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The Problem with the cellphone ban

I thought that the cellphone ban in cars was silly, nanny state decision making without any substantive evidence. Then this morning I saw exactly why the ban won’t work, is unenforceable and just plain ridiculous.

This photo is of a cop in his car talking on a cellphone. How do I know it is a cop? Well the lights on the rear sill, the little aerial in the centre of the roof, the steel wheels, the lack of a tow bar, the cop radio on the dash and of course the complete disregard for any law. I hope his minister doesn’t read this blog.

Cop on phone

Cop on phone


Liar, Liar, XXXL pants on fire

Pork Chop aka Rachel Glucina is known to tell Pork Pies as well as eating them. NBR’s Hazel Phillips has written about Pork Chop’s lies regarding a job offer at Sunday Star Times. Seems it is all a figment of Pork Chop’s imagination like her brain tumour op at Christmas.

I too have recevied the email from the Sunday Star Times Deputy Editor which proves Pork Chop’s lies.

From: Miriyana Alexander
Date: 11 June 2009 2:30:10 PM
Subject: RE: AT ending


What I wanted to tell you is that I’ve been overseas and came back to catch up with what Rachel Glucina has been saying in my absence.

I wanted to put the record straight and tell you exactly what happened, as the version she is peddling is not correct. You may well be beyond caring (and let’s face it, this saga seems to have got ridiculously out of proportion), but suffice to say that at no point did we put an offer on the table to her.

Hope you’re well.

Best. Miri.

Miriyana Alexander Deputy Editor | Sunday Star-Times

Whoopsy….just as well she keeps telling lies other wise her nose would disappear into her cheeks. Some wag commented the other day at Back Benchers that the only reason Pork Chop went to Sydney in an A380 was because it is the only plane big enough to carry her carcass.

Put the cap back on the flagon…

Oh deary me. As an MP there must be plenty of people who send you in emails. Constituents, lobby groups, community interests, political opponents and of course there would be plenty of whacko’s out there as well. Once upon a time the whacko’s had to buy lots of magazines, coloured felt-tips and newspapers to glue their message together to send you, now they just send you an email.

So it must get confusing all those emails. It must also get rather frustrating when your government is on a hiding to nothing.

There is a rule though with emails and that is not to respond when angry, drunk or high, the results are often embarrassing. Now here is Russell Fairbrothers response to an impetinent email from Stan Blanch. Stan is no nutter playing with glue and scissors though from his response it looks like Russell Fairbrother may be heading that way. (click for a larger image)

Russell Fairbrother email


Young Labour harbours racists

Young Labour membersThere was a bit of a furor around the place when the muppets at GayNZ thought the Bebo of Bill English’s son was fair game. Eddie at the Labour party client blog the Stranded leapt to the defence of GayNZ. The solution here is to play hardball. Over the coming months we’ll be looking at publiclly accessible social networking pages of Labour supporters, Labour MPs and depending on the response from some client blogs, the children of Labour MPs. It’s time to get even.

This bebo page was brought to my attention a wee while ago. It belongs to James Barnett, a self confessed Labour party member and one of the few Labour party members who still supports Russell Fairbrother. In his comments section he boasts that Michael Cullen “knows his name” and that he knows Cullen’s (ninth) wife. In another part of his Bebo page he admits he tries to meet “as many politicians” as possible. Here’s a kid with one hell of an ego.

Russell Fairbrother's only fanUnfortunately, his ego doesn’t match his political savvy. He also professes his hatred of ‘nigger music’ and his love of anything that is not ‘nigger’.

It’s not just ‘niggers’ he can’t stand. On Herr Barnett’s cultural hitlist emos or ‘fukn losers’ and threatens ‘some serious verbal abuse, telling ’emos’ to ‘get a fukn life’.

He also proudly displays his membership of a group called Free Zimbabwe. Pretty benign until you find the gallery promoting the white supremacist Ian Smith who imprisoned the entire leadership of the black nationalist movement. Smith was once quoted saying that colonialism was a “wonderful thing” and that he didn’t believe in black rule of Zimbabwe “not in a thousand years”. A ‘nigger hating’ egotist with a penchant for white supremacists.

Is this the best Labour can come up with?

I bet Russell Fairbrother is ecstatic that this little twerp publically endorses him. Does this mean that Russell Fairbrother also is a big fan of racism? Not only that young racist James is also an office holder in Young Labour.

On another note this site carrys no authorisation from either James, Russell Fairbrother’s financial agent nor from the financial agent of the Labour party. This may well be the first case of a website needing all three. You see it isn’t a blog, so it needs James’ authorisations. It also promotes Russell Fairbrother and so is attributable to his campaign and needs to be aithorised and accounted for and because it carries the full Labour logo several times as well as Labour’s web address several times it needs Labour’s financial agents authorisation and also needs to be attributable to their campaign.

I bet Annette “Full Moon” King never even thought sites like this would be caught.

Another Labour MP breaking the law they voted for

Russell Fairbrother should join Trevor Mallard in the dock being prosecuted for breaches of the Electoral Finance Act. It is scandalous that these hypocrites can continue to break the law that they passed.

Thanks to a vigilant fan who sent me this photo.

Williamson on Broadband

In an exclusive blogosphere interview WOBH discusses the National Party broadband plan with Maurice Williamson, National’s spokesman for Communications and IT.