Tim Smith

Tamati Coffey’s husband insults a journalist and life long Labour voter


The pressure must be getting to Tamati Coffey and his husband, Tim Smith, in Rotorua.

A seasoned journalist in the area, Phil Campbell of Steam n’ Mud was asking some questions from Rotorua Labour and Tamiti Coffey when Tim Smith decided to hit “reply all” and insult the journalist, who was copied in on the email.

First here are the questions. It started with a question to Haydn Marriner who runs Rotorua Labour on Facebook, and someone who used that Facebook page to defame me.

From: Phil Campbell
To: Hadyn Marriner

May 19, 2016 at 9:29 AM

Kia ora Hadyn,

It has been brought to my attention (and I did wonder) that signs above the Tutanekai St from which Rotorua Labour operated last elections remain, though I understand you have shifted premises.

As I understand it, the apparent permanency of these signs maybe in breach of the Electoral Act 1993. As I also understand it the Electoral Commission has been in touch with the Labour Party Secretary General. The sign(s) to which I refer is/are above the overhang area, though below at pedestrian street view  it appears reference to your previous occupation has been removed.

To comply with the Act, do you intend to remove the signage referred? If so, when is that removal likely?

In fairness, I’m also aware the local branch of the National Party has in the last year shifted premises, but National Party signs in their old building in Amohau St appear to have been removed or covered over (though the cerulean blue colour is a reminder of once was.

Yours sincerely
Nga mihi
Phil Campbell.

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Another TVNZ personality comes out of the closet for Labour

Yet another TVNZ personality has declared his undying love for the Labour party.

It certainly looks like TVNZ is the broadcast wing of the Labour party, or at least the candidate kindy.

The Rotorua Daily Post writes:

Former television star Tamati Coffey wants to be Rotorua’s next MP and has been nominated for selection as a candidate for the Labour Party.

In an exclusive interview, Mr Coffey told the Rotorua Daily Post his true passion was politics and he was ready to embark on a career in Parliament after a decade appearing on New Zealand’s television screens.  Read more »

Marriage Equality Matters

The Campaign for Marriage Equality has released this video in support of Marriage Equality.

‘Marriage Equality Matters’ features celebrities, media personalities, respected community leaders, sports people and everyday New Zealanders who all support marriage equality, and the campaign to extending equal marriage to all. Featuring:

Tamati Coffey (TV Presenter) and his partner Tim Smith
Anika Moa, Hollie Smith, Boh Runga (Musicians)
Rachel Hunter (NZ’s Got Talent Judge/Supermodel)
Brooke Howard Smith (TV Presenter) his partner Amber Peebles (Radio DJ)
Nigel Latta (Psychologist)
Danyon Loader (Olympian)
Jason Kerrison (Musician)
Jason Fa’afoi (TV Presenter) and his partner Anna and their son Charlie
Pearl McGlashan (Actress)
Ali Campbell (Musician)
Alison Mau (TV Presenter)
Orene Ai’I (Rugby Player)
Dame Cath Tizard (Former Governor General)
Mike King (Talkback host/Comedian)
Oliver Driver (Actor/Presenter)
Richie Hardcore (DJ)
Turumakina Duley (Tattoo Artist)
Amy Usherwood (Actress)
Nick Dwyer (Radio DJ)