Tim Barnett

Who Should Replace Tim Barnett?


The departure of Tim Barnett from the Labour General Secretary position has caused some concern within Labour. Experienced backroom people and MPs I have talked to are terrified that the Labour Party will choose the most useless possible General Secretary, probably from the union movement.

Word in Labour circles are that the CTU’s gift to the Labour Party, Carol Beaumont, has been working her networks to try to get Tim?s old job. One back room operator said ?Jesus Cam she was useless as an MP, she never achieved a single thing, never raised a cent from donors and never got close to winning a seat that should have been Labour’s. The only person worse for the role than Carol is her horrible husband.? ?? Read more »

Useless Labour Staffer Quits


Tim Barnett, the Labour Party General Secretary has quit.

Inside word from Fraser House is that the staff are not unhappy to see him go, and hope they get someone who actually understands fundraising into the role next.

The New Zealand Labour Party?s General Secretary, Tim Barnett, today announced his resignation.

Mr Barnett, who has been in the role for just over three years, will take up a new job in November, and will remain General Secretary until this time.

Labour Party President Nigel Haworth says:?Tim has been a tireless servant of the party and it is with sincere regret that I have accepted his resignation.

?During his time in the role the party has undergone significant constitutional reform and the party is in excellent heart.

?Tim has overseen Labour?s Christchurch East, Ikaroa-Rawhiti and Northland by-election campaigns, as well as the 2014 election.

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Labour still leaking and this time it is their election review document

It has taken 8 months to complete, but last night someone leaked their draft election review document to 3 News.

The Labour Party has been forced to release its internal review of its disastrous election campaign after a copy was leaked to 3 News today.

The 2014 election was a total disaster for Labour.

This review was into what went wrong and reveals Labour is totally broke.

The review also warns that if Labour does not find some cash quickly “it will continue experience electoral failure and place the status of the party as a political institution of influence at risk”.

It says Labour’s campaign was “undoubtedly hindered by a lack of financial resources”.

Labour was outspent in the election by National which used $2.6 million and even the Green Party which threw $1.29 million in their campaign.Labour spent $1.27 million ? half of what National did.

The review found plenty of other problems, too.

Among them, it says the party’s campaign preparation was “inadequate”, “tension around the leadership and disunity within caucus seriously undermined Labour’s credibility” and there was also a “general lack of message discipline”. ? Read more »

Another winning policy from Labour

Labour seem to have failed to realise that middle NZ do not care about identity politics, and as long as Labour stay interested in identity politics, middle NZ will not pick up the phone.

Their submission to the 2014 election inquiry show just how thick they really are.

Identity politics at its best, wanting non Maori who feel Maori to be able to vote Maori.

People should be able to enrol on the Maori roll even if they do not indicate they are of Maori descent!

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Still staring at goats and now blaming the goat herder

Driving into town this morning I heard Darren Hughes’ former land-lady on Mike Hosking’s show throwing Tim Barnett under the bus over Labour’s submission to Parliament?s Justice Committee?s Review of the Election.

Labour, if you remember submitted that they wanted to stop benefits and entitlements for people who fail to register as a voter.

Annette King went feral.

Now Richard Harman thinks there is something askew inside Labour.

Labour?s Caucus will next week discuss the proposal by the party?s General Secretary, Tim Barnett to deny Working for Families tax credits to people who don?t enrol on the electoral roll.

The proposal was made to Parliament?s Justice Committee?s Review of the Election.

It appears to have caught the Parliamentary wing of the party by surprise and has angered some.

A spokesperson for Leader Andrew Little said the first he heard about it was in the media.

It has not yet been discussed by Caucus but does not have his support anyway. ? Read more »

How tits were Cunliffe, Coatsworth and Barnett at fundraising?

The National party pulled in millions, $3.98 million to be precise, in donations.

The second biggest party in parliament raised just $251,000. Their loot bag was dwarfed by the Internet party ($3.5 million) , The Greens ($969,000) and the Conservative party ($2.97 million).

That is a shameful display from the top brass at Labour.

David Cunliffe was supposed to be The One. Yet his team raised a pathetic amount of cash, and Moira Coatsworth was hopeless as president, thinking fundraising was beneath her. Tim Barnett wasn’t much better and all the leaks out of Fraser House have been proved true with an appalling lack of cash in the coffers from Labour.

Now we know why they keep on pushing for state funding of political parties.

We also know who owns the Labour party. ? Read more »

NZ Herald Crowdsourcing: We found nothing, but let’s smear National anyway

The NZ Herald launched a “crowdsourcing” initiative to go digging into political donations after the returns were released by they Electoral Commission.

It is the sort of panty sniffing behaviour we’ve come to expect from the Herald.

Basically they are trying to find ?donors and then single them out for this donation or that donation and try to pass some sort of moral judgment on that.

Little wonder then that donors try to remain as anonymous as they can.

Essentially though the Herald has found nothing, but after touting their great initiative with much fanfare they had to write something. David Fisher was obviously busy making up something else so they pulled in Matt Nippert to write the hit job.

An analysis of electoral finance declarations shows more than 80 per cent of donations to National Party candidates were channelled through party headquarters in a loophole described as akin to legal “laundering”.

National’s heavy reliance on funding candidates with donations from the party – shown in a Herald study to account for more than $1m out of $1.2m raised by their candidates for the 2014 general election – was a “striking use of electoral law that appears to be laundering the money”, said Otago University political science lecturer Bryce Edwards.

Electoral law requires candidates to reveal the identity of donors who contribute $1,500 or more, but political parties can keep donors secret even if they give up to $15,000.

Dr Edwards said the channelling of candidate donations through parties had “become a way around” having to disclose more information about the source of campaign funds.

“It’s not illegal and it’s up to different interpretations whether it’s ethical or not, but there should now be heat on politicians to explain what’s going on and to tighten up this loophole,” he said.

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How broke was Labour at the election? Very broke, the Greens outspent them

The latest election expenses are out and it is quite revealing.

National spent the most, Labour spent less than half of National, and the Greens out spent Labour.

But the real take out is that money doesn’t buy you results. The Greens show that as does Internet Mana.

Labour spent half as much as National on last year’s election campaign and was outspent by the Greens for the first time.

Parties’ election advertising expenses were released yesterday and show Labour spent $1.27 million – slightly less than the Green Party on $1.29 million and half the National Party’s $2.6 million.

National was the biggest spender, followed by the Conservative Party, which was bankrolled by leader Colin Craig and spent $1.9 million. Funded by $3.5 million from Kim Dotcom, the Internet-Mana alliance spent $660,000 while the Internet Party spent a further $320,000. Of the parties in Parliament, United Future spent the least – just under $2000.

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A Terrible Start for Andrew “Who?” Little

Andrew ?Who?? Little has been in place since the 18th of November.

In that time he has achieved just about nothing. No cut through. No interest from the New Zealand public. No sense of what he stands for except promoting New Zealand?s favourite political blog.

Like previous leaders he appears to have come to the leadership without a plan and he is winging it.

So far we know nothing about Little?s plans for bringing Labour back into power.

He hasn?t talked about his route to victory, the sections of society he needs to win back to be Prime Minister. He has failed to demonstrate how he can construct a voting coalition that will give him a majority in Parliament.

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Moira quits, time for Tim to go, and Matt should pack his bags too

Election losses demand accountability, and when the election loss is as bad as Labour?s heads need to roll.
David Cunliffe has gone. Now Moira Coatesworth has gone.

Moira Coatsworth has resigned as President of the Labour Party and will stand down in mid-December.

Ms Coatsworth confirmed she had formally resigned and the party would elect a new President by postal ballot in mid-February to work with Andrew Little on making any changes required after the party’s post-election review.

She had earlier said she did not expect to stay on as President after holding the position for 3.5 years – working with four different leaders in quick succession – Phil Goff, David Shearer, David Cunliffe and Andrew Little.

Names which have been mentioned as possible contenders include Porirua Mayor Nick Leggett and academic Nigel Haworth, Labour’s current policy director. Mr Leggett has previously expressed an interest, but his enthusiasm has reportedly waned. ?? Read more »