Hmmm doesn’t sound very inclusive to me Dr Sahib



At Taqwa Trusts presents its monthly Islamic programme and social event for December focusing on the following topics:

  1. Rights of Muslims on Other Muslims, by Shaykh Dr.Mohammad Anwar Sahib
  2. Social Issues, Shaykh Kabba Bah

All invited. Dinner to be provided. Please see poster for details:

– At-Taqwa Trust email

Remember Dr Sahib? Star of this Whaleoil video? According to the above promotional poster, he will be speaking in Manukau on the topic of ‘ Rights of Muslims on Other Muslims ” which apart from the poor grammar doesn’t sound very inclusive. Nope, it actually sounds like imposing one Muslim group’s set of values onto a different Muslim group. I could be horribly wrong of course and could be taking the speech topic completely out of context which is why I invite those who attend the dinner to send me a video or audio of his sermon to our tipline.

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Spare a thought for the Northland By election…


Via the tipline

If God wanted us to vote, he would have given us candidates. ~Jay Leno.

The problem with political jokes is they get elected. ~Henry Cate VII

Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river. ~ Nikita Khrushchev Read more »


Nobody can beat me now!

You have made it as a blog owner when people send you pictures of their floor. ?Yep. ?Bask in my glory everyone. ?I made it to the top.

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Hi Cam
Your face of the day [yesterday] reminded me of a picture I took of a blob of paint on my floor.

Just kidding readers, love feedback like this. ?Nice to know you’re all out there enjoying the blog.



A reader emails…

The comments about this blog being biased are incredibly?revealing – both the one today by the list MP and even Chauvel’s?comments.

By complaining about bias in a blog, they are telling?everyone they lack even a basic understanding of media.

This is not a?news source.

It’s a running commentary on news and events.

How do they?not get that?

Of course a blog is biased.

It’s meant to be.

I suppose?they are unhappy given how many people tend to agree with the opinions?expressed here.

Boggles my mind that people [are] missing that?fundamental difference.



Police Fail In Harawira Arrest?

From the tipline -?


I draw you to this failure of policing in New Zealand.

“They started waving at me so I just turned up my radio and listened to some music,” Harawira said, “and then next thing you know they pop the back window and pulled me out.”

Police said they used a “glass entry device” from a tow truck to get in to Harawira’s car and pull him out and arrest him.

You mean the Police had to BORROW a “glass entry device”? ?Why didn’t they just use a baton and smash the window on the prick?


Good point. ?Although Harawira contradicts himself on the “pop”

“I parked my car in front of a truck and shone my light up high on the woman on the roof,” Harawira said.

“I stayed in my car. They broke into my car and smashed at least one window and arrested me.”


Another inquiry is required here and Russel Norman is the man to ask for it. ?Did the Police smash the window, and if not, why not?