The Warriors

The Owen Glenn character assassination continues

As I highlighted last week (Hit jobs not just political), the knives are out to make Owen Glen look like the bad guy. ?Eric Watson doesn’t have any hard stuff, so now we’re reduced to this kind of smear

The heavyweight off-field battle between the Warriors’ co-owners has taken another turn, with revelations Sir Owen Glenn threatened to pull his team from the second day of the NRL Auckland Nines tournament in February over a parking dispute.

It is understood the incident unfolded late on the first day when Glenn attempted to exit a car park at Eden Park but was told he couldn’t because of a traffic management plan in place around the stadium at that time.

In the “heat of the moment”, he made a threat to pull the Warriors team out of the tournament, forcing officials from the club to later apologise to the NRL.

Glenn confirmed he had an issue leaving the central Auckland stadium, but said he needed to get away quickly due to medical reasons.

“When I tried to leave Eden Park on the first day, the gatekeeper said no-one was allowed out for an hour. I told him I needed to take medicine for my diabetes but he said he could not allow me to leave the ground,” he said in a statement last night.

Imagine being locked into a facility? ?Why wouldn’t anyone be allowed to leave at will? ?Especially for medical reasons. ? Read more »

The first bit of retribution?

Yesterday the Labour party complained to the Broadcasting Standards Authority and the electoral Commission about John Key’s 1 hour radio show, then that night on the 5th item of the news?about the Warriors, they had a very nice bit of editing, which I have snipped for your viewing pleasure.