Tony Abbott

Turnbull’s gamble may yet cost him his job

Malcolm Turnbull called an early election in order to clean out the?Senate, and that has backfired. Meanwhile there is a dead heat in other seats with 11 electorates as yet undecided. His gamble may yet have cost him his job, and cost the Liberals government.

The Australian reports:

Australia faces an anxious wait after voters delivered a possible hung parliament or bare coalition majority at the federal election. Counting of postal votes will resume on Tuesday.

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She obviously never banged Turnbull’s head that hard

Peta Credlin, Tony Abbott’s former chief of staff has spoken out and said she may have banged a few heads too hard.

She clearly didn’t bang Malcolm Turnbull’s head that hard.

Tony Abbott’s divisive former chief of staff?has declared her support for?Malcolm Turnbull but praised Bill Shorten and questioned?government policy on superannuation in her first television interview.

Peta Credlin, who worked as Mr Abbott’s top adviser in both opposition and government, began an? interview on Sky News on Saturday by admitting “I’m out of my comfort zone.”

Despite working in Parliament House for 16 years it was the first time she had set foot in the media wing known as the Press Gallery.

Ms Credlin, widely criticised during her time at the top for being too controlling, was largely unapologetic but said she was not perfect.

“I have a reputation for straight-talking and candour,” she said. “If I have to cop some criticism, maybe I banged a few heads too hard.” ?? Read more »

Abbott thinks he would have won the election. Shearer probably thinks so too.

Tony Abbott is starting to speak out about his rolling by Malcolm Turnbull.

Tony Abbott has launched a defensive of his prime ministership, saying he would have won the federal election with budget cuts and lower taxes.

“The poll-measured unpopularity of the Abbott government was not due to any shirking of responsibility but to our determination to do our duty by getting our own spending under control,” Mr Abbott says in a forthcoming essay obtained by The Australian.

The former prime minister has also issued a warning for Malcolm Turnbull saying his successor’s biggest challenge will be to retain popularity once he has a credible narrative of his own. ?? Read more »

Face of the day

Tony Abott

Tony Abbott

TONY Abbott has called for a religious revolution within Islam as he urges Australians to stop apologising for their Western values and culture.

Writing exclusively for The Daily Telegraph today ? a week before the anniversary of the Sydney Lindt Cafe siege ? the former prime ?minister warns of a ?clash of civilisations? unless Islam ?undergoes a global reform.

In an article likely to invite controversy, Mr Abbott says Australia and the West can no longer live in denial about the ?problem within Islam?, and that while most Muslims rejected terrorism, some were ?all too ready to justify ?death to the infidel?.?

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Turnbull’s knifing of Abbott pays off, Shorten is in trouble

Labor’s anti-free trade stance and the knifing of Tony Abbott by Malcolm Turnbull has helped boost the Liberals in the?latest poll in Australia.

Labor’s primary vote has?plunged to just 30 per cent as voters flood back to a?rejuvenated Coalition government under Malcolm Turnbull’s new leadership style?one month after he replaced the unpopular Tony Abbott as Prime Minister.

In what appears to be a clear?vindication of that bruising?leadership switch,?Mr Turnbull has more than tripled Bill Shorten’s popularity as preferred prime minister at 67 per cent?to Mr Shorten’s 21 – a dive of 24 points for the Opposition Leader since August, when he was up against Mr Abbott.

The?October Fairfax-Ipsos poll has found the Coalition has surged ahead of Labor at?53-47 according to the flow of second preferences as allocated at the 2013 election.

It is?the first time the government has led Labor since March 2014, just?before the disastrous first Abbott-Hockey budget, and suggests the Coalition, now under new management, has recovered almost all the ground lost since its landslide victory in September 2013.

When respondents were asked specifically who would get their second preference right now, the story got even worse?for Mr Shorten, with the split widening to 54-46 in the Coalition’s favour.

The poll also shows Australians have not been frightened away from the task of economic reform by anti free-trade, union-sponsored advertising campaigns, with 54 per cent of respondents in favour of the China-Australia free trade agreement compared to 33 per cent opposed, giving it a support?rating of 21 per cent. ? Read more »

She’s obviously never heard about H2


What do you mean not intimidated?

Peta Credlin has a fearsome reputation but she obviously not ever heard of Heather Simpson.

TONY Abbott?s powerful chief of staff, Peta Credlin, has delivered an almighty serve to Liberal MPs who brought down the former prime minister.

In her first public appearance since Mr Abbott was ousted from the top job last week, Ms Credlin took aim at cabinet ministers and other MPs who briefed against her and her former boss.

The divisive staffer was frequently attacked by anonymous Liberal MPs during Mr Abbott?s time in office, with critics describing her as a ?bully? who contributed to her boss?s downfall.? Read more »

Totally awesome

There are few people in politics who are truly awesome.

Most people involved are slimy weasels and very few wear their hearts on their sleeves.

One of Tony Abbott’s staff is one of those people.

One of the first words?Malcolm Turnbull heard after being named Australia’s 29th Prime Minister on Monday night was a four-letter expletive, not fit for publication, hurled by one of Tony Abbott’s junior staffers.

The story of Richard Dowdy’s spill night insult has already become legend?in Coalition staffer circles.

Mr Dowdy has been a staffer for Mr Abbott since late 2009, when the Member for Warringah knifed Malcolm Turnbull for the Liberal Party leadership. ?? Read more »

Angry Andy doesn?t disappoint: pities Australia

We're winning I tell you, we're winning

We’re winning I tell you, we’re winning

I would have thought Andrew Little would have had a lot of empathy for Malcolm Turnbull.

The Australian government and the NZ Labour Party are actually very similar when it comes to not being able to settle on a leader. ?Little is a seat warmer too, and he knows it.

Labour leader Andrew Little says he pities Australia if its new Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, wants to be like New Zealand Prime Minister John Key.

He said Mr Key had presided over seven deficits, a growing public debt, and an economy that did not have much to show for seven years of a National Government.

“If that’s Malcolm Turnbull’s ambitions, then I pity Australia.” ?? Read more »

After months of white-anting by the Media Party, Abbott is rolled by Turnbull

Ever since Tony Abbott became the PM the Media Party has white-anted him in Australia. They finally created enough negativity that Malcolm Turnbull felt emboldened enough to knife him in a leadership spill last night.

The Liberal Party is now resembling our Labour Party with 4 leaders in as many years.

Malcolm Turnbull has seized the?prime minister?s job with a vow?to offer a ?different style of?leadership? to tackle the ?nation?s economic problems, toppling Tony Abbott by 54 to 44 votes in a sudden and extraordinary ballot last night.

Cabinet ministers including Liberal deputy Julie Bishop threw their support behind Mr Turnbull to give him a convincing majority to drive Mr Abbott from power and end months of agonising over the government?s failure to restore its political fortunes. ? Read more »

Media Party manipulations of facts

The Media party in both Australia and New Zealand have been active in the blame game.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has been caught on tape joking about low-lying islands being swamped by rising seas?in a 23-second exchange that risked offending Indigenous people, ethnic leaders and Australia’s Pacific neighbours in one fell swoop.

Mr Dutton was speaking to Prime Minister?Tony?Abbott, who earlier this week attended a?meeting of Pacific island leaders?in Papua New Guinea?where climate change and rising sea levels?was a key focus.

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