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Odds are that some ISIS personnel are back in the US right now

Rudaynah, 25, was set to arrive in the United States on Jan. 28 but got caught in the ban, which Jemal said he learned about while surfing the Web. He contacted the office of Sen. Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.), who arranged for an immigration attorney to help with the case pro bono.

Jemal, 33, is a two-year medical student at the University of Illinois’s Rockford campus. He is a US citizen and has been here since 1999. He met his wife in Yemen through a family member, and the two married in 2011. Their daughter is a US citizen.

“All I wanted was to see my wife and daughter,” he said. “This is one of the greatest moments of my life. The ruling allowed me to see my wife. Finally, I have a chance to be a dad.

“I always believed in the foundations that this country was built on,” he said. “This is a reaffirmation of that.”

At Dulles International Airport, an elated Roslyn Sinha arrived on a flight from Dubai, anxious to join her husband, Neil, in Texas.

She landed at Dulles around 8 a.m. Sunday, emerging from the terminal almost two hours later without problem.

“Neil? Neil? Neil? They are not sending me to Dubai, Neil,” Sinha said, beaming as she spoke on the phone with her husband. Read more »


Clown of Campbells Bay dribbles forth

Andrew Williams is Crunchy the ClownI wish to reassure readers that there is no truth to the rumour that the Clown of Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams’ three advisers, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and Johnny Walker helped him write the Herald column today.

But you could be forgiven for thinking this was the case. His piece was just more angry self interested drivel from a man who wouldn’t know what consultative listening was, unless you took the words consultation or listening to mean shaking fists at Youthtown representatives or calling your fellow councillor a smart arse.

The real test of Williams’ desperation is that he calls for the ARC to be truly empowered. Aside from the fact that even the ARC believe they have done their dash and should be wound up, does anyone else actually believe that giving Mike Lee and Peter Winder more power is going to solve Auckland’s problems?

Mind you the more the likes of the Clown of Campbells Bay and Brown Eye Bob carry on the stronger the argument for the Super City grows. Long may they continue their ill-tempered tirades.

A Question of Confidence

I received an email that poses some very important questions.

Questions from a non-political standpoint:

As Helen Clark has now admitted, basically, to harbouring potentially corrupt activity since February there are quite obviously many matters of question and or concern. This relates to the Foreign Minister and the Prime Ministers ability to govern also.

This may include Clark’s blockading of the investigation of complex fraud with the SFO. This includes Clark’ admission of harbouring of a potential criminal as a “Prime Minister”. Is this criminal in itself from the/a “Prime Minister”?

On this basis, on 2 levels, does the following occur?

It calls into question the validity of the current government?

1. Shouldn’t there no be a vote of no confidence?


2. Shouldn’t there now be a suspension of the government pending investigation?

It calls into question the validity of any bills or legislation in process sponsored by the current Government led by a leader who admits corruption?

3. Should the Emissions Trading Scheme, given its implications and problems, not be immediately suspended pending 1 or 2 above?

Now I think that Therese Arsenau answers all of those questions completely in her interview on TVNZ. Link to Video

I was listening to the two Matts, McCarten and Hooton this morning on Radio Live and the question of confidence came up. I agree with both of them. The government must either seek confidence or call an election.

DPF also raises the confidence question. Winston Raymond Peters, 63, Member of Parliament of no fixed abode has told New Zealand he has no intention of standing down. Clark must sack him and every minute she delays weakens her position. WRP, 63, MOPONFA now also believes that there is some sort of conspiracy against him. Good grief the man needs to seriously consider putting the cap back on the bottle and seeking some help from someone other than Johnnie Walker or Jack Daniels.

If Helen Clark doesn’t seek confidence then she is a dictator fair and square. She will have assumed the powers of a dictator and/or a monarch in trying to govern without confidence. Helen Clark will have sunk to the depths of Robert Mugabe in her desperate attempts to cling to the last vestiges of power.

Blumsky's mystery assailant finally revealed

Mark Blumsky’s mystery assailant has finally been revealed

A teenage dope smoker.

What a pity. I preferred the conspiracy that suggested three men did him over – Jim Beam, Johnny Walker and Jack Daniels.