Tony Lentino

Super Black Racing Bathurst backchat 2014



It’s that time again, when bogans and motorsport fans across Australia and New Zealand make the pilgrimage to Mount Panorama in Bathurst or gravitate to the nearest mate that isn’t too cheap to pay a Sky sport subscription to watch the drivers of the V8 Supercar series battle it out for the holy grail of of the V8 Supercars season: victory at the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000. Kiwi Shane Van Gisbergen took pole position in last nights ARMOR ALL Top Ten Shootout in a barnstorming lap to steal pole off Mark Winterbottom.

Of course this year is also something special, seeing the return of a New Zealand based team to the Bathurst 1000 for the first time since 2009 when Team Kiwi Racing ceased to exist in the V8 format of motorsport. Super Black Racing was entered in the Bathurst 1000 as the only wild card entry into the Great Race this year, and ?drivers?Andre Heimgartner and Ant Pedersen will enter the fray on the biggest race of the season in what could preview the teams entry into the competition next year to compete for the 2015 championship. 19 year old?Heimgartner is no stranger to the track at Mount Panorama, last year having competed in the?2013 Liqui Moly Bathurst 12 Hour endurance race finishing a respectable 29th out of 53 starters, and also finishing 1st in his class.


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The 10:30pm phone call from Kim Dotcom

If you are are Dotcom watcher, last Friday was extraordinary.

On his morning show on Radio Live, Sean Plunket was making repeated calls for the “Rawshark”, the person allegedly behind the hacking of my emails, to stand up and take some sort of responsibility. ?Time and time again, Sean called on Rawshark to phone in.

And then something really unexpected happened.

Kim Dotcom phoned in for a live talkback exchange with Sean.

After being media shy and running away from reporters at his own party’s election launch, he suddenly made himself available to an interviewer who would not be offering Kim the usual PR platform afforded to him by the likes of the Herald or TV3.

During this conversation, Kim Dotcom made extraordinary claims.

1. ?That Tony Lentino did not pay the Coatesville Mansion rent while Kim was short of cash

2. ?That Mona Dotcom did not go see Tony Lentino about this issue while Kim was on remand in Mt Eden prison

3. ?That lawyer Jordan Williams, while being engaged for his professional services at the time via the company that employed him, unethically obtained a confidential document and later released that to me.

Point 1 was proven to be a bare faced lie about an hour later, when Lentino’s office provided Radio Live with a copy of a legal document, signed by Kim Dotcom, in which he agrees he owed Lentino a debt for the rent payments on the mansion. ?Lie one. ?Hard proof. ?End of.

Point 3 I know to be a lie. ?As the recipient of the document in question, I can rule out that Jordan Williams was the source of it. ?In fact, it was only during that radio show that I discovered Williams had any contact with Kim Dotcom at all, professional or otherwise. ? Lie two.

Point 2, at this stage, we have Tony Lentino’s statement to the contrary. ?With Kim in prison, it could hardly have been Kim who approached Lentino for help. ? He said, he said, but I’m going with Lie 3.

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We all know by now that I had my emails hacked in February.

We also know that David Farrar has had his intellectual property stolen, and that Mark Mitchell had his personal emails hacked and his office broken into.

What I can also now reveal is that Tony Lentino, the businessman who formerly financially ?supported Kim Dotcom also had his office broken into.

On top of that Travis who works for the blog was also hacked along with?another media person who has been a vocal critic of Kim Dotcom.

Until now we haven’t had the proof, only a bunch of dots to join but we now have the complete picture.

Nicky Hager this morning admitted on Q+A that he didn’t have the full emails, that they were filtered as we suspected. Nicky Hager has become the latest victim of the puppet master.

Do I feel sympathy for him? Not one bit. He let his politics blinker his analysis and as a result it has destroyed his journalism.

Earlier today I received a call from Wayne Tempero.

He is Dotcom’s former personal protection manager and he was concerned.

Tempero was contacting me despite the early hour in Israel concerned about something that transpired on 17 June this year.

He had only now worked out what was meant by a text conversation he had with Dotcom on that date.

He had watched this week unfold and couldn’t believe what he had seen. Then he remembered the texts.

Remember just two days ago we released a text message from Kim Dotcom where he implied he was the one responsible. That text was sent to ?Wayne Tempero.


We can now reveal that there was an earlier text conversation in June. Here are screenshots of the text messages.


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Super Black Racing announces drivers


New Kiwi V8 Supercars team Super Black Racing will rely on two home-grown young guns for its race debut at Bathurst with Andre Heimgartner and Ant Pedersen selected to race in the Mount Panorama 1000-kilometre classic.

Heimgartner and Pedersen currently race in the second-tier Development Series and New Zealand?s V8 SuperTourers category with Heimgartner to make his V8 Supercars debut at Bathurst, while Pedersen will make just his second career start in the series.

Auckland-born Heimgartner is just 19 years old and is proud to be part of the new Kiwi-backed team.

?It is a big opportunity and to be in a New Zealand team is great as there will be a lot of support around us,? Heimgartner said.

?Ant and I are new to the whole Bathurst thing so we go in with an open mind but everything is in place for us to do well so I can?t wait.

?It is pretty special to be chosen to drive for a New Zealand team and to make my debut in their debut race is unique. Shane (van Gisbergen) did the same sort of thing and look where he has ended up so hopefully I can follow in his footsteps.?

Pedersen hails from Rotorua and was last year?s runner-up in New Zealand?s domestic series with four wins.

The 26-year-old has been waiting a long time for the opportunity to race in V8 Supercars top tier in competitive machinery and is eager to impress.

?Firstly I am hugely excited and grateful for the opportunity and I can?t wait to get in the car for what is going to be a pretty special debut for Super Black,? Pedersen said.

?With a Kiwi team, Andre and I being Kiwis, it is all just really exciting. We certainly don?t underestimate the challenge. It will be really tough and we have to keep things in check in terms of our abilities and the expectations.? Read more »

Media hoodwinked again, another undisclosed association with Kim Dotcom

This morning, Derek Handley, the chairman and boss of Snakk Media (a NZAX listed company) wrote a supportive piece about Kim Dotcom, published in the Herald.

Lots of altruistic mother and apple pie statements were spouted about internet freedom and privacy. But Handley may have now unwittingly overplayed his hand and connections to the convicted pump and dump fraudster.

You see, there are a number of people with close connections between Handley and Dotcom, which might require a little bit of attention, and perhaps some assurances by Handley if he wants his own listed tech company to be viewed as “above board”.

Firstly, we know that Kim Dotcom is working on a music service called “Baboom”. Baboom is its own incorporated company in New Zealand.

Directors of Baboom Ltd include already known Dotcom associates. A colourful investor, Michael John Sorensen, best known for his associations with penny dreadful companies and reverse listings is also a director of Baboom.

But what is this? Michael John Soreson is also balls deep within Snakk Media, Derek Handley’s company, owning around 12% of the company at one point through an entity called Snakk Trustee Limited.

Historic data for Snakk Media (not Snakk Trustees) shows that previous directors include past and current business colleagues of John Sorensen.

So there appears to be a slightly more than altruistic perspective here by Mr Handley. Kim Dotcom is actually thick as thieves with at least one of Handley’s business associates, the colourful John Sorensen. There are all sorts of rumours washing around about Kim Dotcom’s desires to put Mega and or Baboom on the NZX, in an effort to make him more established in NZ, and ?that much harder to remove him. This includes Snakk being speculated as a possible merger candidate for Dotcom’s business interests, or other penny dreadfuls on the NZX that Sorensen and colleagues have connections with for a reverse listing.

Handley needs to come clean now on any business connections or deals being planned or discussed with Kim Dotcom and known business colleagues of Dotcom. Perhaps he might submit some assurances to the NZX and the Herald about this?

Until then though he can join the list of interested parties mouthing off support for Kim Dotcom with undisclosed baggage lurking in the background.