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Report from Black Ops Operative Flatbush Chapter.

I was just on the phone to a fellow Black Ops operative. We had to be very careful what we said as? ‘ Professionals ‘ might have been listening so we told a few tall tales in the hope that they would make tomorrow’s edition of the Waikato Times as basic fact checking doesn’t seem to be their thing.

Anyway he remarked to me that as the MSM are neglecting talking about policy in the lead up to the election, that Whaleoil should focus on it to fill the yawning chasm that they have left. I though it was an excellent idea and decided to start with the Green Party.

As Black ops operatives like myself know, the best intel can be found on Google so I immediately used the key words Green Party Policy to HACK the information that I needed. After all it is in the Public Interest to know these things so why bother with Google’s right to privacy. It is not like I am going to get caught or anything but I digress.

Turns out that my hacking revealed a SHOCKING gap in Green Party Policy. Yes folks you heard it here first.

The Green Party have no policy on valuing women. ( Quite why they would even consider policy on that is beyond me but there you go )

Are valued women good for the environment?


Look for yourself

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Waikato Times Editorial on Corruption

While convicted blackmailer, fraudster and serial litigant Graham McCready continues to cut a swathe through our judicial processes it should be noted that more and more politicians are breaking the law, especially electoral law.

While I cannot condone McCready’s use of the court for his own style of bullying there are many other who do the same thing, pretending to be litigants in person but costing their victims thousands.

With the failure of the Police though to action complaints against politicians it is time for something more robust that private prosecutions. In Australia we are witnessing what happens when regulators like the Independent Commission Against Corruption actually do what out Police have singularly failed to do you have to wonder why we don’t have such a body too.

The Waikato Times thinks the same.

Some legal experts have explained their doubts that Mr McCready will succeed in getting a private prosecution against Mr Brown. They say he will need witnesses to allege a link between the free hotel rooms at Sky and his support for SkyCity’s conference centre bid. Without that, there is no proof.? Read more »

Union thug and lame horse gets a pasting

The Waikato Times editorial writer is?obviously a keen reader of this blog and my revelations about Corrections union clown Beven Hanlon and his lies and his inappropriate Facebook posts.

Talking about the recent Con Air NZ flights story (which the Dom Post said were secret and new, but have actually been happening for years), the editorial says :

The Corrections Association was not so reticent, accusing Corrections of putting public safety at risk with what it called “secret” flights. Association president Beven Hanlon said repeated inquiries among prison officers found no one who had been aware of the flights until late last year. In his 16 years as an officer and a decade as head of the union, he had never heard of a maximum security prisoner being put on a plane with the public. He was shocked.

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Someone hit the Bottle at Paeroa

Someone hit the L&P bottle at Paeroa, their parking isn’t that flash either. Perhaps they need a Whaleoil Ticket.

The Waikato Times is onto it…but I’m faster.

Do they never learn?

The Waikato Times is looking for more undecided voters, I hope they vet respondents properly this time.

Waikato Times on Five Fingers Feeley

The Waikato Times editorial yesterday was scathing:

We can be sure how Minister of Police Judith Collins would have reacted, because she is minister in charge of the SFO. She is reported to have been concerned when she learned Mr Feeley had toasted the charging of Bridgecorp directors Rod Petricevic, Rob Roest, Gary Urwin and Peter Steigrad with a $70 bottle of the fallen finance company’s sparkling wine. Media accounts of an ill-considered email from Mr Feeley to SFO staff triggered the minister’s concerns.

Moreover, Mr Feeley was reported to have given a copy of Allan Hubbard’s biography, A Man Out of Time, as a booby prize at an SFO Christmas raffle. Ms Collins did not see the funny side. She referred the media revelations to the State Services Commission ? his employer ? for investigation. The book incident fortified the supporters’ view that the Hubbard investigation was biased from the outset. The Bridgecorp wine incident further meant Mr Feeley was no longer fit to work for the SFO if it were to maintain any credibility.

Mr Feeley has disputed using the Hubbard biography as a booby prize. It was a genuine prizegiving to reward good performance, he insists, although he acknowledged the gift of that book could have been misinterpreted.

SSC chief Iain Rennie said recognising staff achievement in the Bridgecorp case was reasonable, but using a bottle from the company and making the association clear in the staff email was “ill advised and demonstrated a lapse of judgment on this occasion”. But Mr Rennie credited Mr Feeley with being an “effective chief executive and leader” (although the leaking of the email suggests at least some SFO staff think otherwise).

Ms Collins has said she will be making her views clear when next she meets Mr Feeley. That is not an experience he will relish. She is not called “Crusher” for nothing.