Tony Veitch

Kristen Dunne-Powell’s father calls out Veitch for his sanitised faux contrition

This follows on from the NZ Herald article yesterday

In the 10 years since Tony Veitch broke my daughter’s back, she has rebuilt her life completely.

We are immensely proud of her resilience and the person she is.

We do not dwell in the past and we have followed her lead in moving past this.

However, I wish she was not forever more connected to this man.

I have witnessed her pain again today, on what should be a special day for her and our family.

The constant reminders of this public case also haunt her as she attempts to go happily about her daily life.

So, as Tony puts our case back into the public arena, our family question what do we do? Read more »

Tony Veitch on responsibility, recovery and redemption


It’s fairly brave to pull the scab off having kicked his partner?in the spine and then trying to take his own life.

It is 10 years since I turned from the man I’d always wanted to be, to a man I could not control. In January 2006 I made a huge mistake, a grave misjudgment on my behalf that has impacted the lives of many people and for that I am truly sorry.

Even though it was the only time that I have ever lashed out in my life, once was too much. I should have walked away, but instead I hurt someone and I can’t ever make that go away.

I have spent hours alone and in counselling sessions considering my actions that night and wondering why I ever allowed myself to get to that point.

There is no justifiable answer. I have imagined every conceivable scenario to have avoided what I did, but in the end, they were my actions. I take responsibility for that and I will do for the rest of my life.

Poor judgment on my behalf changed so much that day and I apologise unreservedly for that.

I live with what I did every day and as a result of my role in media, I live with it everywhere.

For those who need a reminder what “it” is, this, from a 2009 Stuff article: Read more »

Newstalk ZB continues to shed the regulars

It’s time Deaker went home to lie on his Biomag and called it quits, apparently

Deaker, New Zealand’s pre-eminent radio sports broadcaster, called time this week after a colourful career of more than 20 years.

He will host his final Newstalk ZB/Radio Sport show on December 22.

On his Sky TV?Deaker on Sport?show on Tuesday, he also announced that that night would be his last presenting the programme.

Deaker has been quite the ZB stalwart of course, like Holmes, and one day Leighton Smith. ?I suspect Dallas has his hands full trying to keep ZB on top of the ratings. ? Read more »

God forgives, but Google doesn’t forget

Check out what Google spits up when you search for Tony Veitch.



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Military grade 100 Kilowatt Solid-State Laser produced

Star Wars is getting a whole lot closer. Northrop Grumman is reporting that it has produced a 105 kilowatt (kW) light ray from an electric laser in the final demonstration milestone of Phase 3 of the U.S. military’s Joint High Power Solid State Laser program.

At this energy level such a “weapons grade” laser would be capable of taking out cruise missiles, rockets and artillery from land, sea and airborne platforms, but Han Solo won’t be slipping this still hefty device into his side holster anytime soon.

Northrop Grumman’s scalable modular system uses “laser amplifier chains” of around 15kW each – seven were were combined to produce a single beam of 105.5 kW. This “building block” approach also makes sense given that power levels below 100kW will still be effective in certain military scenarios.

Amazing, i want to see this in action on Future Weapons frying up tanks and stuff. Seriously cool military technology.

Winston First officials will be nervous

TGIF popped into my inbox and when I opened it and read the first page found out why Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode has retained a criminal lawyer to represent him.

He and his officials and possibly Labour Party officials and MP’s are in serious, serious trouble.

You see under the Electoral Act all these folk think they can bluster and lie around the facts because 6 months have elapsed on everything. unfortunately for them the Crimes Act supercedes all of that and there is a time limit of 10 years under that Act.

This means that the Serious Fraud Office, as I predicted, needed only a couple of representative allegations to start prying open the bullshit that exists around NZ First and WRP, 63, LMPONFA. Once they start focussing the laser of examination on some of the officials one of them will crack. That is all the SFO need, one of them to squeal and then the house of cards will come tumbling down.

Threat of imminent jail time for Doug Woolerton, Dail Jones, Brent Catchpole and others will see them all reaching for criminal lawyers as well in a bid to cover their extremely exposed asses.

The real fun though will start when Winston seeing that he is going to spend some time sharing a cell with a big blackman called Bubba, will spill his guts and name Helen Elizabeth Clark and Michael Williams as parties to his electoral fraud, then we may see the Serious Fraud Office re-open the Labour Party electoral rorts as well.

We may well be watching the destruction of two political parties here. No wonder that Clark and Winston conspired to abolish the Serious Fraud Office.

John Armstrong: If mud's not sticking, time to stop slinging

Labour flings pooJohn Armstrong: If mud’s not sticking, time to stop slingingSo obsessed is Labour with destroying John Key that the party seems blinkered to the damage this is doing to Labour’s already-slight chances of winning the coming election.
Labour’s focus on Key is understandable. Without him as…
[NZ Politics]

John Armstrong one of the last bastions of Clarkism in the MSM has some sage advice for Clark.

Stop slinging mud, it aint sticking, not a bit of it.

The mudslinging has appeared desperate and they didn’t even do their homework properly. They desperately have tried to suggest John Key was trying to advantage himself by asking question about Tranzrail…..if he was he sure failed because he actually made a loss on those shares. Only a stupid socialist would try to claim this as trying to advantage ones self.

Unfortunately for Labour their numpties can’t even fling the poo in the right direction, this past week all of the poo landed in Helen’s, Cullen’s and King’s laps.

John Key meanwhile comes up smelling of roses and Labour looks like the nasty party.