Governmental Greenies who bark up the wrong tree

It is not just in New Zealand that we have councils and Greenies putting trees before people. It happens in Australia too.

Case ONE:

In Victoria, the very people who were harassed and fined for cutting down some of their trees to create a fire break, were amongst the few whose homes were not burnt down in a major bush fire.

Paul Rovere

After suffering court action that cost the family $100,000, Liam Sheahan believes clearing trees saved his home and his family. Photo: Paul Rovere

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Comment of the Day

GenericUsernam101 commented on the post about rare earth metals in Mongolia:

One of the most annoying “green initiatives” to me is the recycling of paper and cardboard. Ask anyone including greenies why they do it and you get a blank stare, and then a faint “because recycling is good”. Challenge them on it, and you get “because it stops trees being chopped down, and saves our native forests”.

Well, for one, recycling costs more and uses more pollutants than creating the same paper products from scratch. Very aggressive chemicals must be used in breaking down the old paper and removing inks/glues etc, before re-casting it. They will tell you that they are on top of this, and recycling is almost as polluting now as starting from new, woohoo. They are forgetting all the fossil fuels used in collecting the recyclables.

But all of that is irrelevant anyway, because the real issue is that since recycling of paper and cardboard started, the pine forests of New Zealand have been reduced by around 30% in size, since the forests, which were planted to provide pulp and paper, are no longer needed. Yes, recycling does not save trees, it destroys forests! Oh and greenies, nobody cuts native trees to make paper, you figure the economics of that out.

Not only that, but the forests, like the Kaingaroa, that have been cut down solely as a result of recycling, by around 25-30%, have been reclaimed back by dairying, from whence they came, before they were planted to make paper. So now greenies, there are less forests, and more of what you hate more, cows producing fart-gas and effluent (their opinion, not mine).   Read more »

Photo Of The Day


Goats on Trees in Morocco

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Christmas Tree Harvest. Jaw dropping…

A funeral for a tree?

Seriously…they are…the weirdo tree hugging loons of Buller…going to hold a funeral for a tree:

Buller conservationists plan to hold a wake for a 500-year-old kahikatea tree that was felled by the Department of Conservation so it could extend a nearby tramping hut.

DoC is adamant the tree had to go to keep trampers staying at the Mokihinui Forks Hut safe.

However, Westport conservationist Peter Lusk is horrified, and says the tree had stood firm for centuries.

“It was here when Abel Tasman sailed past,” Mr Lusk said today.  Read more »

Smelly Hippies crying over dead trees

It’s an oldie but a goodie, watch as smell hippies cry over dead trees:

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Cut it down FFS

It is a tree FFS.  How the hell does a tree end up costing this much?

$6951 charged by Auckland Transport (costs case for resource consent, engineer and arborist’s fees plus travel charges)
$2832.38 by Auckland Parks, Sports & Recreation (incurred costs $1294 plus budgeted removal costs $1538.38)
$2516 for resource consent processing
$12,299.38 total costs to date

Where is Sandra Goudie and her chainsaw these days?  Her words from 2005 certainly apply here:

“These people are sick of the political correctness crap. They don’t mind a bit of oversight or a few guidelines, but they just want tools to manage it, or they want [Council] to manage it.

“We’ve got to knock some of this red tape on the head.”

Auckland needs a redneck to sort this crap out.