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Quitting spots on popular Radio stations appears to have become a new sport amongst some women.

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Cowardly Cunliffe caught in another lie

David Cunliffe is too scared to debate John Key and so went after the ref instead in labour’s continuing war against the media.

War on the media is the last resort of losers and so it is that Labour and their proxies are now building dossiers against media people that they hate.

But David?Cunliffe has been caught in another lie.

He like to talk tough, descriptions of “game on”, bring the battle to Key”, “The War room”, Labour being on a “war footing”.

Unfortunately his tough talking rhetoric is backed only with cowardy, cowardy, custard.

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Tim Fookes Verdict On Campbell Live Last Night

ZB’s Wellington host Tim Fookes gives his verdict on Campbell Live’s Shark jumping… and it’s not good…

Favourite Line: ?”They’ve got their heads so far up Kim Dotcom’s backside, it is hard to know where they stop and he begins”

Tricky David Cunliffe at it again

David Cunliffe’s messaging on power prices is as wonky as everything else he does.

On Facebook on April 8 he stated that Labour would be bringing prices down.


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Jamie MacKay gives Cunliffe the finger

The fall out from the NewstalkZB Tim Fookes/David Cunliffe keeps on coming. He lied about National’s involvement in the whaling law case. He attacked the farmers and lied about capital gains tax.

And now he has mislead the listeners about the Farming Show.

CALLER PETER: I was just wondering if you could explain why you’ve refused to appear on the?Farming Show.

DAVID CUNLIFFE: Actually, you know what? I’ll make an offer to you today. I’m happy to do?that. I’ve changed my mind.

TIM FOOKES: Why did you say no, though? This is?

DAVID CUNLIFFE: Because I was told before I became leader that the particular show used to?ridicule my predecessor in a way that was grossly unfair. Now, that may or may not be true, but?that’s what I was told. I accepted that advice, and I declined to appear. This is?

CALLER PETER: Russel Norman appears on it.

DAVID CUNLIFFE: Yes, and I’ll tell you what, I’m making a commitment today: if I get a call?from Jamie Mackay, invite me on, I’ll do it. There you go.

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David Cunliffe’s two face position on secret negotiations


The interview yesterday with Tim Fookes really did throw up a lot of gold about David Cunliffe.

He has a spectacular ability to lie and deceive almost without thinking.

Cunliffe made a comment in his discussion with Tim Fookes yesterday that seems to have been missed by commentators.? I see it as very pertinent in the context of the Labour/Greens clamour for the TPP negotiations to be public.

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Cunliffe attacks National when it was Clark who stopped the whaling law suit


The Tim Fookes interview with David Cunliffe continues to give up the gold.

Yesterday David Cunliffe blamed National for not being part of the law suit against Japan over whaling.

TIM FOOKES:?????Exactly. So the earlier the better, and I will get to one of your calls in just a moment, but just a quick comment on the issue that came out late last night over the court ruling on whaling, I think this is a significant victory New Zealand and Australia.

DAVID CUNLIFFE:?????????????It’s fantastic.?Well, it’s a significant victory for Australia. Where the hell was the New Zealand Government? I mean, we had New Zealanders testifying, but once again, the National Government’s asleep at the wheel. Kiwis hate whaling. We hate whaling and previous governments had a really strong record against it. Why did we leave it to the Aussies to take the thing to the International Court?

TIM FOOKES:?????So if you were Prime Minister, what would you do?

DAVID CUNLIFFE:?????????????We would have led the charge. We wouldn’t have waited for the Australians. It would have been our win.

Of course David Cunliffe was part of cabinet in the Clark government when they decided that they didn’t want to take the win, preferring instead to gift it to the Aussies.

Prime Minister Helen Clark will push for a diplomatic end to whaling after the Government dropped plans for legal action against Japan.

Miss Clark will raise the issue with her Japanese counterpart Yasuo Fukuda when she travels to the pro-whaling country next week. A spokesman confirmed the pair would discuss Japan’s annual cull in the Southern Ocean.? Read more »

David Cunliffe’s ongoing lies and deception


Yesterday David Cunliffe spent an hour on NewstalkZB with Tim Fookes.

I listened so you didn’t have to. It was dreadful but the amount of times David Cunliffe ‘mis-spoke’ or deliberately lied was incredible.

Take his claims on capital gains tax and his attack on farming.

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Newstalk ZB’s Tim Fookes on Cunliffe’s preferred leader status

[David Cunliffe]?was seen as Labour’s great saviour when he was involved in the ousting of David Shearer and came out quite comfortably as the preferred party leader from the unions and party members.

But he never had the support of more than a third of his caucus and with Labour still lagging in the late twenties or early thirties in every political poll, they are struggling, less than six months out from the election.

In particular it’s David Cunliffe who’s not getting any traction whatsoever.

I’m not sure David was ever seen as the great saviour by anyone except the union arm of the Labour Party.

Having more than a third of its fair share in power, it could bring Cunliffe to the leadership with about two thirds of the party not really being behind him.

And no matter how many public statements were made about the party uniting behind Cunliffe, it hasn’t happened.

And there is only really one person to blame for that. ? Read more »

Tim Fookes on being the owner of a signed copy of Mein Kampf

Tim hits the nail on the head

Kim Dotcom has admitted?he recently bought a signed copy of Adolf Hitler’s book Mein Kampf.

The reaction to this news has been interesting, some see it as another sign the man is a danger to New Zealand, while others brush it off, saying he collects war memorabilia and it’s no big deal.

Well I think it is a big deal.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to own war memorabilia , nothing at all, a lot of people would have war medals and the likes.

But in my opinion, there’s something quite despicable about wanting to own items belonging to the enemy, and in this case one of the most revolting excuses for a human being ever to walk on this earth, Adolf Hitler.

There’s something abhorrent about having a desire to own something as offensive to so many people, as Mein Kampf, and not only own it, but get a signed copy.

It speaks volumes about Kim Dotcom, or let’s quit calling him that, let’s call him by his real name Kim Schmitz.

Because he is German and?appears in stark contrast to?most Germans I’ve ever met who are ashamed beyond words about the behaviour of Hitler and his supporter.

They?don’t want to talk about ‘the war’ and ignore the small minority of extremists who support what happened, the extermination of six million jews. ? Read more »