Just stupid, they need to be made famous in a bad way

What sort of a moron puts 10 kids in a trailer then speeds down the highway?

Imagine what would have happened had there been an emergency or an accident.

A motorist near Bulls couldn’t believe his eyes when he noticed young children riding on a trailer being towed by a car travelling at more than 100 km/h.

The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon on SH3 a few kilometres north of Bulls.

The father of the motorist, neither of whom wanted to be identified, said his son called *555 to alert police.

He said his son was driving north when he was passed by the car and towing a tarpaulin-covered trailer. He got the shock of his life when the tarpaulin flapped open to reveal at least three children in the trailer.

The vehicle then headed toward Marton before police stopped it. ? Read more »


The Great Ute Debate: Which ute wins a tug of war?

Here are three videos I found to explore the discussion we had recently about the pulling power of utes.

Many people stated that towing capacity and pulling power was imperative for their ute.

While it was useful at work most also use their ute on weekend for recreational towing of the boat, or trailers with Quads, and motorbikes.

Some people commented that the Volkswagen Amarok might appear to have good towing and pull capacity but they were unconvinced.

So let’s look at a fun way to compare this. By the way if any manufacturers want to compete in a WOBH supervised event similar to these then drop me an email.

VW Amarok vs Ford Ranger:

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Claire Trevett on the ClusterTruck

Claire Trevett’s column today explores Labour’s idiocy with their clustertruck policy.

Former Labour Finance Minister Michael Cullen’s 2006 prophecy of “jam tomorrow” will come to fruition today, although it may not quite be the kind of jam people were hoping for.

It will be a traffic jam.

Realising there are votes to be gained from angry holidaymakers stuck in traffic for hours, Labour took measures to try to harvest them this week by releasing a groundbreaking holidaymakers’ transport policy.

Labour has long been driven by a drive to reduce inequality. So it announced it would drop the need to register caravans and trailers and cut road user charges for motorhomes and campervans.

The coup de grace of the policy was the ban on trucks from using the right-hand lane on three or four lane motorways – an attempt to peg into the futile rage that swamps drivers whose aims are thwarted by said trucks.

As “Kiwi families” loaded up their surfboards and fishing rods, David Cunliffe’s Caravan of Love was here to help. “Fun can quickly turn to frustration when the family realises the rego for the caravan has expired or there’s a big truck hogging the fast lane.”

Cunliffe declared, “Kiwis are sweating the small stuff too much.”? Read more »

Dispute tribunal and Automobile Association ignore property rights

So this guy parks illegally in a company car park and gets towed. ?He appeals, because it was at night, and the company doesn’t use the car park at night, so nobody is deprived of a parking spot.

Tow company comes along and takes the vehicle away.

The guy wins on appeal because of a technicality: ?a piece of paper that essentially acts as a “tow notice” or some sort of vehicle trespass notice hadn’t been supplied.

So the guy goes to the disputes tribunal, gets the decision overturned based on a technicality, and next minute you have the Automobile Association siding with the guy who illegally parked his car on someone else’ property.

Nikki Preston explains further:

An Auckland man has won a battle against a towing company after his van was illegally towed from a private car park in Auckland’s CBD, even though he did not have permission to be parked there.

The Automobile Association is claiming Steven Ooi’s win at the Disputes Tribunal as a victory for motorists, and says the ruling could set a precedent because it raises questions about motorists parking in business carparks after hours if they are not causing any harm.

The Automobile Association needs to get a grip. ? Read more »

YouTuber gets towed, bitches about it. Guy who towed him responds in kind

Epic 4×4 Towing Fail

Having fun in the Aussie outback:


I’m calling bullsh*t on their stories

? NZ Herald

I know a guy who had a piece of land in downtown Auckland, he paid a peppercorn rental for it…and charged reasonable parking fees per day. His carpark was always full. He once told me that he was approached by a towing company who said they could get him much more for?the?land by putting up no parking signs and removing all the parking marks and payment systems. They said people will park there anyway, then they pounce, tow them and charge them…splitting the revenue with him.

I also know of another bloke who has a similar piece of land and has had a similar approach. He turned them down, he is?making?a nice earner from his regular parkers.

Kiwirail and the towing company are obfuscating. I’ll bet dollars to a knob of goat poo that they have exactly that sort of deal going.

A man whose car was towed says he was gobsmacked when the towie said in court that he paid KiwiRail a $120 commission per tow.

Harbour City Tow & Salvage was ordered to pay $160 back to the man, who asked not to be named, after a Disputes Tribunal referee ruled its charge of $250 was unreasonable.

The man’s car was towed from the Railway Station in central Wellington at lunchtime after he parked there to play indoor sports nearby.

He accepted he had parked illegally but, on the advice of Consumer NZ, challenged Harbour City’s fee of $250 as unreasonable.

According to the court documents, during the hearing the tow company said one reason for its $250 fee was “to pay KiwiRail $120 per vehicle towed”.

“It was during the course of the hearing – I don’t believe he blurted it out – but he said, ‘We’ve got to cover our $120 that we pay KiwiRail’,” the man said. “I was a little bit gobsmacked, actually. And I didn’t say anything, because we weren’t arguing over morals or anything, so I was trying to keep to the facts.”

However, both the tow company and KiwiRail strenuously deny such an arrangement exists.