Tonga is talking it up


And who can blame them? ?The 2015 RWC has seen its share of minnow upsets, and Tonga feel they can do the same against the All Blacks.

The Pacific Islanders caused a major boilover at the 2011 tournament, beating France 19-14 in Wellington to narrowly miss out on making the quarterfinals.

Tongan captain Nili Latu is hoping his men, 26/1 outsiders with New Zealand bookmakers, can replicate that feat against the All Blacks at St James’ Park in Newcastle on Saturday morning (NZ time).

“Hopefully tomorrow will be the day that the All Blacks are caught cold,” Latu said, promising to challenge the defending champions and chase a historic victory. Read more »

Is spying wrong?

Is spying wrong?

Well not when it is the left-wing doing it to political opponents, and using criminals to enable it.

But widely, no it is not. I almost never agree with Michael Field, especially over Fiji, but this may well be a watershed moment for both of us because I happen to agree with his column the other day about the spying revelation of Nicky Hager.

It is not paradise out there in the South Pacific and while our friendly neighbourhood might be democratic and understand rugby’s off-side rule, corruption, self-interest and idiocy stalks their capitals.

And dangerously surprising things like coups, civil war and mutinies happen, and they have a real and direct impact on New Zealand.

The Snowden Papers suggest spying in the South Pacific is something new, but the reality is that we have been spying on Pacific countries for decades.

Back in 1914 London asked New Zealand soldiers to invade German Samoa. We said yes, but asked if they could give us some details of German defences. London replied we would look it up in an encyclopaedia.

These days acting like that is not on.

Time-shift to today and pick a Pacific country that suddenly finds itself with people being killed, buildings on fire and assorted bad people breaking into police armouries ? as happened in the Solomon Islands.

New Zealand’s Special Air Service was on the way to save lives – what are they expected to do for useful intelligence, Google it?

As open as Pacific states can seem to be, it takes specialist knowledge and focus to know who the real players are.

Mobile phone metadata does not provide that.

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Alarmists alarming

Day one of the New Year and the alarmists are alarming again…this time we are all going to die in 200 years from an 8 degree rise in temperature.

If I was a university that enjoys taxpayer largesse I think I might have noticed a change in government and funding for eco-loons and their ridiculous forecasts of which NONE have come to pass might start to dry up.

Predicting 8 degree temperature rise in two hundred years time might have someone in Tony Abbot’s government take a closer look at how much funding this sort of nonsense receives.

Global temperatures could soar by at least 4?C by 2100 if carbon dioxide emissions aren?t slashed, new research warns.

Climate scientists claim that temperatures could rise by at least 4?C?by 2100 and potentially more than 8?C?by 2200, which could have disastrous results for the planet.

The research, published in the journal Nature, found that the global climate is more affected by carbon dioxide than previously thought. ? Read more »

Whale Sex

Brace yourself…someone has papped Whale having sex and it has exploded all over the internet.

Bloody media.

Image after the break

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Royal Tongan Marines in Afghanistan

A contingent of troops has conducted a ceremonial handover parade with a difference at Camp Bastion.

Hung out to dry

Clark motorcade drivers 'fall guys' – National – New Zealand news on

[quote]Today a Police Complaints Authority (PCA) found police decision to charge five police officers and one civilian driver was appropriate.

The drivers were convicted after taking Miss Clark from Waimate to Christchurch airport at high speed so she could make a flight back to Wellington to make an All Blacks rugby test in July, 2004.

The convictions were later overturned.
Eventually all defendants escaped conviction.

PCA head Justice Lowell Goddard said the defendants felt that they were doing their duty but had not sought proper justification to speed.
The report said police considered whether Miss Clark and former Cabinet Minister Jim Sutton, who was also in the motorcade, should be charged.

"Police accepted independent advice, that other than the six individuals who were found to have cases to answer, there was no evidence upon which charges could be properly bought against any other person in the motorcade."[/quote]
Chester Borrows has said the drivers had been let down. Let down! more like hung out to dry.

[quote]"The judge found that they had no briefing from their superior, no indication as to how they were supposed to drive, no guidance from their commanding officer and there was no policy or protocol that applied to this type of situation," he said.

Mr Borrows said the drivers did what they were told and were "hung out to dry" by superiors, the system and the Prime Minister.

"Her continued refusal to take any sort of responsibility for what happened does her no credit at all."

"She has yet to explain why she didn't just ask them to slow down ? she was in charge of that motorcade and they would have slowed down if she had asked them to."[/quote]

She won't, she didn't notice that they were going that fast did she.?….yeah right….I seem to remember we lost that game too, another victim of the Clark Curse.

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Retiring QC goes out with a bang

Retiring QC Kevin Ryan obviously didn't want his retirement party to go unnoticed.

He has come out saying that we should ditch the right to silence and that juries should be allowed to know the previous history of defendants.

I completely disagree with him on the right to silence and completely agree with him of knowledge of previous convictions.