Tony Ellis

Lawyer wants old pedo to be freed because of “human rights”, has no concern for the rights of future victims

I can’t stand so-called “human rights lawyers.

They usually advocate on behalf of scumbags and criminals.

No freedom is in sight for New Zealand’s longest serving inmate, who will have clocked 50 years in jail before he is next allowed to seek parole.

The Parole Board has issued a three-year postponement order to pensioner prisoner Alfred Vincent, 77, who has been locked up since being sentenced to preventive detention in 1968 for seven indecent assault charges against boys.

Vincent’s Auckland-based lawyer, Dr Tony Ellis, said the board had given Vincent a three-year postponement order, which was less than the five-year maximum allowed under newly-introduced parole laws.

“It rounds [his incarceration] up to 50 years before he can possibly get out.

“I think it’s inhumane to sentence anyone to 50 years in prison for indecent assault,” said Ellis, a human rights lawyer.

The board was yet to publicly release its reserved decision after a postponement hearing was held via video link on October 5 with Vincent, who was in Rolleston Prison in Canterbury, where he had spent most of his lengthy incarceration.

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Entertaining fools

Phillip John Smith’s lawyer is a dickhead.

He is claiming that his absconding client was kidnapped from Brazil and worse his presumption of innocence was destroyed.

Murderer Phillip John Smith’s lawyer argues his client’s presumption of innocence had been breached by PM John Key, among others.

The revelation came after Smith had a court decision in his case un-suppressed.

Smith, who fled New Zealand for Brazil while on life-parole, twice applied to have his case heard in the High Court rather than the District Court.

The applications were declined and the judges’ reasons suppressed but Smith’s lawyer Tony Ellis applied on Wednesday to have those suppressions lifted.   Read more »

Killer pedo scumbag out of cash and crying like a baby about it too

The killer pedo scumbag, currently having a holiday in a cockroach infested jail in Brazil, is upset because he is out of cash and can’t afford a lawyer.

Recaptured murderer Phillip Smith has had all his money confiscated, and his family and former business partner are refusing to stump up cash to pay for a lawyer.

Tony Ellis, who has represented Smith in New Zealand, has been trying to arrange a Brazilian lawyer to visit him in jail in Rio de Janeiro. But they all want payment upfront. One had asked for a business-class airfare to New Zealand to discuss the case, Ellis said.

When Smith, 40, fled from Auckland Airport on November 6, he told Customs officers he was carrying $10,600. Read more »

Murdering pedo scumbag doesn’t like hard lag, might return voluntarily, if they let him

Poor little murdering pedo scumbag Phillip Smith doesn’t like life sitting in a steamy cell in Brazil and is contemplating coming home voluntarily.

Runaway killer Phillip John Smith will voluntarily return to New Zealand to escape harsh conditions in the Brazilian jail system, says his lawyer.

Smith was transferred from the notorious Ary Franco Prison to the Bandeira Stampa public jail, part of the Gericino Penitentiary Complex – the largest public prison in Brazil – on Friday.

If the 40-year-old sex offender chooses to fight his extradition to New Zealand, he could face several months in a dangerous and basic South American prison.

Smith boasted from Brazil that New Zealand would have considerable difficulty getting him back – if they caught him.

But given the conditions behind bars, lawyer Tony Ellis said he expected his client would voluntarily return to New Zealand, rather than go through an extradition or deportation process.

“The conditions will be pretty awful in jail,” he told the Herald on Sunday.

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Knowing the UN they will give him a hug and a cuddle then demand he be released

A filthy pedo scumbag is appealing to the UN after he has spent 50 years in prison.

He reckons he is hard done by after fiddling with young boys back in the 60s and was sentenced to preventative detention.

It might have cost us an arm and a leg to keep the scumbag in jail but at least no more young boys have been attacked by him.

A 77-year-old prisoner who has spent nearly 50 years behind bars is hoping the United Nations will hear his plea for freedom.

Alfred Thomas Vincent, 77, was sentenced to preventive detention in September 1968 for indecent assaults on five young boys – and has been in jail ever since, mostly in Rolleston Prison near Christchurch. He spent a further 2 years in jail in the mid-60s for indecencies with boys.

He and a supporter have contacted human rights lawyer Tony Ellis for help after seeing media coverage of a case Ellis took to the UN Working Party on Arbitrary Detention two months ago, involving an intellectually disabled inmate locked up for decades.

Ellis has yet to decide whether to take Vincent’s case to the UN, to seek a judicial review in the High Court, or both.

But he says Vincent’s detention has been “hugely disproportionate to the offence”.  Read more »