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The arrest of Tommy Robinson: Robert Spencer pulls no punches

Supporters of Tommy Robinson protest his arrest outside Downing Street Featuring: Atmosphere Where: London, England, United Kingdom When: 26 May 2018 Credit: Luke Dray/Cover Images?

Robert Spencer at Frontpage Mag writes:

Quote:Two recent arrests in Britain could serve as its epitaph.

The first, as captured in this video , was that of a middle-aged woman named Amy who was arrested on Wednesday at her home. Amy herself began filming with her phone as police demanded that she let them in. When Amy asked them whether she was going to be arrested and asked them what the charge was, they refused to answer, and simply repeated their demand that she let them in, threatening to break down the door if she didn?t.

Watching the video, one shares Amy?s confusion and fear at being confronted by police at her door at nine o?clock in the morning. Then when she does open the door, she is told she is under arrest. A young male policeman bellows, ?Do not resist us!? He and his female partner roughly handcuff Amy and lead her away.

Last month, Amy confronted London police in Hyde Park ? as you can see in this video — where Muslims were placing down their prayer mats on the walkways and conducting public prayer. She pointed out to them that it was against the law to hold public prayers in parks, but police responded only with obfuscation and indifference.

Amy wasn?t arrested, however, for embarrassing the London police. At least not officially. As you can see from yet another video , she was arrested for ?homophobia,? not ?Islamophobia,? in a highly questionable case. Apparently she said ?Have a gay day? to a gay rights activist who confronted her, and is being charged with assault for pushing him away.

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Enemy of the State

I bought this book yesterday for my Kindle for two reasons. One because Tommy is currently at number #4 on the Amazon Bestsellers list and I wanted to help get him to number #1 and two because after watching dozens of his videos I wanted to financially support a man I greatly admire.

Remember how Amazon sent me an e-mail telling me that Milo’s book Dangerous was no longer available for me to buy even though I had pre-ordered it? Well in the case of Tommy’s book because it was available on Kindle as well as a physical book there was no publisher to cave in to pressure from activists so another way to stop the Kindle version had to be tried.

Amazon claimed that his book was not fit to be published because of how it was formatted.

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