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Clare Curran strikes again

via ODT

via ODT

Sometimes I think I might be a bit harsh on Clare Curran, but then she does or says something that puts me at ease.

Fresh from defaming a candidate for CEO of M?ori Television, it appears Curran has defamed a multi-national company.

The Government has ordered an independent review of Chorus? finances and has hired Ernst & Young to carry out this work. The Government has already said it will publicly release the final report so everyone can see the information themselves. It’s?a very upfront, nothing to hide stance.

But now Curran is bleating because the draft report won’t be released.

This has led her to make some very serious allegations about the Ernst & Young, namely that by not releasing the draft report, the company?could allow itself to be influenced by the Government.

“Clare Curran said she was concerned that could give the Government the opportunity to influence the impression created by the final report, for example by ordering Ernst & Young Australia to elaborate on the difficulties Chorus faced or the case for intervention.”? Read more »

Yet another Clare Curran own goal

Clare Curran has been called many things, but certainly never competent.

Today she has displayed exactly why this is the case. The Labour Party techtard?has scored yet another own goal.

Once again, Curran has written a letter of complaint making all sorts of wild allegations, only to have it flat out rejected.

She has been in a flap that telecommunications companies are colluding with the Government over the price people pay for copper broadband.

My spies tell me that Curran shopped the story to a number of journalists in the press gallery but was shot down by everyone she approached.

And when none of the press gallery journalists would touch the story, it appears that Curran turned to her future press secretary, Tom Pullar-Strecker. ? Read more »

Tin Foil Hat Brigade over reacts

Over the weekend the tin foil hat brigade went all nuts over Prism, a system that apparently the NSA can use to spy on people, including New Zealanders.

Predictably Kim Dotcon’s PR maestro and embedded journalist David Fisher had to write something about it all on behalf of his large German friend.

Mr Dotcom, who faces extradition to the US on charges of copyright violation, said he believed the GCSB sifted through Prism data with his details prior to the arrest. “It certainly did involve Prism. GCSB relies heavily on US spy technology. The Five Eyes have one brain and it sits in the US.”

Papers released in the Dotcom court case support the links to the Five Eyes network but crucially have the name of the intelligence system doing the actual spying deleted. The papers were released after it emerged the GCSB illegally spied on Mr Dotcom in the lead-up to the unlawful raid in which he was arrested.

Documents show analysts tasked with organising the spying marked it as associated with the Five Eyes network. One document, classifying it as “Secret”, listed the five member nations and stated: “Please enter into [name of system redacted] and mark as priority.” The accompanying list is called “Selectors of Interest” and details a long string of information similar to that used in Prism. It includes cellphone numbers, driver licence details, email addresses, passport numbers, internet protocol and real world addresses.

Read more »

Curran in collusion with DomPost?

Dominion Post reporter and future Labour Party press secretary Tom Pullar-Strecker isn?t very good at hiding his dislike of the Government.

Yesterday he gave his future boss Clare Curran a free run in a story that appears to be based on a combination of hearsay and an interview with his keyboard.?

The gist of his story was that he and Curran have decided the Government should have already auctioned the 4G spectrum freed up by the switchover to digital television.

He then goes in to some bizarre angle based on a ?suspicion? by Labour there has been some kind of massive conspiracy that isn?t backed up anywhere with facts.

Pullar-Strecker than contradicts himself by writing:

?It was never envisaged the spectrum would become available to new users before the end of this year.?

And ICT Minister Amy Adams has repeatedly said the spectrum would be auctioned by September, which will give plenty of time for business and network planning.? Read more »

Uhmm…no we aren’t

Tom Pullar-Strecker reckons bloggers are waiting nervously:

Bloggers are nervously waiting for the publication of the Law Commission’s report on “new media” next Monday.

Former Commerce Minister Simon Power raised their blood pressure when he ordered the review in October last year, commenting that there was a “wild west out there in cyberspace”.

InternetNZ chief executive Vikram Kumar said at the time that if that was what Power really believed, “we’ve got reasons to be very, very worried”.

Power was concerned about breaches of suppression orders, libel on the internet, and whether bloggers and online publications should be subject to oversight by the Press Council or Broadcasting Standards Authority.

Uhmmm…no we aren’t waiting nervously. Most of us don’t care what?the?Law Commission has to say or even knew?the?report was due. I was a contributor to the report and I didn’t know it was coming out.

All credit to the Law Commission though for seeking out the opinions of bloggers for their report, ?I spent a half day with them in Wellington giving them some details about how I work, how I operate and my opinions on the Press Council and BSA. I am mildly interested in what suggestions of mine the Law Commission includes but I am far from nervous.