Tony Maryatt

Good Luck Lianne

Regular readers will know that Lianne Dalziel once threatened legal action against this blog for some trivial matter. This never went anywhere, after Lianne calmed down and perhaps realised her lawyer was not very good.

It is hard to hold a grudge against Lianne when you hear stories of her twenty years of hard work in her electorate and how much constituents love her. She has the guts to stand up for what she believes in, even if these beliefs are misguided, and has had the guts to walk away from a potential cabinet position to run for Mayor. She also has the guts to promise to resign before the election results are released. ? Read more »

Bye, bye Tony, now your turn Bob

Tony Maryatt is now on gardening leave and the government is now managing the consenting process:

Christchurch City Council chief executive Tony Maryatt is taking leave and a Crown manager installed to oversee consents.

The council has issued a statement announcing Marryatt was taking leave “pending further discussions with the council”.

General manager city environment Jane Parfitt will be acting chief executive.? Read more »

Chch Council loses consenting accreditation

I am quite sure that Christchurch City Council isn’t the only one in breach, they are just the one IANZ has decided needed to be?sorted?first considering the large amount of building being undertaken there.

The Christchurch City Council has been stripped of its accreditation to issue building consents.

In a huge blow to the organisation International Accreditation New Zealand (Ianz) has followed through on its threat to revoke the council’s accreditation.

Christchurch City Council will be stripped of its right to issue consents from Monday.

Council’s general manager regulation and democracy services Peter Mitchell said in the last 14 days the council issued 632 consents with a combined value of $160 million.

Of the original backlog of 500 consents, 25 remained and these were expected to be cleared today. ? Read more »

Whats going on in the Socialist Republic?

The tipline is running hot with stories that highly unpopular and highly overpaid CE Tony Maryatt has ?employment issues?.

I am trying to corroborate details, and I am wondering whether it is to do with staff being dismissed for not getting along with staff, elected representatives and others, and being paid substantial hush money.

Interesting times.

Maryatt: “Walk into my Office”

Tony Maryatt has said all it needs is for one of?his staff or a majority of councillors to oppose him and he says that?he will go

Christchurch City Council chief executive Tony Marryatt says he will leave his job if he loses the support of the council.

Marryatt said he could negotiate a “walkout” if the majority of the council wanted him gone.

However, he believed it was not feasible.

“But there are some that would like it to happen,” he said during an interview with Newstalk ZB this morning.

He said it was a crucial time for the council as the Crown observer was going to make suggestions about more effective operations in the future.

Marryatt wanted to see whether the council was going to work together with him, or whether he should leave.

The staff “just have to walk into my office” to tell me, he said.

Rattle ya dags then and get on with it…hopefully he will take Bob with him.