Today Last Year

Today Last Year – Dec 6 2011

The most discussed article of December 6 last year was about National adopting ACT’s Charter Schools policy.  12 months on, this really is thought of as a National policy now, and ACT and John Banks (is there a difference these days?) are all but invisible.  Will ACT survive 2014?  Will they bother trying?

One of the side benefits of ACT’s big policy win of Charter Schools is that the teacher unions are getting upset.

The Labour Party and teacher unions last night panned the proposal as a step towards privatising the education system – which neither party put forward before the election.

The new schools – effectively state-funded private schools – will be introduced to South Auckland and Christchurch within the next three years.

NZEI president Ian Leckie said the Government had no mandate for charter schools.

“Overseas experience shows they can take students and money away from existing schools, undermine communities and increase social segregation. They are also less accountable.

“New Zealanders should be very concerned that Act is suddenly shaping and dictating key education policy.”

Labour’s education spokeswoman Sue Moroney called the trial “bulk-funding in drag” which exposed National’s true colours.

The only reason why students and money would flow to charter schools is because parents believe the schooling would be better than the state schools nearby. Teacher unions want competition like they want cancer. Labour is showing yet again that they are still beholden to the unions and in particular to the teachers union.

I see too that they are bleating about the “mandate” thing. banksie should just tell Ian Leckie that “we won. you lost, eat that”.