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What is it with election campaigns and sourcing content?

A lot of posters and slogans and little video clips as well as music is considered for an election campaign.  You will remember the faux debacle about National using an “unlicensed” version of a song as a background track to their Row Boat video.

I myself have caught parties trying to sell stock shots as New Zealanders many times over.

A similar stoush is happening in the UK where the Torys have used a German landscape to whip people into frenzy about sticking to the steady UK economic road.

tory road

Here is the image as it is being used during the campaign.   Read more »

Applying the “cricket test” to immigration

Lord Tebbit is pissing of liberals again…this time suggesting a simple test to determine who should come into England as a migrant.

EU migrants should be asked if their forefathers fought the Nazis, Lord Tebbit has said.

The former Tory party chairman said the equivalent of his famous and controversial “cricket test” for EU countries today, would be to ask: “Who did they fight for in the Second World War?”

In an interview with BBC Newsnight, Lord Tebbit said: “Well one test I would use is to ask them on which side their fathers or grandfathers or whatever fought in the Second World War. And so you’ll find that the Poles and the Czechs and the Slovaks were all on the right side. And so that’s a pretty good test isn’t it? Perhaps we’ll even manage to teach them to play cricket over the years.”

The only problem I see with that policy is it doesn’t take out the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys.

Lord Tebbit once famously insisted that many Asian families were not truly loyal to Britain because they failed to support the England cricket team.  Read more »

You can have quadruple barreled names!

Many old-time Tories are leaving Parliament this year, including the unrepentantly first-class-loving Sir Nicholas. But there are more waiting in the wings. Last year, worried about how an impeccably pedigreed Tory candidate named Annunziata Rees-Mogg would go over with the hoi polloi, Mr. Cameron suggested that she might want to campaign under the name “Nancy Mogg.”

She refused, although, to be fair, another candidate, the spectacularly named Richard Grosvenor Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax, dutifully “de-toffed” himself by downgrading to “Richard Drax” on campaign posters.

What’s the bet they are most inbred, the spawn of illicit affairs & with a fair bit of German in them too? I mean who are they trying to fool? This bloke Four-Fathers-Drax is obviously a German plant and a relative of Sir Hugo Drax.

And why is it that in NZ the aristocracy deign only to run for Labour? It is impossible to imagine Lord Burns of Malborough making the grade in the modern egalitarian National Party.