Tree squirrels

Fancy some Squirrel

Quite apart from being a hard word to say, Squirrel is making a comeback in the US…on the dinner table. Heather Smith is predicting the “re-squirreling of the American diet:”

It’s hard to imagine more sustainable local game — squirrels are abundant, far from endangered, and don’t even require refrigeration the way that big game does. The standard rule of thumb is that one squirrel = enough meat for one dinner for one person. The squirrel is road food — the kind of prey that fed cross-country hikers, in the days before MRE’s and freeze-dried lentils. Squirrel is like the drive-through cheeseburger of the forest — albeit a cheeseburger that needs to be gutted first. They’re are also delicious, mostly because they eat nuts.

I found out something fascinating about squirreling firearms too:

The Kentucky Long Rifle, with its long barrel and small caliber, was designed for squirrel hunting (the smaller the caliber, the more squirrel left to take home after shooting one.)

The ideal shot was aimed not at the squirrel, but at the tree branch directly below it, so that the animal would be killed by the concussion of the bullet instead of the bullet itself.Historians say that this is what won the Revolutionary war; even the most highly trained British soldiers were no match for squirrel killers trained by hunger.

I even managed to find a few squirrel recipes including one designed for those who were watching the SuperBowl on Monday and then there is this cool video about killing Squirrel and eating it:

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