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Jonathan Marshall runs one up the SMH

Jonathan Marshall has taken the Sydney Morning Herald to the Australian Press Council and won.

It’s a bit like the “I bet he was registered” posts I run about registered teachers. The SMH along with many other in the media always shield themselves with the?”we’re a member of the press council” argument.

Congratulations, f*ckwits…that makes it all ok then. Actually no it doesn’t, as the SMH has just found out.

The Press Council has considered a complaint about an article headed, ?Maverick who likes to bend the rules? in?The Sydney Morning Herald?on 2 October 2012. The article focused on some of the activities of Jonathan Marshall while he was living in New Zealand before becoming a journalist with a Sydney newspaper. Mr Marshall had recently reported controversial remarks made by a well-known speaker to a dinner arranged by a political club at a Sydney university. His report had led to wide media coverage of the issue and of his conduct in attending the dinner and recording the speech.

Mr Marshall complained that the article inaccurately said that while in New Zealand he had approached a university student and ?asked him to lie to university officials in order to gain private information about a fellow student?. He also said the article?s claim that his ?journalistic exposes back home were occasionally unbalanced by a sort of manufactured tabloid trashiness? unfairly suggested he had built a career on made-up stories. He complained that he was given no opportunity to comment before the article was published.

Should Maurice Williamson run for Mayor? [POLLS]


Source: NewsJunkee

Given his stellar global coverage at the moment, I reckon Maurice Williamson should capitalise on the goodwill and run for Mayor against Len Brown.

His 5 minute speech in Wellingotn yesterday has reverberated around the world.

Andrew Sullivan blogged about it.

Huffington Post ran it.

The Sydney Morning Herald printed the entire speech, plus the video.

Ronan Keating tweeted it.

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Whale Week What Was

Steve Harris - Iron Maiden, Whale Oil Beef HookedSaturday started with a Face of the Day photo that was a bit hard to look at before breakfast. ?Cam finds a Frenchman worthy of respect, and is pleased to find they aren’t all cheese eating surrender monkeys.?Count Jacques le Bel de Penguilly does have a poofy name though. ?Five Lesbians Eating a Quiche is a play that Whale suggests David Farrar should review for his Womans Weekly blog. ?Australia charges its second Catholic Priest for child sex crimes, and this blog continues to ask: ?Why is New Zealand immune? ?We’re either better than the rest of the world or we’re still covering it up. ?Which is it, and why? ? Sadly, another Cry Baby post where we highlight those who aren’t taking personal responsibility. ?This time, people who booked on Jetstar had their flights cancelled are in the paper bleating they’ll never fly Jetstar again. ?If only they knew this could happen, eh? ?Sharing a public space is tough when the others are eating, playing music and talking on their phones. ?Cam Slater throws in a joke about an ERO school inspector and Hekia Parata, and follows it up with a post where he reveals that politicians lie. ?Yeah. ?Why do women wear high heels? ?It can get to the point of ridiculousness for sure. An interesting post showing that a Connecticut newspaper is still advertising guns right next to Sandy Hook School news. ?That was followed by a post of dash cam footage from 1927 as well as dash cam footage of a plane crash last week. ?Next a top drawer post about glow in the dark toilet paper and poop hand soap. ?Only on WOBH. ? An interesting BBC2 short about Gordon Buchanan turning himself potential into Polar Bear lunch?leads a post about Iron Maiden showing Steve Harris wearing a Whale Oil Beef Hooked T-Shirt. ?Perhaps we should avoid NZ Herald Stock tips: ?Australian shares are hot apparently? ?Especially those APN stocks. ?Oh, and Fairfax stocks are doing just great as well. ?And as we wind down towards the end of the Saturday, we have a post about a CK Stead letter in which he slams the Binnie report as having clear bias. ? Read more »

Fairfax papers worthless – analyst

? Herald Sun

As Gina Rinehart continues to?increase?her stake and demands more board places at?beleaguered?Fairfax, a leading media analyst says that their flagship paper The Age and the SMH are worthless:

THE Fairfax Media unit that runs the company’s flagship newspapers is now worthless, according to a leading analyst.

And the radical cost-cutting program unveiled this week may not be enough to revive the publishing and broadcasting company, industry experts say.

Deutsche Bank media analyst Andrew Anagnostellis has told investors th at Metro Publishing – the Fairfax unit that publishes?The Age?and?The Sydney Morning Herald?- has “nil value”.

He issued the warning yesterday as Fairfax shares tumbled 8.5 per cent, surrendering Monday’s gains.

It came as the deadlock between Fairfax directors and mining magnate Gina Rinehart continued, and amid forecasts from insiders that the media group would yield to her demands.

Mrs Rinehart, Australia’s richest person, is asking for three seats on the Fairfax board but will not agree to follow the group’s charter of editorial independence.

The stand-off is heaping more pressure on the board, which on Monday unveiled a dramatic restructure. It will cut 1900 jobs, introduce a subscriptions for websites, change its broadsheet newspapers to tabloids and shut the Tullamarine printing press among other measures.

More jobs coming back to NZ


No doubt the Labour party will complain about these jobs coming back to New Zealand:

Journalists from Fairfax’s biggest Australian newspapers continue to risk fines as they strike in protest against plans to move dozens of production jobs offshore.

Staff from publications including The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian Financial Review walked off the job for 36 hours at 5.30pm local time yesterday after learning Fairfax planned to move 66 editorial production jobs from newspapers in Newcastle and Wollongong to New Zealand.

The Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) said the outsourcing of jobs, mostly in sub-editing, means Fairfax is taking cheap shortcuts at the expense of quality journalism.

I wonder if the journalists union here will tell the MEAA to get stuffed with their attacks on Kiwi journalists. Of course this is the same MEAA led by Simon Whipp who?targeted?the Hobbit and joined with other Hobbit hating unionists like Helen Kelly.