Tim Collins

Sounds like the Argies need another lesson in marching backwards


The Argies are cutting up rough again after some womble outfit at the?UN went and ignored the wishes of the residents of the Falklands Islands and decreed that the Falklands are part of Argentina.

Former SAS Colonel Tim Collins has a crack at the whole shemozzle.

The assertion by the UN’s Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf that Argentina’s maritime territory should include the Falkland Islands is a bit like Jeremy Corbyn?s assertion that the UK should open negotiations over their fate. It does not matter. It is never going to change anything.

It is frustrating, however, that the UN seeks to breath life into a dormant conflict against a settled, peaceful and democratically content people, in a world where Kim Jong-un threatens nuclear war while the European ideal disappears under a wave of humanity displaced by the brutality of militant Islam. Their migrant columns march only a few hundred miles south of the Ukrainian stand-off where death stalks the front lines.

It is typical of this failed institution. I am hoping that the Prime Minister, leader of one of the permanent five members of the UN Security Council, quietly reminds the UN who is paying for their junkets. If I were he I would be getting tired of their recent assertions that sexism is more “pervasive” and “in your face” in the UK than any other country or that the reform of of housing benefit was an attack on human rights and invite them to focus on the real world ? or do what the US does and simply stop the payments. At the same time I would very publicly ask how Argentine?s contributions were at. I would suspect that they are badly in arrears because Argentina is broke. ? Read more »