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Eddie Chapman (1914-1997) aka Agent ZigZag – double agent.

Agent Zigzag

Eddie Chapman was a charming criminal, a con man, and a philanderer. He was also one of the most remarkable double agents Britain has ever produced. Inside the traitor was a man of loyalty; inside the villain was a hero. The problem for Chapman, his spymasters, and his lovers was to know where one persona ended and the other began.

Chapman was also an army deserter, career criminal, safecracker, con artist, thief, triple agent and, in all fairness, one of Britain?s most unlikely heroes. He was a Northern lad with a champagne appetite and beer budget. Sure, Eddie loved fast cars, faster women, and fast living. What he didn?t have was cash to satisfy those tastes.

However, Chapman did know where to get it in amounts large enough to keep him in Bentleys, champagne, expensive tobacco and tailor-made suits. The answer, for a spirited young man with a taste for adventure and distaste for anything remotely resembling convention, was simple. He joined the British Army, deserted and headed for the bright lights and dark deeds of Soho, epicentre of London?s ?underworld, made a few contacts, stole anything worth stealing and began a grand scheme to get as much cash as possible without the tiresome necessity of honest work. Why stand in line on payday when he could blow the safe instead?

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Photo of the Day

Julia Holmes wearing a fake wig and her partner Tom Ruttle.

Julia Holmes Scammer…

She looked harmless enough but glamorous granny Julia Holmes was a thief, a fraudster and a jailbird, a con artist, a bigamist, a fantasist, a sweet talking criminal who left a trail of destruction wherever she laid her shonky head.

Julia Holmes, adopted a number of aliases in the course of her life, died alongside Limerick bee-keeper Thomas Ruttle at his family home at Boolaglass outside Askeaton on May 18, 2015.

Their badly decomposed bodies were found by burglars who had broken into the house which they believed was abandoned. Although she used more than 20 or more aliases to cover her tracks, she was on the verge of being found out at the time of their deaths. The couple had not been seen for weeks, and their bodies were discovered by suspected burglars

For over 40 years, Julia Holmes was one of the most accomplished con-artists on both sides of the Atlantic. In Texas, she sold over $500,000 of non-existent land in Ireland and hobnobbed with Vice President Dan Quayle. Deported to Ireland, she set herself up as a ?sports guru? and psychologist and tried to befriend members of both the Irish and English national rugby teams. The woman had gall.

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NZ Herald columnist, Megan Nicol Reed, admits to stealing


Megan Nicol Reed is a columnist?at the NZ Herald.

In her latest column, she admits to stealing…and admits that her husband is a thief as well.

Because I am an anally retentive sort of a person, and because I fancy it makes the checkout operator’s job that little bit easier, I like to group my groceries on the conveyor belt. Bananas with the broccoli and beetroot. Toilet paper with the toothpaste and tampons. You get the idea. Anyway, last Sunday I had a new category. Gummy eyeballs with the spider webs and pumpkin. Stocking up, eh, commented the woman serving me. Halloween’s huge around this area, isn’t it, she said. And then, sotto voce, you know, I hear they come all the way from South Auckland for the trick or treating. Whole carloads of them, she sniffed. So? I said it quite boldly, and it was not what she was expecting. She had wanted my indignation, that we might quiver together in shared outrage. Instead we finished our transaction in an awkward silence. Afterwards, loading my purchases into my car, I thought about her oddly-misplaced snobbery, about her thinly-veiled racism, about what else I could have said. As I was lifting out my last bag, I saw, languishing in the back of the trolley, a round of brie. A round of brie I hadn’t paid for, that sub-consciously I knew I had deliberately left in the trolley. You see, I make a habit of checking my supermarket receipt, and more often than not find I have been overcharged, two boxes of teabags rung up when I only bought one, that kind of thing. And because sometimes I don’t have time to return to the store to have the error rectified, and because I know how dishonorably supermarkets can behave towards small suppliers, and because it irks me to pay more than I owe, occasionally I take matters into my own hands. Accidentally omitting to pay for some small thing of similar value the next time I do my shopping. Slipping my stolen cheese in with the yogurt, milk and butter, it occurred to me that, had the checkout operator witnessed my small act of thievery, she would quite probably, and perhaps rightly, judged me as harshly as I had her.

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Photo of the Day

The 47 suitcases seized by police in a private residence at Villeneuve at the Seine Assize Court during the trial of French mass murderer Dr Marcel Petiot. The cases contain clothes which were identified by relatives of some of his victims. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

The 47 suitcases seized by police in a private residence at Villeneuve at the Seine Assize Court?during the trial of French mass murderer Dr Marcel Petiot. The cases contain clothes which were identified by relatives of some of his victims. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

Dangerous Lunatic

The Monster of Rue Le Sueur

Meet the French doctor who promised Jews safe passage from Nazis, only to rob and murder them

To all who knew him, he was the most devoted, benevolent doctor in Nazi-occupied Paris. Dr Marcel Petiot provided free care for the poor and risked his life helping persecuted Jews flee to safety.
Or so everyone thought ? until locals in his affluent neighbourhood reported a foul stench from his home and thick black smoke pouring out of his chimney in March 1944.

Nazi-occupied Paris was a terrible place to be in the waning days of World War Two, with Jews, Resistance fighters and ordinary citizens all hoping to escape. Disappearances became so common they often weren?t followed up.

And one man used the lawlessness for his own terrible purposes, killing perhaps as many as 60 people.

Petiot?s criminal career stretched from his teenage years to his mid-life, and ran parallel to a successful military, political, and medical career. He was a real life Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

The inherent grisliness of murder makes it hard ? if not impossible ? to describe any murderer as ?better? or ?worse? than another. Still, Marcel Andr? Henri F?lix Petiot was truly superlative in his horror, mainly because of the circumstances and motivations behind his acts: He promised safety and freedom to those leaving Nazi-occupied France, only to strip them of their possessions and lives.

Despite his infamy in France, many elsewhere have never heard his story. As with many serial killers, internal struggle marked much of P?tiot?s early life.

Born on January 17th, 1897, he was the son of a civil servant, and?his uncle, Gaston Petiot, was a professor of philosophy at the College of Auxerre.?From childhood he showed signs of violence, after he strangled a cat after plunging its legs in boiling water.

However, he showed great intelligence, at 5 years old he was reading like a 10-year-old child. He then was found distributing obscene images when he was eight.?Interned at St. Anne for a psychiatric disorder, his mother died when he was 12, he was then subsequently sent to several schools for discipline, but exhibited severe behavioural problems in school and was expelled several times before completing his education.

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Muslim Woman’s Video goes Viral

I follow a facebook page called Ex Muslims of North America because no one understands Islam better than someone who has been Muslim. The woman in this video who grew up as a Muslim in the Middle East understands exactly what Jihad is. The video was posted on the ‘Silence is Consent’ facebook page. In the video this woman is doing exactly what all we critics keep condemning Muslims for not doing. She is speaking out against terrorism. Not only that, she is telling us that there is a link between terrorism and Islam. So who are you going to believe, a Muslim from the Middle East or Susan Devoy?

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Master thief in action


Another lowlife scumbag with entitlement issues

via Step by Step

via Step by Step

Stealing instruments of an Army Band member on ANZAC day has to rank up there with ‘things to do that offends everyone’.

Wade Clinton Jeffs, 35, admitted to a judge at his defended hearing that he took the bag, containing two cornets and a trumpet worth about $5000 each, as he cycled through Cranmer Square.

But he said it was Work and Income’s fault because they cut his benefit and they should be charged, not him.

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To catch a thief


Got her

Before Christmas I posted a photo of a person involved in Christmas present stealing that was taken by video camera in Drury. That person has now been identified and spoken to by Police.

This week, the photograph had been shared by almost 11,000 people prompting thousands of comments. Some of the people who commented claimed to know who the woman was – and Burns passed the name to police.

He told the?Herald on Sunday?police should use the power of social networking more often.

“Within eight hours of posting the picture we had three people identify the woman,” he said.

“We have a very sophisticated security camera so we caught the car up our drive. It’s quite a remote area and they went up and down about three times. They dropped the woman off and she kept watch while they went into my neighbours’ [home] and took all their Christmas presents from under the tree and ransacked the rooms.”

Counties-Manukau Senior Sergeant Gaylene Rogers said police had spoken to the Waikato woman pictured on the Facebook page, and were seeking one other person and the car.

No charges had yet been laid.

Weasel Words from Dirty Rich Henry

Rich Henry is speaking…rubbish

Getfrank, our online magazine?which originally started as a student?s idea?has experienced rapid growth for four years since its launch. As with many online businesses the journey over the last few years has been an incredible learning experience with things changing on a daily basis.

As you may be aware, Getfrank has recently come under some scrutiny from the NZ Bloggers Union. We have always worked to maintain constructive, solid and positive relationships with our contributors who have provided us permission to publish their articles on Getfrank.

Getfrank greatly appreciates feedback from our contributors and readers of the magazine and as such, we are continually looking at how better we can work to provide content that our readership has come to expect and demand from Getfrank.

To our many supporters and partners, can I express our heartfelt thanks for standing beside us on this journey.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to get in touch. We?re always here.


Richard Henry

[email protected]

The arrogance of the man. Pure marketing gooblydegook. If Rich Henry thinks making agreements three years ago and then ignoring the content providers and pocketing money when payments were due providers and thinking that is maintaining “constructive, solid and positive?relationships” then he is very much deluded.

I had to contact Rich Henry, and when I did he basically told me to get stuffed tossing agreements made by his organisation out the window.

Since not a single bit of the content of his site is produced by him he essentially owes content providers around $60,000 for the past couple of years and ongoing residuals of $5,000 per month. Without the content providers content he wouldn’t have been able to say “content that our readership has come to expect and demand from Getfrank.”

Rich Henry and Get Frank plus their?advertisers?and ad booking agents and other business partners are thieves. They take content on false?pretenses?and they sell that same content to advertisers.?Without?the content they would have nothing to sell. They are stealing.

It seems that the NZ Bloggers Union will now have to get a little more serious with Rich Henry and Get Frank….perhaps even Shane Bradley. A little?expos??into the related companies and their relationships to each other seems to be in order.