Hate crimes up in Toronto, you’ll never guess who are the biggest victims

Hate crimes are up in Toronto. We are often told, by people like Susan Devoy, that increasingly it is Muslims who are the victims of hate crimes.

We have even seen the Media party?pile into several recent incidents and claiming that Muslims are the victims of increasing hate crime.

But, as figures show from Toronto, it is one?religious group that is routinely abused…and it isn’t Muslims.

Reported hate crimes are on the rise according to a detailed report released by Toronto police.

The report shows hate crimes increased by eight per cent last year, from 134 incidents to 145 in 2016. ? Read more »


Photo of the Day

Nightmare on Lakeview: Dinnick and Verma moved to Qatar in 2014 and rented their west-end home to people who seemed like ideal tenants (Photographs: House by Dave Gillespie; Gubb, Dinnick and Verma via Facebook)

Nightmare on Lakeview: Dinnick and Verma moved to Qatar in 2014 and rented their west-end home to people who seemed like ideal tenants (Photographs: House by Dave Gillespie; Gubb, Dinnick and Verma via Facebook)

The Tenant From Hell

How a Serial Fraudster Took Advantage of Toronto?s Red-Hot Real Estate Market

Most people who have rented out spaces have seen their fair share of tenant and damaged property?related nightmares. Be careful who you rent to.? If you don?t have a good feeling about the person, it might be your intuition telling you to run!

In the summer of 2014, Wilf Dinnick, a former news correspondent, accepted a job running Al Jazeera?s website in Doha, Qatar. He and his wife, Sonia Verma, a newspaper reporter, had settled in Toronto in 2009. They bought a beautiful four-bedroom brick semi at 47 Lakeview Avenue, near Dundas and Ossington, for $719,000. They loved the area?minutes from Trinity Bellwoods Park, steps from their favourite restaurants and caf?s, and surrounded by neighbours who quickly became close friends. Rather than sell the house before the move, they decided to rent it out.

They knew that if they were ever going to return to Toronto, they would want to build their life in the same area. Plus, in a neighbourhood that continued to gentrify, selling didn?t make sense. They hired Chestnut Park, which deals with some of the most expensive real estate in the city, to ?manage the rental. For $4,000, Sarah Giacomelli, a realtor with over 20 years of experience, agreed to take care of ?everything: placing an ad, vetting the candidates, choosing the tenant and handling the paperwork. A few weeks after the family had arrived in Doha, Giacomelli reported that she?d found terrific tenants.

The Gubbs were a family of four: Jesse, his girlfriend, Haruka, his brother, Troy, and his father, John. Jesse, who appeared to handle the rental negotiations for the family, worked in sales at a tech?nology company called Web Factory Studios Canada. He drove a Range Rover, had more than $44,000 in savings and would have no trouble covering the $3,600 monthly rent. Another potential tenant showed interest in the property, but Gubb won them over with a sob story: he was trying to get his family, once estranged but newly reunited, under one roof. He upped his rent offer to $4,000 to seal the deal, and it worked.

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Native advertising? Yep

Read this article in?the?NZ Herald from yesterday…it makes you wonder how this is even news.

Canadian migrant Genevieve Westcott remembers the 20.5 per cent mortgage rates of the 1980s.

“When we first came to New Zealand in the mid-80s, we had planned to stay for just a year to sample the Antipodean delights. We had left behind a beautiful house in Vancouver. We were horrified at the mortgage rates in God’s Own. In 1987, when I was headhunted back to Canada, the mortgage rate had peaked at 20.5 per cent compared to Canada where the rate was 9.75 per cent for a one-year fixed mortgage. We didn’t waste any time buying a new home in Toronto,” the broadcast journalist remembers.

But by 1991, she had returned here, buying a sprawling villa in Devonport’s Summer St where she lived for 17 happy years.

“Our mortgage rate then, as I recall, was about 14.5 per cent. Luckily we brought Canadian funds with us from the sale of a Toronto home to bolster our purchase. But we still had to go to the bank and it took us a few years to pay off the mortgage. We had quite a party to celebrate when the momentous day arrived.

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Global warming coming to Canada

After the Arctic was once agin not ice free this summer, despite being 3 years overdue from being free from ice forever, the Canadians are set to enjoy some real global warming.

Brace yourself: the Old Farmer?s Almanac has revealed its predictions for Canada?s upcoming winter season, and it?s not great news.

After last winter?s seemingly never-ending wickedly cold weather, residents in much of the country can expect more of the same in the coming months.

?We?re looking at the T-Rex of winters,? Jack Burnett, editor of the Old Farmer?s Almanac, said on CTV?s Canada AM on Thursday.

?It?s going to be colder, it?s going to be snowier ? it?s not pretty.?

According to the almanac, central Canada, in particular, is expected to experience winter?s nasty bite.

?From Calgary to Quebec, we?re going to be up to our neck,? Burnett said.

One of the few exceptions will be southwestern Ontario, which will be cold, but with below-normal snowfall.

Burnett said forecasts show that while Toronto and the surrounding region will experience a deep-freeze, it?s going to be drier this winter, with ?fluffier snow.?

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Map of the Day

Map of Toronto - 1878

Toronto City, 1878.


PR counter terrorism playbook Rule 1: Discredit the messenger



The journalist that broke the Mayor Rob Ford story in Toronto Canada was pilloried. ?It’s something I’m not unfamiliar with myself.

“But as she became the face of the story, Doolittle also endured a?surprising amount of hostility. “I understand how someone can say, ‘I?don’t care what the mayor does in his personal time.’ That’s?completely valid,” she says. “But you don’t need to say, ‘I bet you’re?a heroin-using prostitute.'” ? Read more »

At least he isn’t getting duck calls!

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is in trouble again…this time for jay walking. Still beats getting constant duck call heckles.

The Herald reposts an AP report.

?It seems that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford can’t cross the street these days without getting into trouble.

The mayor’s spokesman, Amin Massoudi, confirmed Saturday that Ford received a jaywalking ticket Friday night.

Ford was in a suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia, where he’s attending the funeral of a friend’s mother.

Toronto’s embattled mayor last year made international headlines when he admitted to having smoked crack cocaine while in a drunken stupor.? Read more »

Looks like Global Warming is giving it a miss again

Several news items suggest that despite the moaning and propaganda of the warmists it appears that global warming is nowhere to be seen, even in the summer of the Antarctic.

An Antarctic-bound ship spent Christmas awaiting rescue after the ship became wedged in thick sheets of sea ice.

The ice-breaker Akademik Shokalski set sail for the sub- Antarctic and Antarctica from Bluff on a mission of science and discovery, which sailed on November 28.

The month-long Australasian Antarctic Expedition is following in the footsteps of explorer and scientist Sir Douglas Mawson, one century on.

Central Otago woman Nicole Kerr is one of the crew members.

Omakau-raised Ms Kerr was on board the Akademik Shokalski as a chef.

The ship had been on a multi-day tour from New Zealand to visit several sites along the edge of Antarctica.The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) received a distress call on this morning, notifying the rescue co-ordination centre that the ship was trapped in ice and would need help.

It is not known how long the ship has been unable to break free from the ice floes. ? Read more »

Daggy Dancing: Toronto Mayor vs Auckland Mayor

Earlier I blogged about Chris Trotter’s post comparing the dilemma citizens of Toronto have with the similar dilemma of Auckland with Len Brown.

Another similarity has come to light. It seems they both like daggy dancing in churches.

Here is Rob Ford at church.

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Chris Trotter on Len Brown

Slowly but surely people on the left are deciding that to be aligned with Len Brown is to cloak oneself in the stench of a rotting corpse.

Chris Trotter backs away from Len Brown now.

IS AUCKLAND?about to join Toronto? A city with a mayor?some?would dearly like to be rid of but cannot sack?

Auckland?s Len Brown may not have smoked crack cocaine or clean-bowled an elderly councillor in the council chamber, like the rampaging Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, but he is fast engendering a very similar sort of cringe factor.

Like Toronto, Auckland is its country?s commercial heart. Politically, it plays a similarly pivotal role. Who leads a city like Toronto or Auckland matters. Getting stuck with a laughing-stock mayor?would be but a short step away from becoming a laughing-stock city.

That Auckland?could?finds?itself?contemplating that possibility?is due to a peculiar constitutional anomaly.? Read more »