Why did the NZ Herald protect a bullying sex offender’s identity?

Yesterday the NZ Herald ran a story about Gin Wigmore pushing back on a Facebook troll.

The NZ Herald ran a screen shot of the post and the response from Wigmore.

For some reason they obscured the identity (photo and name) of the troll.


Why cover that up? ?? Read more »

Media Trolls


One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument


I had forgotten all about trolls when I ventured onto a MSM site the other day to view an article about Cameron’s Charity boxing match against Jesse. I am so used to our well moderated, polite and respectful site now that I expect the same standard on the so called professional sites of the Main Steam Media. Other Blogs I realise often have poor or no moderation but I naively thought that verbal abuse and wishing people to die horribly would be removed by moderators. I made a few comments, mainly correcting lies told about Cameron and the Trolls went nuts. I soon left and stopped replying. That made them go even more nuts. One Troll said something horrible to try to prod me into a response and when they were ignored they tried again posting a second reply to my original comment. Others joined in and soon they were having a conversation about me even though I was no longer participating. It was crazy. The next day I had a look and they were still going.

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Cunliffe continues to focus on the things that matter…like trolls


David Cunliffe says he is going to focus ont he things that matter to the NZ voting public.

You’d think that this would be the economy, or perhaps jobs, maybe health…even education given the support of the teacher unions.

But no…when your entire election strategy revolves around poorly spelled, error ridden, tweets and Facebook posts on social media then you really have to focus on the things that really matter…like controlling trolls….and what John Key is doing on his Facebook page.

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Redefining the word troll, it’s all about control

Politicians love using the word troll to attack their online detractors. My creepy stalker usually gets this term wrong, along with his use of ‘sock-puppet’.

But they generally get the context wrong. I have long wondered if it was deliberate stupidity or a plan.?My creepy stalker usually gets this term wrong, along with his use of ‘sock-puppet’.

Now there is evidence that such hijacking of the term may well have been deliberate.

It will undoubtedly thrill those responsible to know that the abusive comments and emails they have sent me over the years ? mostly when I was running the Blogocracy blog at News Limited ? were actually upsetting.

Although such abuse was a very small percentage of the tens of thousands of comments the site received, there is something debilitating and disquieting about knowing that someone took the time to write to abuse you in the most base terms, wished you actual physical harm, or worst of all, wished harm upon your family. Being a bloke, I probably got off fairly lightly too: look no further than the recent torrent of online abuse targeting women for proof.

To put it plainly, I have nothing but contempt for those who engage in this sort of behaviour, and am happy to see them pursued and exposed. But I am also a fan of online discussion more generally, whether it be on social media, on blogs, or in the comments section under stories in the mainstream media. ? Read more »

Internet Troll loses sense of humour when he gets tracked down



The anonymous cowards calling for people’s deaths and suicides are a spineless bunch.

This is what happened when a boxer decided to go find his troll

Woodhouse, 32, a former footballer and one-time light welterweight champion of England, was bombarded by tweets mocking him about lost fights and even his father’s death.

Earlier this week he decided he had had enough and jumped in his car to track down his tormentor, who called himself “The Master”, while giving his 26,000 followers a running commentary on the way. ? Read more »

Haumurana , Hamurana…hemorrhoids in sub-editing

What’s in a name and a place?

My old mate Jonathan Marshall has copped a subbing bomb from the Herald on Sunday.

Following the alleged attack, Rotorua police investigated and arrested Barker at his father’s seaside Haumurana property. He was charged with common assault. The penalty is a maximum one year imprisonment.? Read more »

Feeding trolls can be fun, but which ones do you feed?


It is fair to say that there are a great many people out there who do not like me, or some of my friends. That’s ok…we don’t like you either.

At sometime in recent history there has entered a strange idea that just because we can all communicate online via Twitter and Facebook then we should all be friends..or at the very least nice to each other. It’s a bloody strange and alien idea to me.

Basically I go through life with indifference to most people, until they either annoy me or affect me negatively in some way. What happens next is that I escalate my response to a point at which they can not bear. Smart people then usually leave me alone…and I can continue on with my indifference.? Read more »


Better commenters use pseudonyms, and Facebook squashes discourse

I use Disqus for my blog comments management. It?continues?to?improve?and adds significant additional?functionality?to the site without a massive overhead of extra plugins.

Disqus has conducted some research?that shows that?commenters using pseudonyms are ?the most important contributors to online communities.?

The service gives each user the option of commenting with a Disqus account, a social media identity or anonymously. It says 61 percent of commenters use pseudonyms, 35 percent choose to be anonymous and 4 percent use their ?real identity? verified by Facebook. It also says those with pseudonyms post the best comments, while anonymous comments are lower quality. One theory: People don?t mind being accountable online, but they don?t want it to blow back on their work or personal lives by using a real identity. A pseudonym protects them while providing a measure of accountability.

Once people settle on a pseudonym I think they do take more ownership of their comments. The anonymous cowards tend to junk up the comments and their flame attempts become frustrating to those who are trying to engage properly.

TechCrunch rolled out Facebook Comments in a bid to rid themselves of trolls and abuse. Facebook Comments of course works on publishing, in most instances, the real?credentials?of a commenter. hOw did that work out for them…turns out not so well😕 Read more »

An Apology

Yesterday I blogged about some pretty awful comments from Beau Murrah, on that post which ended up with 139 comment, some from him and his pals. I also had extensive email correspondence with him that showed an arrogance and lack of remorse that was breath-taking.

So when I?received?this email in the early hours of the morning I was surprised to say the least. I am dis-inclined to removed the original post, simply?because?of the nature of the comments yesterday and the correspondence. I am pleased he has made a donation. I will take advice on whether or not the original post should remain.

When I say NFWAB I really, really mean it.

From: Beau Murrah

To Cam Slater


I have come to realise you are correct. My comments alluding to suicide were and are?unacceptable to be said to anyone including yourself. I should know better. I don’t want to troll at all and most definitely not in such a manner ever again. I have just donated $200 of my own money to the Mental Health Foundation of NZ as some kind of atonement.

Regarding mental health I have also realised that this whole episode and perhaps a significant part of my online?behaviour in recent times has not been good for it.?I thought I was some ‘hilarious troll’ for a moment, bulletproof. I felt like it.

Somehow in my mind I have gotten this attitude that just because I might severely disagree with some persons political views or character it somehow makes it ‘justified’ to troll them in such a way on the internet as if it is somehow a different moral universe. Its unhealthy and the feeling doesn’t last. I didn’t sleep well tonight and ended up having an argument with my girlfriend who is very supportive of me, whom I never really argue with generally. I don’t want to have this happen again.

Now for my own mental health I am going to ask something of you. I am going to ask you to please remove your blog post about me. This is probably quite rare for you to ever do for anyone. All I can suggest is that despite the large comment feedback compared to the other more serious topics on your blog about politics the one post about some university student troll won’t really be missed or particularly noticed when its gone.

I can only ask you take my word for it that I have learned from this… I don’t want any part of this trolling business anymore regardless. As much as I tried to hand-wave it off in my mind this google prominence will provide a barrier to employment and some mental health issues of their own. I am asking you to mercy me that.

Regards Beau.

They didn’t get to me with a proper receipt yet but I guess well I can only also ask you take my word for the donation:

On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 1:24 AM, The Mental Health Foundation?<[email protected]>?wrote:

Thank you for your form submission, we hope you return soon.

Your details are:Email: [redacted]

You paid by credit card online.

Kind regards
The Mental Health Foundation

UPDATE: Commenters have asked that now Beau Murrah has apologised?for his offensive comments that I should remove the original post. However, as I believe in context, removing this post really isn’t an option as it would remove context. To remove it would only leave an apology hanging without the context in which it was given. That could lead to further injustice as people could assume that something far worse was said.

Therefore after spending a day thinking about it I have decided to leave the original post in place, but have added an explanation similar to this so that full context of the situation can be understood.

As one of my commenters has noted I am an advocate of owning your own shit. I don’t hide my past posts, even though some of them are terribly embarrassing and re-reading them is sometimes just awful, the fact is that I wrote those and I should own what I did and said int he past. This is one of those situations that should serve as an example to all.

A message for trolls

Dedicated to hard working internet trolls everywhere. Love ya, keep on trollin’! X Isabel & all the Clever Pies

Written & Performed by Isabel Fay
Directed & Edited by Chris Linc?