Trolls watch Netflix too, snowflake

Snowflake Amy Schumer, who has been extremely vocal against Donald Trump, like a lot of her luvvie pals in Hollywood, is experiencing a boycott of sorts.

It seems that trolls like Netflix too, and they are rating her shows with 1 star.

Amy Schumer has lashed out at Internet ?trolls? she claims?launched an online campaign to tank the reviews of her latest comedy special.

One week after its March 6 debut, The Leather Special?had received hundreds?of one-star reviews from Netflix members. Schumer responded to the backlash Wednesday on her Instagram account, quoting a news report from?Splitsider?that claims hundreds of trolls purposefully flooded?her comedy special with negative reviews. ? Read more »

Putin’s version of The Standard

Vladimir Putin has his own set of bloggers, trolls and internet warriors pushing out positive propaganda on himself and negative attacks on his enemies. His very own version of The Standard.

Now one of those hired trolls has come clean.

When Lyudmila Savchuk heard about the assassination of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov earlier this year she was shocked and saddened.

?I felt the bullets between my own shoulders,? she said, recalling how the Kremlin critic was gunned down near Moscow’s Red Square in February.

Yet within hours of Mr Nemtsov’s death, Ms Savchuk and her colleagues were going online to pour bile on the former deputy prime minister and claim he was killed by his own friends rather than by government hitmen, as many suspect.

?I was so upset that I almost gave myself away,? she said. ?But I was 007. I fulfilled my task.?

The “007” role that Ms Savchuk refers to is her own extroardinary one-woman spying mission, which appears to shed intriguing light on the propaganda machine that props up the rule of Vladimir Putin, Russia?s president.

Ms Savchuk says that for two months, she worked as one of scores of “internet operators” in a secretive ?troll factory? called Internet Research, an anonymous four-storey building on a back street in St Petersburg, Russia?s former tsarist capital and Mr Putin?s hometown.? Read more »


Dirty Politics journo? I think not

Giovanni Tiso is a hateful little troll and a Twitter terrorist.

He is having a bash at Heather du Plessis-Allan

tiso-troll Read more »

Never apologise to trolls

I can’t stand it when after some trolling and baiting by left wing ranters a centre right politician reacts and then gets hounded for an apology.

The media chase down the politician and then the fool apologises.

Never apologise to trolls, especially after you gave?them a hiding online.

Controversial Auckland Councillor Dick Quax says he regrets a social media outburst where he suggested to a member of the public it may have been better if they were never born.

Quax says he was “too quick off the mark” in responding to a post from a Facebook user who called him a nutter, and later accused him of having a mental breakdown.

The comments were made after Quax posted a link to Facebook in support of the charter school system, to which Josh Phoenix replied saying ?religious nutcases brainwashing children is not education?. ?? Read more »


Trolls and haters are just badly behaved fans



This past year has seen an explosion of haters and trolls, largely fed by the angry left.

But I’ve been reading about how they are just really badly behaved fans.

Maria Popova explains:

In an immeasurably insightful entry from 1847, 34-year-old Kierkegaard observes a pervasive pathology of our fallible humanity, explaining the same basic psychology that lurks behind contemporary phenomena like bullying,trolling, and the general assaults of the web?s self-appointed critics, colloquially and rather appropriately known as haters.

Kierkegaard writes:

There is a form of envy of which I frequently have seen examples, in which an individual tries to obtain something by bullying. If, for instance, I enter a place where many are gathered, it often happens that one or another right away takes up arms against me by beginning to laugh; presumably he feels that he is being a tool of public opinion. But lo and behold, if I then make a casual remark to him, that same person becomes infinitely pliable and obliging. Essentially it shows that he regards me as something great, maybe even greater than I am: but if he can?t be admitted as a participant in my greatness, at least he will laugh at me. But as soon as he becomes a participant, as it were, he brags about my greatness. ? Read more »

Oh my

Sometimes a bit of wisdom comes along, and you just have to pass it on.



Quote of the Day

Twitter is full of trolls, even more so this election period.

Even the Herald?s claimed media writer/commentator John Drinnan thinks it?s a place with no accountability. But when he loses followers, his tactic is to try and shame them.


Good luck doing that to Heather du Plessis-Allan.

Drinnan?s just been given a good serve.



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Clare Curran Tweetgate… update

You may have had a chuckle this morning when you saw this


Well, it seems she may have tried to apologise… sorta…? Read more »

He’s so ronery he needs a troll army

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un must have inherited the roneriness of his father, he has recruited a troll army of over 3000.

North Korea has put together a team of 3,000 cyber warriors as part of attempts to build support for the regime of leader Kim Jong-Un and destabilize its enemies, according to a South Korean think tank.

The hackers include 200 agents who post anti-South Korean comments online to try to demoralise the population of the neighbouring country.? Read more »

A reader emails…

The comments about this blog being biased are incredibly?revealing – both the one today by the list MP and even Chauvel’s?comments.

By complaining about bias in a blog, they are telling?everyone they lack even a basic understanding of media.

This is not a?news source.

It’s a running commentary on news and events.

How do they?not get that?

Of course a blog is biased.

It’s meant to be.

I suppose?they are unhappy given how many people tend to agree with the opinions?expressed here.

Boggles my mind that people [are] missing that?fundamental difference.