Sexist crime and punishment

Spotted on the Trademe Message board today.

Graham Lowe gets caned for commenting on Adern’s physical appearance, while Hilary Barry threatens violence and is congratulated.

-screenshot facebook

-screenshot facebook

Both comments are petty and deserve not much more than rolled eyes and shoulder shrugs, however if the women of this world want to be taken seriously and respected for values beyond their physical appearance, they might like to admonish Barry for the pathetic promise to deliver violence.
The fact that Adern thanks her for the threat shows perfect hypocrisy.

-screenshot facebook

-screenshot facebook

Anybody who kicks me in the shin should expect to be punched in the face.
But then women are allowed to be violent and men are not.

-Trader boxapaul. Trademe message board.

I wonder how many journalists get death threats?

The media love to motivate the public against ?politicians.

They think that they are holier than thou and don’t think for a minute of the effects of their attacks.

The pay may be good, but many of our MPs face death threats and attacks on their homes, staff and families.

A study based on an anonymous survey of 102 sitting MPs found nearly all of them had been subjected to unwanted harassment. More than one in 10 had been assaulted, and a similar number had been stalked, or had received deaths threats.

One in three had suffered property damage at the hands of angry constituents, and half had been physically confronted by their harassers. Most had been harassed more than once.

Sue Bradford received two death threats during the passage of the so-called anti-smacking bill.

One received 1080 poison in the mail, another had their back door smashed and a bullet thrown through the window of their family home, terrifying their daughter and partner.

Attacks have involved a gun, a molotov cocktail, sticks and placards.

The authors of the study have called for better monitoring of threats to MPs, warning they are often lightning rods for a small group of severely mentally ill people who pose a serious risk to the public at large.

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The 100 best movie threats ever

This has plenty of NSFW language, but they are the best movie threats of all time.

One of my favourites is at 4:09 and Malcolm Tucker features at 5:29.


The Standard and Death Threats

The Standard’s attack by several authors against both John and Josie Pagani has reached new depths, and now involves death threats.

Take a look at this comment?from regular contributor Colonial Viper:

“Time to put Zarak and Gaeta back in their place.” Sounds innocuous unless you are a sci0-fi fan and follow Battlestar Galactica

How is that not a death threat?

From Wikipedia:

“After regaining control of?Galactica?and defeating the mutiny, Adama has Zarek and Gaeta executed by?firing squad.”

Ummm, too far? I think so. There really is no other way to read that. The only way that Zarek and Gaeta were put in their place was execution.

Colonial Viper seems unhinged.?That individual has been making some foreboding comments in there:

Josie and John must be beside themselves. They have a young family and those are serious threats.

The authors of The Standard and Lynn Prentice as the ostensible “owner” of The Standard know a great deal about this commenter…for a start with all of Lynn’s self professed IT literacy he will certainly know the ip address from which those comments were posted.

The authors at The Standard like to call my blog and DPF’s blog – “The Sewer”. I think that title has been snatched beyond doubt now by The Standard.

Commenters who debate with logic against the authors are frequently banned and their comments deleted for far, far less. The fact that the comments stand after so many hours ahows tacit approavl by the authors. It is time they were held to account for their actions.

It is clear that they do not respect freedom of speech, or even freedom of association. They are?fascists.?Fascism?in what ever form must be confronted and defeated.

If anyone knows anything about the identities of the commenters and/or authors then my anonymous tipline is available for you to confidentially share that information.

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