Toronto Mayor

He has more than enough to eat at home…

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford promises to sue ex staffers due to allegations made to police.

Compared to this one-man wrecking crew, Len Brown is looking decidedly well managed.

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Megalomaniac mayor won’t stand down

Perhaps it is part of the job description that once you are a Mayor, you no longer answer to the public for anything at all.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s lawyer said today the mayor is “considering” rehab, a day after saying he was embarrassed by a new video showing him in a rambling rage, threatening to “murder” someone.

Dennis Morris told The Associated Press today that Ford is “considering his options,” including treatment. But he said “it’s best we hear from his lips.”

Morris said Ford needs to say he what he plans to do himself because “when you go left, he goes right.”

Morris said yesterday was a defining day for the mayor of Canada’s largest city. The mayor said he was “extremely, extremely inebriated” in the video and “embarrassed” by it.

Ford admitted in a stunning confession Tuesday that he smoked crack in a “drunken stupor” about a year ago. Police said last week they have a video of him that appears to show him smoking crack.

The mayor’s travails were taking their toll on his supporters. Canada’s finance minister became emotional when asked about Ford, a longtime friend. His mother and sister appeared on television.

His mother defended him yesterday, saying she has advised him to work on his “huge weight problem” as well as his drinking problem, and watch the company he keeps. But she insisted that her son, who has acknowledged that he smoked crack about a year ago in a “drunken stupor,” is not an addict and did not need to enter rehab

Clearly just a private family issue.

Nothing to do with the Office of the Mayor at all.

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Crack smoking Mayor refuses to comment, won’t resign… familiar game plan

You have to laugh, otherwise you’d cry.

Instead of hounding Len Brown, the NZ Herald are incredulous that Toronta mayor Rob Ford won’t resign after a video of him smoking crack has surfaced

Toronto’s Mayor, Rob Ford, has refused once more to resign, even after the Canadian city’s police chief revealed that investigators have a video reportedly showing him smoking crack.

“The mayor does appear in that video,” Chief Bill Blair told a news conference yesterday, months after Ford first denied illicit drug use. “As a citizen of Toronto I am disappointed.”

Ford refused to address the allegations in detail, but declared: “I have no reason to resign.”

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