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What sort of scumbag defaces a charity’s billboard to make a political point?


Key Derangement Syndrome is strong in the scumbag who defaced a charity’s billboard in order to make some sort of spurious political point.

A Heart Foundation billboard in Hamilton has been defaced in political protest.

The billboard aimed at raising awareness of heart disease as ‘New Zealand’s biggest killer’ was erected on Commerce St, Frankton in early February.

Yesterday the foundation was informed by a member of the public the blackened out image of a man representing the disease as a ‘serial killer’ had been replaced with a sketch of the Prime Minister John Key’s face.

Heart Foundation head of marketing Vanessa Winning said foundation employees and volunteers are upset the billboard has been used for political protest.

“It’s really disappointing that a charity is being targeted to score political points. I find it unthinkable that someone would vandalise our billboard, and consequently mock a seriously crippling disease, just to make a political statement.” ?? Read more »

What on earth is going on in John Key’s mind?

It looks like John Key has had a rush of?shit to the brains recently.

Something is seriously wonky with his thinking at the moment.

I’m talking about the messaging over the Sabin affair.

First up National has known about this issue for months, but sat there on the info, which proved remarkably accurate, for months letting the sore fester and become pustulant, almost turning gangrenous.

That was bad enough, and sorry I just don;t believe that the first he knew about the issue was just last week. Does he not speak to his chief of staff? Is his chief of staff keeping things from Key?

Then he stood by him on Monday as head of the select committee, again why? Didn’t Wayne Eagleson take Key aside and say “Boss, I think we have a problem”

By that stage Mike Sabin must have known what was happening Monday morning, surely someone in National’s caucus did too and no one thought to tell the boss…everyone tells the boss in National.

Then come Friday and over the weekend John Key pulls his best Sgt Schultz impression and declares he knew nothing.

Finally we get this brain fart.

Prime Minister John Key has hinted at some frustration with former MP Mike Sabin for failing to tell National about the personal issues that led to his resignation prior to the election, saying Mr Sabin had almost been appointed as a minister and news of his issue had come as “a shock.”


Mr Key said the first he knew of any problems Mr Sabin faced was in early December when his chief of staff told him. It is understood Mr Sabin’s issue arose prior to the election. Mr Key revealed Mr Sabin was on the cusp of being appointed as a minister when National was re-elected.

“To be frank, he was on the list of ‘likely to be a minister.’ It was a real toss-up between him and a couple of other people who got in. That’s how confident we were, or how lacking in knowledge of other issues we were.

So it came as quite a shock to me when I was told of the matters he was pursuing.”

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Tim MacIndoe forgets to thank Sue Moroney


The final election results have just been announced and I’m very grateful to the voters of Hamilton West for re-electing me for a further term. It’s heartening to have again secured an increased majority – now 5,784 (up from 4,418 in 2011, and 1,618 when I was first elected in 2008). Huge thanks are due to my excellent and very hard-working Campaign Commitee, Electorate Executive and other members of the local election team. No candidate could have been better supported and I am deeply grateful to you all. I’ll do my best to justify your faith and to work as hard as I can for my constituents and our great city over the next three years.

Tim Macindoe is known as a true gentleman.? Read more »

And this is why the Labour Party are disconnected from NZ

They are incapable of admitting they are wrong.

In Hamilton West Tim MacIndoe benefited hugely from The Moroney Effect, the special electoral effect that increases a National party candidates majority when Sue Moroney stands against them. He did indeed increase his majority as a result.

Hamilton remained true blue on election night with both incumbents cruising to victory.

In Hamilton East David Bennett won a fourth term, beating out Labour’s Cliff Allen with a massive majority of nearly 9000.

In doing so, he became the first person ever to win the seat four times.

Meanwhile, Tim Macindoe won Hamilton West for the third time, sweeping past Sue Moroney by more than 5400 votes.

It was a tense night for the Moroney camp as Labour’s disastrous share of the party vote saw her only just squeeze back into Parliament in fourth place on the party list.

In her concession speech to party faithful at the Trade Union centre in Hamilton, she was unsure if a return to Parliament was on the cards.

Fortunately for Tim MacIndoe’s electoral prospects she is still in parliament…at the moment. ? Read more »

National’s Caucus Issues, Ctd

Steven Joyce?s strategic stupidity with MMP means National has no coalition options and needs to cling to power now at all costs. Backbenchers know this, and know that they have him by the balls because he can’t rely on the maoris without getting it in the arse from the voters.

There are two ways National MPs can cause problems. All of them have the option of crossing the floor, and a few in marginal seats have the option of threatening to resign and bring down the government. The first is a pretty drastic step and would take a seriously pissed off backbencher. The second is a much bigger problem because if there is a by election and National loses the balance of power shifts.

The MPs with marginal seats are:

Paula Bennett – 9
Nicky Wagner ?- 47
Kate Wilkinson – 642
Nikki Kaye – 717
Sam Lotu-Iiga – 3021
Chris Tremain – 3701
Jonathan Young ?- 4270
Tim Macindoe – 4,418
Anne Tolley – 4774

The ministers, Bennett, Wilkinson, Tremain and Tolley look pretty safe in their ministerial portfolios. If Key gives them the arse they can tell him to stick it and force a by-election. It looks like Comrade Kate might have got a get out of jail free card.

Of the backbenchers if I were Steven Joyce or John Key I would expect my buttocks to clench every time I got a call from any of Wagner, Kaye, Lotu-Iiga, Young and MacIndoe. And I would be prepared with a bribe to keep them from forcing a by-election, because without them there is every chance Labour would win the seat. The power of incumbency is massive, and these MPs will know it.

An email from a reader

?the tipline

Message: You really piss me off. I’m a Green/Labour voter (but you’ll?be pleased to know I voted for Tim MacIndoe as Sue Moroney was the?alternative), so I obviously think a lot of your politics are really?shortsighted and dopey.

But you’re so often incredibly decent, compassionate and fair (in some?of your assessments).

It’s comforting to know that decency can exist in the heart of a?political fucktard.

Keep up the (often) good work.

Thank you to my correspondent. That email made my night.

I?value all opinions, especially those who can understand that underneath I respect and care for my opponents even if I have a go at them.

Labour is the nasty party, Ctd

It isn’t really any wonder that Tim MacIndoe increased his majority with Sue Moroney standing against him.

She proves almost daily why Labour is known as the nasty party:

[blackbirdpie id=”146130981689102337″]

Labour is the nasty party, Ctd

Sue Moroney still doesn’t get it. Given Tim MacIndoe’s massive increase in his majority I’d say most of the teachers in Hamilton West didn’t vote for Sue Moroney.

Stephen Berry sums up Moroney’s problem very well on his Facebook page. Note too how Sue Moroney likes to control the debate, in typical socialist fashion, simply shutting it down.

Labour nasties took a pasting

Todd McClay, Sam Lotu Iiga and Tim MacIndoe all won on Saturday, with increased majorities.

Unsurprisingly?they were also standing against some Labour nasties. Steve Chadwick, Carol Beaumont and Sue Moroney. Only Sue Moroney remains in parliament after the blood bath of November 26.

Another Labour nasty who is now unemployed was Carmel Sepuloni. She took the fight in Waitakere to Paula Bennett but Paula showed a great deal of mongrel and proved more adept at wrestling with pigs than the Septic Tank.

There is a moral in this story. If you want to be nasty, spiteful and awful then you will lose to candidates who are likeable and real. Having a sneering smack bum face all the time doesn’t endear you to voters.


Blessed with choice

Labour face a real problem. When Darren Hughes finally accepts that his position is untenable and not even Helen Clark can save him, they have to pick a new List MP from?the?following in this order:

38 Judith Tizard – Anti-MMP campaigners wet dream

39 Mark Burton – a man so useless even Helen Clark fired him and no one in Taupo could stomach him in local body politics either.

40 Mahara Okeroa – Who?

41 Martin Gallagher – Beaten by Tim MacIndoe…need I say more

42 Dave Hereora – Union thug

43 Louisa Wall – Unlikeable Maori dyke, not even the Rainbow Labour faction likes her

44 Lesley Soper – The sole remaining pro-life campaigner in the Labour party and long haired hippy

45 Clare Curran

46 Grant Robertson

47 Chris Hipkins

48 Iain Lees-Galloway

49 Brendon Burns

50 Hamish McCracken – perennial loser, couldn’t win a raffle at a bowling club

So if they have a deal with Judith Tizard for her NOT to come back to?parliament, the price has just gone up. If she sticks with their deal then Labour have six more even worse options if that were at all possible.