Save money by employing Crocodiles

The UK government recently launched a website to garner ideas for how the government could save money. It was touted as a first and a brilliant move for inclusive democracy…until

Employ Crocodiles in Benefits Offices ? HMT - Spending Challenge

Employ Crocodiles in Benefits Offices ? HMT - Spending Challenge

Oh dear, that isn’t so good….there are plenty more Lol suggestions. go have a look. One particularly fine example is the suggestion to set up a website to get suggestions.


Mad Rantings of ill-informed idiots

The Standard after attacking me and making it look like a cuddle then goes on through the mad rantings of Marty G to propose there is some conspiracy between Treasury and National.

National?s favourite public servant (who got himself a nice pay rise), John Whitehead, has been offering dire warnings of the future. $2 trillion in debt by 2050! Something must be done!

Naturally, the Treasury has an extreme right-wing solution ? cut everything: cut health ? yeah, a less healthy workforce that?ll be great for the economy. Cut education ? yup, that?s the route to a high tech economy. Cut superannuation ? you?re going to die anyway, why not die a pauper? Even cut taxes ? yup Treasury reckons part of the solution to the government not taking in enough money to cover its costs to to cut its revenue.

Marty G must be about 12 years old because if he was any older or involved in labour then he would know that John Whitehead was once a treasury wonk seconded to Labour’s research unit and then liked it so much he stayed on eventually rising to Deputy Director of the Labour Research Unit before returning to Treasury.

Massive own goal there.

Further Marty G simply doesn’t understand that Treasury are really just scientists that look at evidence and plug details into complicated economic models and provide forecasts. There is no ideiologiy except when Michael Cullen thinks there is, the forecasts and results just are and they just tell what it is.

The plain simple fact of the matter is that New Zealand is living beyond its means, it can’t pay its bills and it won’t be able to pay its bills in the future unless we do something.

What's the point of even standing?

I’ve had an interesting contribution via the tip line. It is a copy of a letter from National Party Board nominee Wira Gardiner. It appears Mr Gardiner has sent this letter to the “rangatira” (otherwise known as the office holders and key influencers) of the Party.

The part that interests me the most is this;

Conflict for the Board?

It seems Wira has missed the point. The concerns around conflict of interest really don’t relate to his wife Hekia’s ascension through the ranks. The conflict issue is much simpler than that as I’ve highlighted before. It is a bit like Church and State… there should be a very real line between the Party organisational wing and the Party parliamentary wing. If one side is substantially stronger than the other then the Party simple can’t operate successfully. Like it or not, Wira and Hekia will talk shop. And, Hekia will probably suggest directions that might be more comfortable for the parliamentary wing and forget the organisational wing. Even if she doesn’t do that, any time that a decision appears to be made in favour of the parliamentary wing the perception will be that Wira was influenced via pillow talk. This issue is very real whether he is just a Board Member or the President.

The other concern is how does Wira propose to be a part of List Ranking when he has the substantial conflict of interest of being married to a current MP? We assume he’ll declare his conflict and sit it out. How crazy would it be for a President or indeed even a Board Member of the National Party to not even get a say in the ranking of the Party’s candidates? I wonder if this also means he’ll need to sit on the sidelines of the Candidates’ college as well? And, how would it work for selections within the greater Wellington area?

Wira’s major issue in the Party is whether he’ll continue to be a fair-weather friend. Perhaps Wira could answer the very simple question of whether he’s had continual membership of the National Party for the “over 30 years” that he professes to have. Or, are the news reports correct that he’s resigned at least twice when he’s disagreed with current policy positions?

In fact perhaps all board candidates might like to outline their longest period of contiguous membership. If I’m going to be vting for someone to sit on the board then I want to know they are loyal to the Party and not just a fair weather friend thinking it might be advantageous now the Party is in government.

personally I don’t even see the point of voting for a candidate that can’t even sit on the List Ranking Committee as either a board member or as the President if they are conflicted by being married to an MP. I mean why even bother to stand, that is a conflict that can never be resolved.


SFNS claims more victims

There is an article today in the Waikato Times about a family of three Benneydale siblings who were supposedly groomed for a life of crime and had a “horrendous and violent upbringing”.

I disagree. Two of the sibilings could have been saved if their parents hadn’t named their younger brother with his silly first name and thus doomed the others simply by their close proximity to him.

Three Benneydale siblings were groomed for a life of crime and had a “horrendous and violent upbringing”, a court has heard.

Judge Phillip Connell made the comments in the Te Kuiti District Court while sentencing Joshua Cloke, 25, sister Kelly Cloke, 24, and their younger brother, Chazas Cloke, 22, on burglary charges on Thursday.

The trio had earlier admitted the burglary of an industrial building in Te Kuiti last year, adding to an extensive list of convictions.

Kelly Cloke’s lawyer, Andrea Jones, said her client had a tumultuous background which, in turn, contributed to her impulsive behaviour.

If I was Kelly’s lawyer I’d be making the claim that her client was a normal person until the arrival of Chazas. From his arrival in the family ill-will has beset them and dogged them to the situation they now find themselves in.

Silly First Name Syndrome appears to have claimed this whole family.