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Whale Week What Was

682zoomWe started our Saturday by paying our respects to?Norman Schwarzkopf Jr., the hard-charging US Army general whose forces smashed the Iraqi army in the 1991 Gulf War. ?He died aged 78. ?At The Standard 2012 Worst Political Blog Mike Smith is told some home truths about long term grass-roots Labour families heading for the Greens. ?A quick vid on how to put out a boat fire the Kiwi way is next, followed by a vote for Best Minister. ?The winner, at 52%, is Judith Collins. ?The Whale Week That Was summarised all the stories this blog covered in the previous seven days. ?A quite active Saturday Debate (for the time of year especially) led a post calling for nominations for Best Political Blog. ?Those who see WOBH as any sort of threat to them (and those that don’t too), should take heed of this Malcolm Tucker quote: “marshal all the media forces of Darkness to hound them to an assisted suicide”.? A CNN piece showing Teachers in Utah taking a class on gun use shows some common sense around the gun debate. ?A reader has taken yesterday’s US Fiscal Cliff graphic and created one for New Zealand – great work. ?As Cameron Slater predicted from the outset, the Aussie Hoax DJs will not face charges. ?The NZ Herald continues to amuse – this time a car crashed into a poll. ?The blog then introduces us to two sexy taxidermists showing you don’t have to look like a front row forward to deal with dead animals. ?And you’d think we’re picking on an incompetent NZ Herald, and you would be right. ?This time they have Jesse Ryder beating himself at Eden Park in Wellington. ?Then a hilarious story about a Queensland woman who fell into the longdrop and was there for two hours before being discovered by her husband. ? Turns out that during the Falklands War the French tried to send missiles to Argentinia behind Margaret Thatcher‘s back. ?Commerce first eh? ?The last post of the day highlights a report of a man holding up a Countdown Supermarket with a hammer. ?Our readers get fired up about the idea of hammer banning.

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Shut Up Whitey Says “Your Majesty”

Maui Street has a good post on the Maori “King”

Another cause for worry is the King?s cartel of advisors. The King maintains a large office, in comparison to his mother at least, including Rangi Wallace whoadmitted to beating his step-daughter and her mother, Helen Kotua. Further to that,?Wallace also owed $250,000 to IRD in 2011?and Kotua owed Baycorp over $3000. Kotua, I should mention, is the author of the protocols above.

Seems the new “King” is a bit of a dick

Guests are also encouraged to refer to Tuheitia as ?your majesty?. Odd. I find it strange that royal protocols exist at all ? Te Atairangikaahu did not keep a protocol guide. Hell, when she travelled the country she would stay at the homes of her friends and whanau. No hotels and chauffeurs, thank you very much. After all, the Kingitanga isn’t about reverance and mana does not extend to those people with less having to act towards you with veneration.

The “King” has remarkable similarities to David Shearer. ?He doesn’t like uppity whitey bloggers either. ?Truth columnist Chris Trotter as upset both of them in past weeks.

Their deliberate attempts to twist and misrepresent my words, and their use of false names and anonymous websites to hurl abuse at me, my family, my staff and anyone who disagrees with them is clearly a sign of how badly things have broken down and are in need of repair.

Now we have Pakeha commentators weighing in, once again, on what is, I say respectfully, none of their business. On this topic, I suggest that those who would venture an opinion and attempt to draw on Pakeha history for what is happening in Tainui are writing in ignorance. Their time would be better spent inquiring into why our Teachers have not been paid – of great concern given the commitment of many Maaori teachers to their profession and their communities.

Respectfully, the Chief Maori Grand Poobah should focus on appalling child abuse and education failure among Maori and look at his own troughing before trying to silence his critics, Pakeha and Maori.

He’s not even a proper King.



Whale on The Nation with Bill Ralston and Brian Edwards

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Broadcaster, Brian Edwards, and Listener columnist, Bill Ralston, talk to Whale Oil, aka blogger Cameron Slater, about his new role as editor of Truth on TV3’s The Nation.

As Mr Edwards brandishes Truth’s Adultspace section, Whale Oil outlines his new direction for the blue collar paper.