it turned my life upside down.? ?? Read more »