BREAKING: “Progress report” on Conservative AGM in Auckland this morning

Colin Craig has not turned up but has left the Colonites in charge with a Trespass notice blocking John Stringer from attending. ? Not entirely sure you can enforce a trespass notice on someone else’s property, but after a two hour stand-off, including police having a say, John Stringer has withdrawn and the “AGM” has started.

More as it develops.


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Trespassing green taliban eco-terrorist gets slap on hand with wet bus ticket from dud judge

It is actions like this by the judiciary that embolden ratbags like Michael Tavares to commit their eco-terrorism in the first place.

They know dud judges will go soft on them.

Meanwhile property owners are yet again the victims here, attacked by jealous neighbours masquerading as concerned citizens and lying about the age of the trees concerned.

Kauri tree occupier Michael Tavares says he can’t promise he will take a break from environmental activism, but he can promise he won’t be trespassing to climb any more trees in the next year.

The environmental activist was today convicted of trespassing, having pleaded guilty to the charge stemming from his 81-hour protest in March.

No sentence will be imposed upon Tavares unless he appears before the courts in the next 12 months, said his lawyer Vernon Tava outside Waitakere District Court this morning.

“If he does anything like this … in the next 12 months he can be called back and sentenced. ? Read more »

Lucky he wasn’t arrested

? NZ Herald

Some uppity skateboarders are upset that their skateboard was broken. I?have?watched the video and the little turd is lucky he wasn’t arrested for trespass. His grasp on the law is tenuous at best. he may still get himself arrested because their little video which they say shows an aggressive security guard in fact shows a rude little shit trespassing, then assaulting a security guard several times in?the?video in his?attempt?to?retrieve?his confiscated property.

His grasp of?trespass?laws are very shaky as well, thinking that because a door is open he and his mates can just enter and cause mayhem.

Breaking the board was probably ?a little ove the top but the guard was clearly assaulted by the skater and he foolishly filmed it: