Therese Arsenau

MoE is full of shit

Kyoto projections move into surplus but minister is cautiousNew Zealand’s liability under the Kyoto Protocol has swung from a deficit last year to a surplus this year, and Environment Minister Nick Smith says the figures could continue to bounce around. A ministry report released today… [NZ Herald Politics]

So now the Ministry for the Environment reckons there is a Kyoto surplus again.

This is what they first said when Pete Hodgson was saying that if we didn’t ratify Kyoto we’d be burning up a cheque for $200 million. Then they said there was a billion dollar deficit. Then a half billion dollar deficit.

Now its back to surplus again. Do these clowns know what the fuck they are doing? Answer: No.

Perhaps we should just do nothing at all like China and india and the United States.

And anyway could Nick Smith please explain just exactly which country is going to write us a cheque for $241 million.

It is a joke, a Cullenesque type fraud on the books of New Zealand. No one will pay us and we wouldn’t pay anyone, its a fraud, plain and simple.

Perhaps though tax cuts will be back on the agenda. If the tax cuts aren’t back on the agenda then that proves that this number is something pulled out of Nick Smith’s arse by Bill English.

Labour's lies exposed

New ACC chairman walks into rowACC chairman John Judge yesterday cast doubt on whether he asked ACC Minister Nick Smith to act on his behalf at a parliamentary committee. Mr Judge was making his first appearance before Parliament’s transport and industrial relations… [NZ Herald Politics]

Labour’s constant lies about privatisation of ACC have been exposed for what they are, absolute, desperate, unmitigated lies.

Instead of proving that Labour is lying and scare-mongering over ACC the media instead is focussing on Nick Smith. This alone is reason to dismiss him from the job of ACC Minister. Maurice Williamson was demoted from a Cabinet position allegedly because of his distraction during the campaign. Nick Smith and Richard Worth have done much worse yet they maintain their positions. I digress, back to the Labour lies.

In questioning before the parliamentary committee;

Mr Judge told the committee that before accepting the role he established that the Government and Dr Smith were committed to maintaining a “24/7 no fault ACC scheme.

“In fact, I would not have taken the job had it been otherwise.”

There you have it, the lie about privatisation is exposed and destroyed in one short sentence. Let’s hear no more the silliness from Davd Parker et al about privatisation.

Anger at purge of ACC unionists

Anger at purge of ACC unionistsA major rift has opened between unionists and ACC Minister Nick Smith after National purged union representatives from the board of the state-owned accident insurer. [Stuff Politics]

The unions are upset that Nick Smith has purged the ACC Board of union lickspittles.

One word for them springs to mind and it was uttered by Helen Clark in parliament. “Diddums!”

The other words that immediately spring to mind are “We won, you lost, eat that!”.

Carrying the bag

Carrying the bagThe Government is investigating plans to sting shoppers with a 5-cent charge for every plastic supermarket bag. [Stuff Politics]

This nanny-state crap needs to be shoved up the proverbial. “Polluter pays” my arse. What the hell are landfills for if not to fill up.

There are plenty of holes in the ground anyway, it isn’t like they are in short supply. The logic of this farce astounds me….next thing there will be a 5c charge on everything on the basis that polluter pays.

Since when has dumping something in a landfill been pollution anyway.

John Key needs to tell Nick Smith to pull his fricken head in.

MacDoctor on ACC

The emminently sensible MacDoctor has looked at Labour’s attempt to push Nick Smith over the edge over ACC.

I see Labour has spent the week having a good go at Nick Smith after his pronouncement about ACC last week. Annette “It’s a summer thing” King was laying into him today about his competence. Apparently his senior officials are complaining that he is not reading his briefing papers and that there are 400 of them on his desk. Clearly, Nick Smith is a man who knows the way to handle a bureaucracy – ignore it. Eventually, most of his senior officials will get the message that they can’t immobilise Smith with a barrage of drivel and will start producing Reader’s Digest versions that are manageable. They will also start approaching the minister directly with urgent things.

If ever there was an image of waste in government services, it is that of a pile of 400 reports.  Who are all these people who produce these things? Do they say anything relevant? Why are Nick Smith’s senior officials not prioritising material for the minister? And, the most important question of all – why has Nick Smith not fired the lot of them?

Precisely!…..I know what i would do if officials sent me 400 briefing papers in 4 months including the Christmas break. That is over 25 briefing papers a week!!!

I’d stroll over to ACC and find the authors and give them a DCM. We simply do not need this amount of wastage on piffle. It is non-productive and sucking this country dry.

Pathetic stunt by Ginga Whinga

Labour cites ACC ministerThe Labour Party has lodged a privileges complaint against the ACC Minister. Senior whip Darren Hughes said Nick Smith misled the House – which is against Parliament’s rules – in Parliament last Thursday. Dr Smith told the House… [NZ Herald Politics]

If this is the best that Darren Hughes can do then he most certainly isn’t even fit to be an MP let alone a List MP and he certainly won’t be any leader of anything except the Ginga Kids Club in Otaki.

Labour are bereft of any ideas, they blithely think they have just lost a little bit of confidence from ‘the people’. They demonstrate oalmost on a daily basis why we slung their sorry asses from power.

No need to hike ACC levies – Labour

No need to hike ACC levies – LabourLabour says there are options other than hiking ACC levies to meet a $4 billion hole and has accused the Government of trying to make the system look bad so it can privatise it. ACC Minister Nick Smith yesterday said levies would… [NZ Herald Politics]

Phil Goff has outrageous cheek to even be speaking about ACC after his government left the books in such a parlous state.

Not only did Labour lie about the state of the finances they also colluded to hide it and then campaigned in the election prmosing reductions in levies. They are simply lying toads.

Now the slimy prick has the audacity to claim that the rises aren’t necessary to meet the shortfall in funding orchestrated by the previous Labour government.

Nick Smith and John Key should politely tell Phil Goff to just STFU.

Second ACC blowout could shave tax cuts

Helen Clark and Michael CullenSecond ACC blowout could shave tax cutsA second ACC blowout could see average wage earners lose almost a third of next year’s tax cut if the incoming Government follows officials’ advice. ACC Minister Nick Smith this week revealed a $1.25 billion four-year shortfall… [NZ Herald Politics]

Once people start to realise that Labour’s secret agenda in their proposed December mini-budget was to soak up any tax cut they were to receive by reversing promised ACC levy decreases and implementing far reaching increases and that Labour has repeated lied and covered-up the enormity of the situation at ACC then Helen Clark and Michael Cullen could well become like Mussolini and his mistress pariahs and hunted in their own country.

They have lied and misled the New Zealand public and they should be tried for their lies. One wag at Kiwiblog posted his analysis and I must say I agree with it;

1. Labour thought they had a certain win with what they thought they had on Key with the H-fee.
2. They thought it was a safe bet to promise to cut ACC levies. Then after the election they inform the public that their officials have just given them all this dire information on ACC.
3. They then have justification in their mini-budget to scrap the decreases and replace them with increases in ACC levies, what they knew all along they were going to have to do.

They must have been shitting themselves when the H-fee screw-up blew up in their faces.

No wonder Helen moved faster than blame when the results came in and fell on her sword. She knew that about two weeks later all the murk was going to come bubbling to the surface, Cullen knew too and that was why he did the same.

Labour must never be trusted again with the books. The corruption and lies must be rooted out, we must have an Independent Commission against Corruption.

ACC shocker continues, another undeclared $1.337 billion

Labour’s delayed shock and awe campaign has delivered again.

Again it is ACC but this time in the Earners Account. The Government has been advised by officials that they will need to grab an extra $1.337 billion off Earners to cover a shortfall.

Remember that Labour campaigned, cynically as it now turns out, on lowering ACC levies in the Earner account. All the time they must have been aware that in fact officials were crying poor.

A press release from Nick Smith outlines the magnitude of the Labour’s fiscal foolery and the continued revealing of their Orchestrated Obfuscation of Oberac.

Officials are recommending an increase in earners levies of $1.337 billion over the next three years to cover significant increased costs of the ACC Earners’ Account that funds non-work accidents involving employees.

“Department of Labour officials have advised the Government to increase the current ACC Earners Levy of $1.40 per $100 of earnings to $2.00 in 2009/10, $2.10 in 2010/11 and $2.20 in 2011/12 to cover the increased costs of the Earners’ Account.

“The cost increases identified by officials is being blamed on increases in the number of claims, lesser rates of rehabilitation resulting in increased duration of costs, increased medical and treatment costs, expansion of the schemes entitlements, and increases in treatment injury cover.

“This $1.337 billion is additional to the $1.253 billion required for the Non-Earners Account. The key differences are that the Earners’ Account is paid for by employee levies rather than the Government from general taxation, and the account does not require a cash injection in the current financial year.

“These are very significant cost increases for workers. A person on the average wage of $47,000 per year would pay an additional $282 in the next tax year or $5.40 per week, $329 in 10/11 or $6.33 per week, and $376 in 11/12 or $7.23 per week.

Labour simply must never be trusted with the Treasury Benches ever again.

Labour have just given every taxpayer a nice Not-Christmas present of a bill for $690 in order to bailout our “world class” ACC system.

Fuck you very much Labour.

Question 1 today

Watch Question 1 from parliament today. Michael Cullen was genuinely rattled today and in his very first answer accuses Owen Glenn of being “confused” and later threatens Nick Smith with some supposed dirt that Labour has on him.

Bill English actually could have done a little better than this. He would be advised to read the blogs a bit more or at the very least get the NRU to. The best laugh is when Doug Woolerton reads out the same question as the first numpty Winston First sychophant and then in typical bully-boy fashion threatens the staff for his own ineptitude.

Ok, the other time for a good laugh is when Cullen suggests that the reason why Helen Clark lied by ommission was because “she was busy”.

Cullen also repeated lies about the Privileges Committee decision to release the letters from Owen Glenn and Winston Raymond Peters, 63, Member of Parliament of no fixed abode when the Committee resolved unamimously to release those letters. To suggest otherwise is extremely disingenuous.