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A child soldier with a human skull resting on the tip of his rifle.Dei Kraham, Cambodia. 1973. Bettmann/Getty Images

Pol Pot

The Brutal Cambodian Dictator

After a solid 30 years of solemnly pledging “never again,” the world stood by and watched in horror as another 20th-century genocide unfolded ? this time in Cambodia.?As head of the Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot oversaw an unprecedented and extremely brutal attempt to remove Cambodia from the modern world and establish an agrarian utopia. While attempting to create this utopia, Pol Pot created the Cambodian Genocide, which lasted from 1975 to 1979.

Pol Pot conducted a rule of terror that led to the deaths of nearly a quarter of Cambodia’s seven million people, by the most widely accepted estimates, through execution, torture, starvation and disease.

His smiling face and quiet manner belied his brutality. He and his inner circle of revolutionaries adopted a Communism based on Maoism and Stalinism, then carried it to extremes: They and their Khmer Rouge movement tore apart Cambodia in an attempt to ”purify” the country’s agrarian society and turn people into revolutionary worker-peasants.

Beginning on the day in 1975 when his guerrilla army marched silently into the capital, Phnom Penh, Pol Pot emptied the cities, pulled families apart, abolished religion and closed schools. Everyone was ordered to work, even children. The Khmer Rouge outlawed money and closed all markets. Doctors were killed, as were most people with skills and education that threatened the regime.

The Khmer Rouge especially persecuted members of minority ethnic groups — the Chinese, Muslim Chams, Vietnamese and Thais who had lived for generations in the country, and any other foreigners — in an attempt to make one ”pure” Cambodia. Non-Cambodians were forbidden to speak their native languages or to exhibit any ”foreign” traits. The pogrom against the Cham minority was the most devastating, killing more than half of that community.

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Pro-Life feminists not welcome but woman who kidnapped, sodomised, tortured and murdered a man made guest speaker

More and more information is being revealed about the Women’s march and it isn’t pretty. First, we discovered that one of the main organisers Linda Sarsour promotes misogynistic Sharia law is associated with Hamas and CAIR and has hateful views about Jews and Israel. Then we discover that this week she attacked the world’s leading opponent of female genital mutilation and expressed the desire to remove her vagina while saying that she doesn’t deserve to be called a woman. Now it is revealed that pro-life feminists were not allowed to take part in the march but a woman imprisoned for the horrific kidnap, rape, torture and murder of a man was made welcome on the march as a guest speaker.

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Photo of the Day

Ranavalona I. Queen Ranavalona I of Madagascar wasn’t known by the warm-and-cuddly nickname “Ranavalona the Cruel” for nothing. In 1845, the queen felt she needed a break from politics and the palace. She wanted to go on a buffalo hunt. Naturally, she brought along her entire court and slave community. About 50,000 people marched for four months on the wild and completely unprofitable expedition. One-fifth of the party dropped dead from exhaustion as supplies ran low. Photo Getty Images.

The Serial Killing Queen of Madagascar

A Queen Can be just as Bloodthirsty as a King?

?She is certainly one of the proudest and cruel women on the face of the earth, and her whole history is a record of bloodshed and deeds of horror.?

? Ida Pfeiffer (explorer)

Ranavalona I (1778 ? 1861) was the infamous ruler of the Madagascar Kingdom of Merina. When Queen Ranavalona I. suspected someone of disloyalty, she invited them to a ?meal? consisting of three servings of chicken skin and a dose of poison from the tangena tree. If the guest regurgitated all of the chicken, he was absolved of the alleged crime. But if the accused failed to vomit up all three pieces of skin, or keeled over dead, guilt was established and the survivor was hauled off ? for execution.

Once upon a time in the Indian Ocean, there was a magical land called Madagascar located off the south east coast of Africa. This lush, ravishingly beautiful tropical island, ?a paradise on earth? which is now known mainly for its vanilla beans and cuddly cartoon animals, was teeming with vast tracks of rain forest and rich arable land. But there was a serpent in this Garden of Eden, and her name was Ranavalona. In her 33 year reign, she proved to be just as ruthless and cruel as any male tyrant that had sat on a throne. She established a reign of terror in the name of preserving its traditions and independence which resulted in the death of more than a 1/3 of her subjects.

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Fijian Government defends improvements and denounces biased report from Amnesty International

Yesterday the Media party went all in on a shonky and shabby report from Amnesty International about Fiji.

Of course, it was Barbara Dreaver putting the slipper in while she enjoys staying in Suva, not at all grateful for her new freedoms.

A damning report from Amnesty International has found Fiji’s security forces are involved in an alarming level of torture, brutality and abuse cases.

Since the military coup of 2006 there have been five deaths in custody and other people have suffered serious injuries or been raped.

Amnesty International’s Pacific Researcher Kate Schuetze says accountability for these cases are the exception rather than the rule.

“It’s quite extraordinary the level of violence that some of these cases are experiencing … what makes it different in Fiji I guess is that you have immunities under the constitution which make it very difficult to investigate these,” she said.

Ms Schuetze says another problem is that Police and Prisons Commissioners are both senior serving military offices which “blurs the line between these two institutions”.

Amnesty International say more accountability is needed and there needs to be an independent mechanism monitoring the security forces so they aren’t investigating themselves when cases come to light.

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Photo of the Day

His Excellency President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Sea, and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular. Idi Amin at swearing-in ceremony, October 02, 1975. Photo:Bettmann/Corbis.

His Excellency President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Sea, and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular. Idi Amin at swearing-in ceremony, October 02, 1975. Photo:Bettmann/Corbis.

Idi Amin

During his rule he banned hippies and mini-skirts.

He is reported to have kept the severed heads of political opponents in his fridge

Warning some parts of this story maybe?disturbing.

To understand Amin’s reign of terror it is?necessary to realize that he was not an ordinary political tyrant. He did more than murder those whom he considered his enemies: he also subjected them to barbarisms even after they were dead. These barbarisms are well attested. It was common knowledge in the Ugandan medical profession that many of the bodies dumped in hospital mortuaries were terribly mutilated, with livers, noses, lips, genitals or eyes missing. Amin’s killers did this on his specific instructions; the mutilations follow a well-defined pattern. After Gofrey Kigala was shot in 1974, his eyes were gouged out and his body was partially skinned before it was dumped outside Kampala. Medical reports on deaths of Shaban Nkutu, Lt.Col Ondoga etc stated that the bodies had been cut open and that a number of internal organs had been tampered with.

Idi Amin Dada, whose brutality and disregard for the rule of law led to hundreds of thousands of deaths and plunged the country into chaos and poverty became known as the ‘Butcher of Uganda’ for his brutal, despotic rule whilst president of Uganda in the 1970s, is possibly the most notorious of all Africa’s post-independence dictators. Amin seized power in a military coup?in 1971 and ruled over Uganda?for 8 years. Estimates for the number of his opponents who were killed, tortured, or imprisoned vary during his eight-year Ugandan dictatorship. Is it possible to distinguish the man from the monster?

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” Moderate ” Turkey controlled by brutal dictator

If you were in any doubt about the status of Turkey this article will remove it as it tells you about the thousands of Turkish soldiers who are being raped and starved as punishment for the failed coup against?President?Dictator Erdogan. According?to Amnesty International they are also being left without water in terrible cramped conditions.

Pictures have emerged on social media, reportedly of soldiers being held in Turkey

Pictures have emerged on social media, reportedly of soldiers being held in Turkey

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Garner on Moko and how to prevent others from the same fate

As you will know 3-year-old Moko Rangitoheriri was brutally beaten and tortured and left to die in the hallway of his caregivers’ home in Taupo last year.

Moko’s mother Nicola was in Auckland caring for a seriously sick child at Starship children’s hospital, who required several operations during a two-month stay.

Her young son was in and out of intensive care – she slept in his room on the ward.

The violence towards Moko took place over two weeks, it may have been longer.

Imagine how frightening it would have been. He had no voice and no way to escape. His incredibly brave sister risked her own safety trying?to help her little brother. But a child is no match for adult monsters.

Moko was denied any medical care. It would have been like a real life horror movie – except it was real.

He was dying over a period of days and no adult in the house bothered to get him care. They went out of their way to make sure he didn’t actually.

They barely got him a glass of water. He couldn’t be saved.

I’ve been overwhelmed with public feedback after my interview with Moko’s mum this week. People are rightly horrified that this could happen in our country.

Business owners, mums and dads and some well-known New Zealanders have approached me and asked what they can do to stop this.

I didn’t know what to say except spread the message that this must stop and that violence and abuse towards children, or indeed anyone, is unacceptable.

But we must demand that something happens. And it starts with parenting.

Because only parents can truly and honestly love a child in my view. The state or government can’t see through walls into people’s homes.

But there will always be bad parents. So we must intervene in these families early.

We need someone to teach love. Short of stopping these people breeding,?we need to teach them what the generations before have failed to do.

If the cycle is not broken it will continue.

This means getting in early and living with them. Like a surrogate third parent. It’s expensive and time consuming and hard – but it will save lives.

And they also need just one leader within these families to stop the violence. Much like the sober driver system, we need families to nominate the leader within.

I have faith in Moko’s mum, Nicola. I have got to know her over the past 10 days. She needs her other two children back from Child, Youth and Family care now. Read more »


Kids like Moko will continue to die. Tolley says Government can’t help them


Ms Tolley, who was at the pre-Budget announcement for sexual violence services, said those responsible for Moko’s death had already accepted responsibility.

“We have a court process where two people put their hands up to torturing a three-year-old which resulted in his death. That’s the truth.? Those people are the two people responsible for Moko’s death.

“It’s an absolute tragedy and your heart goes out to all the family. It would be the worst nightmare for a family to lose a child in that way,” she said. Read more »


Non-Muslim submits to Sharia law in Indonesia

Most individuals when travelling to an Islamic country are aware that their laws are very different to Western laws. Some countries though only have some areas where Islamic law is applied. Indonesia is an example of such a country as?constitutionally it is a secular state. In some parts of Indonesia there are sharia police to patrol the streets and even knock on hotel doors to ?arrest people having premarital sex or committing adultery. In other parts of Indonesia there is more freedom.

Up until now ?Sharia law has not been applied to non-Muslim citizens. ?For the first time ever in Indonesia a non-Muslim, Christian woman has been caned under Islamic law for selling alcohol.The fact that the woman chose to be punished under Sharia law to escape jail time is irrelevant. It is only a matter of time before choice is removed and non-muslims will be punished exactly the same as Muslims under the law.Imagine how bad the jails must be there for her to choose to be beaten rather than do time?
It is clear that Indonesia is a secular government in name only. If you are travelling to Indonesia you need to be as cautious as you would be in Saudi Arabia. Being non-Muslim will not protect you. Indonesia to all intents and purposes is now an Islamic Country ruled by religion.

Islamic court caning in Indonesia Islamic court caning in Indonesia[/caption]

A 60-year-old Christian woman convicted of selling alcohol?was given a choice for her punishment: jail time or caning.

She chose caning, and in doing so last week became the first non-Muslim in Indonesia to receive the punishment under sharia law.

Remita Sinaga, a Protestant, received 28 lashes from a rattan cane Tuesday in the town of Takengon in Aceh province.

Pictures posted online show Sinaga standing in a purple head scarf, her head downcast; beside her a person veiled in black extends the cane, as if preparing to administer a blow. A few onlookers watch in the background.

Sinaga was found guilty by a Central Aceh Islamic court of selling alcohol, after police seized 50 bottles of alcoholic beverages from her stall. Sinaga had been given a sentence of 30 lashes, but it was reduced to take into account time she spent in detention.

The head of Aceh?s Sharia Department, Syahrizal Abbas, said qanun jinayat ? an Islamic criminal code in place in Aceh ? is reserved only for Muslims, but non-Muslims could choose to submit to it if they desire.

?The woman voluntarily submitted to the punishment because she thought the alternative was worse: a jail time under the national law,? Abbas said in a phone interview Friday. ?She didn?t want to spend time in prison because we?re all aware that prison conditions are bad and there?s little welfare there.?

In 2015, the Indonesian government banned sales of alcohol in small shops.

The central government granted Aceh, a devoutly Muslim province of 4.7 million people, special autonomy in 2002 to mollify desires for independence, allowing the province to impose its version of sharia, or Islamic law.

…Under the code, sex out of wedlock and same-sex sexual acts are punishable by 100 lashes of the cane, or 100 months in prison. Consuming or selling alcohol is punishable by up to 40 lashes, gambling 12 lashes, and mixing between the opposite sexes while unmarried 12 lashes.

Officials have insisted that the punishment is not intended to hurt offenders physically, but to humiliate them to deter them from committing similar offenses in the future.

This statement is a blatant lie as the below photo and caption show.

Agony: Elita (pictured), who collapsed from the pain of being whipped, is said to have met violated local laws by meeting her lover in secret

Agony: Elita (pictured), who collapsed from the pain of being whipped, is said to have met violated local laws by meeting her lover in secret

…Haris Azhar, coordinator for the Kontras human rights group, said the application of sharia in the case of a non-Muslim set a ?bad precedent.?

?Caning itself is inhuman and a form of torture, and this form of punishment should never be implemented anywhere in Indonesia,? he said.

?From the non-Muslim perspective, it?s something frightening,? he added. ?It will only damage the image of Muslim society.?


Photo Of The Day

Elisabeth Gloeden on trial for her involvement in the July Plot, Jul-Nov 1944. After being caught by the Gestapo she was executed by beheading on November 30th, 1944. Photo: ww2db United States Library of Congress.

Elisabeth Gloeden on trial for her involvement in the July Plot, Jul-Nov 1944. After being caught by the Gestapo she was executed by beheading on November 30th, 1944. Photo: United States Library of Congress.

July Plot

The attempt on Hitler?s life on 20?July 1944, was the seventeenth known occasion that someone had tried to kill Hitler. Unlike other attempts however this, the 20 July Bomb Plot, was the most intricate, and involved plans for a new Germany following the successful accomplishment of the mission.

Elizabeth Charlotte Lilo Gloeden was a 31 year old?Berlin?housewife, and opponent of the Nazi regime, who with her mother and husband, helped shelter those who were persecuted by the Nazis, by hiding them for weeks at a time in their flat.

Alongside her husband Erich Gloeden, she helped German Jews escape from Nazi Germany and hid General Erich Gloeden after he took part in the attempted coup against Hitler in 1944.

Also, among those they took in was resistance leader, Dr. Carl Goerdeler and the Mayor of Leipzig. Elizabeth, her mother and husband, were all arrested by the Gestapo, and subjected to torture under interrogation. On?November 30th, 1944, all three were guillotined at two-minute intervals.

Attempts on Adolf Hitler’s life were made even prior to this assassination attempt that would later be dubbed the July Plot. For instance, Operation Flash on 13 Mar 1943 had Hans von Dohnanyi set up a time bomb on Hitler’s plane as he flew over Minsk; the altitude of the plane froze the fuse and the bomb failed to detonate. Another such attempt actually took place only a week after Operation Flash. Colonel Rudolf von Gersdorff wanted to carry explosives in his own overcoat, sacrificing himself to kill Hitler as he toured an exhibition of captured Russian equipment in Berlin; that attempt failed because Hitler decided to shorten the visit to a mere two-minute one, leaving Gersdorff drenched in cold sweat afterwards trying to disarm the bomb and flush it down a toilet before he gathered too much suspicion.

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