Tracey Martin

Troughers trough

On February 27 we blogged on the expenses of MPs.

Someone like Tracey Martin, from NZ First,?costs the taxpayer around $310,000 per annum.

  • $150,000 salary.
  • $48,000 Wellington accommodation.
  • $4,000 outside Wellington accommodation.
  • $111,000 in travel expenses.

Let alone expenses with support staff, etc. ? Read more »

Nikki Kaye gets sledged by Tracey Martin

Nikki Kaye cops a sledging from Tracey Martin on Facebook:

What the hell is going on Nikki Kaye ????

I contacted your offices last year about community funded swimming pools in closed schools being demolished without any notice to the communities?

Do you not think that rural communities deserve to be spoken to about the assets they fund raised for? ? Read more »

NZ First want taxpayers? money paid back; They could start with their own $158,000

NZ First want taxpayers’ money paid back from the failed Charter school up north, ironically in the pensioner-of St-Mary’s-Bay’s electorate.

The government last year refused to consider the survival of a Northland charter school unless its owners agreed to reimburse the Crown if it was shut down, documents show.

Education Minister Hekia Parata would not confirm if the trust that owned the failed Te Pumanawa o te Wairua school had agreed to reimburse the Crown.

New Zealand First said the government must ensure it is reimbursed if any more charter schools close.

Documents obtained by the party under the Official Information Act show the government last year wanted the owners of the school at Whangaruru to agree to sell its property and chattels if it closed.

A spokesman for Ms Parata would not say how the trust responded to that request. He said only that the school’s land and other assets would be the subject of a commercial negotiation process. ? Read more »

Who is on quick dial for A Newpaper’s Education Repeater?

Encamped on the Left, a newspaper’s education reporter spent two days trying to tell the nation (or the few that still read the rag) why things are just too hard for lower income families and how schools are, therefore, on a hiding to nothing.

On day 3 she pretends to look for solutions and comes up with kids drawing posters at a few schools.

So she digs deeper into her inner circle and gets the response below from people who will never be in a position to do anything about anything – so they just waffle.

Only interesting solution is where Rashbrooke says give the families $1000.

What more we could do to close the achievement gap?

1. More support for kids with learning needs

Labour education spokesman Chris Hipkins says he would like to see the amount of support for children with special learning needs increased.

“I would also like to see more targeted programmes like Reading Recovery available in all schools, along with similar programmes in maths. Having said all of that, we can’t simply pretend that the lives kids lead outside the school gate don’t have an impact.” ?? Read more »

Tracey Martin acting like a big girl’s blouse

Tracey Martin got the arse card from the NZ First Deputy Leader role, and now she is having a sook about it all and claiming it is because she is a girl.

Ousted NZ First deputy leader Tracey Martin is pushing back at her party’s disregard for women and accepts that could see her gone at the next election.

In July Martin was rolled from the deputy leadership by “assertive and aggressive” Ron Mark and while she says he has the credentials for the job she also believes her gender played a part in her fall.

“I was asked by a reporter in Warkworth that said, why aren’t you deputy leader anymore, what did you do wrong? I’m not aware I did anything wrong so my flippant answer was, I was probably born the wrong gender. It’s an answer but it’s an unprovable answer,” says Martin.

“I was number two on the list in 2014 because I was deputy leader but I could easily be number 30 in 2017.” ?? Read more »

Did NZ First president Anne Martin chuck her toys over her daughter?s demotion?

She says no, but I suspect the ousting of her daughter for a bloke who fakes his military service it is a major reason for Ann Martin stepping down as Winston’s president.

More changes for New Zealand First are on the way after the recent tussle for the deputy leadership and as many in the party look to the future.

NZ First president Anne Martin is stepping down and will be replaced by one of three candidates after a vote at this weekend’s annual conference.

Mrs Martin’s daughter Tracey Martin was the party’s deputy leader and the two were part of a five-strong panel that decided the party list and effectively who would make it into Parliament.

However, that influence – which caused friction with some within the party including former MP and North Shore mayor Andrew Williams – has now waned.

Ron Mark replaced Tracey Martin as deputy leader after a closely-fought caucus vote this month and Anne Martin has now confirmed she will not seek re-election as president. ?? Read more »

Explaining is losing, NZ First denies there are divisions

NZ First is claiming that there are no divisions in the party after Ron Mark tipped Tracey Martin out of the deputy role.

New NZ First deputy leader Ron Mark has denied there are divisions in the party.

Mark talked to TV3’s The Nation about the vote on Tuesday that saw him replace Tracey Martin as deputy leader, with a three-day wait before it was announced.

He denied there were any divisions within NZ First or that anyone had abstained from the vote.

“Nobody abstained, and the fact that that’s even a conversation is absolutely quite bizarre,” he said.

Mark said that Martin had done good work, but the vote was a “democratic decision”.

When asked about when the party might need to start thinking about life without Winston Peters, he said the NZ First leader was “yet to peak”.

“Mark my words, he hasn’t finished yet, and if anyone thinks that Winston Peters is finished, all I’d say is smell the coffee.”

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Is Tracy Martin the full quid?

Here’s a winner from Tracy Martin.

One wonders what Winston Peters sees in her as a deputy, especially when she comes up with dead shit ideas like this.

The government has a responsibility to raise achievement for gifted and talented children, not just those who are struggling, says New Zealand First.

“Children who are excelling at school should be encouraged to reach their full potential but National?s education policy is blocking their success,” says Deputy Leader and Education Spokesperson Tracey Martin.

“Funding and resources are not reaching these children and narrowing of the curriculum through National Standards has done nothing to help the situation.

“On Gifted Awareness Week New Zealand First is renewing its call for a pilot programme that will identify these children early by working with schools, families and early childhood professionals.? Read more »

Can NZ First give John Key the “out” he’s looking for?

The Government isn’t worried about a members’ Bill that would torpedo the Auckland convention centre deal.

New Zealand First’s Tracey Martin wants to strip SkyCity of all the special benefits it received – like extra gaming tables and more pokies.

That would put an end to the current agreement and could cost taxpayers millions.

However, Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce is unruffled.

“I would suspect that the parties will line up in a similar fashion as they have previously, so I don’t have a concern that this time.” Read more »

The Clown of Campbell’s Bay won’t get any answers until after the election

There is nothing so shameful as an out of sort MP trying to sue a party that doesn’t want him.

No surprises that this is Andrew Williams.

The High Court at Auckland will wait until after the election to hear a claim from New Zealand First MP Andrew Williams that his party has unfairly axed him from the party list.

Mr Williams is seeking a judicial review, claiming that the way he was treated breached the party’s constitutional requirement for fairness.

He was originally dropped from three to 13 on the draft party list, and then dumped from the official list altogether.

Mr Williams said in a statement today that his case had been set down for November 27. He had wanted a court date after the election so it would not be a distraction for the party during the election campaign.

After the draft list was leaked, Mr Williams complained to the media and blamed party deputy leader Tracey Martin for his low placing.

Not only was he dropped down the list then rinsed completely after he whinged but it seems now he has been chucked out of the caucus and party as well. ? Read more »