Max Dillon Coyle continues to call for the execution of National party members

Max Dillon Coyle is showing his severe dislike of opposing political views and is still calling for the execution of his political foes. Clearly he doesn’t believe in democracy.

This man was the candidate for the Green party in Hamilton until busted for his inept astroturfing of stories to the media. He then went on to run their social media campaign at the last election. He has since left the Greens.

Imagine though if a failed candidate of National’s at the last election was calling for the death of Labour MPs…indeed the media pursued Aaron Gilmore for far less.

It seems that if you are on the far left you get a free ride in the media.

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Impertinent Questions about David Shearer and his overseas cash stash



Why is David Shearer operating an overseas bank account brimming with cash?

Why isn’t he transferring it to New Zealand?

Could it be that he knows his money is safer overseas?

Does he want to keep it safe from Quantitative Easing?

Does he want to keep it safe from rampant inflation?

Does he want to keep it safe from the effects of the Green/Labour economic sabotage?

Is this just the beginning?

Is there more to come?


John Pagani accuses the SIS of being a rogue agency and treasonous amongst other things ?and then what happens?

Creepy. Maybe he was right?