Dirty Trougher Kypros Kypri wants sunlight – but hides Doug Sellman


Oh here we go again. Trougher researcher Kypros Kypri seems hell-bent on getting some sunlight.

Problem is that his latest play at getting attention is at the expense of his writing buddy – mad as a hatter Professor Doug Sellman.

The Dominion Post this morning pimps yet another whinge whinge whinge by publich health experts troughers all moaning, once again about the Health Promotion Agency. ? Read more »

Remember Josie? Yeah, the one that thought breast feeding was close to incest. She’s back

If you haven’t picked up on the “breastfeeding incest” story, go do that first. ?Then, cop a load of today’s installment of this one-woman troughing disaster:

d22e4Last week she sparked fury among mothers after saying breastfeeding was ‘vile and borderline incest’.

And now unemployed NHS scrounger Josie Cunnignham has revealed she will sell her breast milk in her latest cash-grabbing venture.

The unemployed mother-of-three, who made headlines after smugly revealing she had received a ?4,800 breast enlargement from the NHS, welcomed a daughter last month after flirting with the idea of selling tickets to her child’s birth.

In a bid to make money, the would-be glamour model has now revealed she will sell her breast milk to new mothers and men with ‘milk fetishes’ instead.

Defending her decision, she [said]?’My breasts are for my partner, not my child.’

Despite smoking and drinking throughout her pregnancy, she said she wanted to sell milk to new mothers for ?2 an ounce – and ?10 an ounce to men with ‘milk fetishes’.

‘I should be able to produce around 30ozs a day, that’s up ?300 a day or ?2100 a week,’ she added.

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Auckland mayor ups your rates, plans world tour

Matthew Teunnisen has this story

Auckland Mayor Len Brown has set himself a globe-trotting agenda for the coming year with planned visits to Taiwan, Japan, China, the United States and Australia.

The mayor’s proposed “outbound programme” includes a one-week trip to Taiwan, Japan and China accompanied by a delegation to “leverage specific opportunities” and to sign an agreement with the mayors of Guangzhou and Los Angeles.

Brown also plans to attend the World Cities Mayors Forum in New York, a summit in Los Angeles, and potentially make trade missions to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

He has also proposed attending the Asia Pacific Cities Summit and Mayors Forum in Brisbane to investigate an Auckland bid to host the summit.

Hand up if you think this is 1) blatant 2) troughing 3) taking the pee? ? The man has no shame. ? Read more »


Hager’s troughing trip

Has anyone noticed this:

New Zealand?s exhibition for the 56th Venice Biennale 2015 will be housed in the grand salon of the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, one of the finest buildings in Venice and home to priceless works of cartography, art and literature.

New Zealand sculptor and installation artist Simon Denny, who will be exhibiting at next year?s Biennale, says the Marciana Library will provide a rich context for his work. ?The exhibition will address the intersection of geography and power, and the ownership of knowledge, so this pioneering library will provide an enriching and highly relevant context for the work.?

New Zealand Commissioner for the 2015 Venice Biennale, Heather Galbraith says securing the Marciana Library is a coup for New Zealand. ?It is located in the Piazzetta San Marco, in the heart of Venice. Designed by Jacopo Sansovino, the building is exquisite?a significant visitor destination in its own right. The Marciana Library holds many treasures including an exemplary early map of the world by fra Mauro (1448?53), which Simon?s project takes into consideration as it offers a parallel mapping of world power.?

Creative New Zealand has also announced additional team members to assist with New Zealand?s Biennale presentation. Read more »


Lydia Ko can’t wean herself from the taxpayers’ trough

Olivia Wannan at Stuff reports

Golfer Lydia Ko is asking for more taxpayer support since turning pro than she received when she was an amateur.

The 16-year-old prodigy can now reap big financial rewards from professional tournaments, as well as millions in management contracts and endorsement deals.

She pocketed NZ$181,000 for winning the Swinging Skirts World Ladies Masters tournament in Taiwan last year and so far this year has collected more than $280,000 in winnings.

As an amateur, she received $115,000 from High Performance Sport NZ in 2012 and $185,000 last year, chief executive Alex Baumann said.

New Zealand Golf’s application for this year is for $208,000 to pay for her coaching, physiotherapy and mental skills training.

The total includes $115,000 to pay for transport and accommodation to tournaments for Ko and her mother.

NZ Golf chief executive Dean Murphy said that, despite Ko’s new professional status, the funding was still necessary, and the application was lodged while she was still an amateur.

“There will come a time when Lydia becomes self-sufficient.

“Currently that’s not the case …

So what?

If Ko is now a professional, who says she has to return a profit for the first few years in business? ? ? Read more »

2013 Trougher of the Year

This category is a tough one. The trough is awash with do-gooders, fake charities, Maori trusts, and even Green Taliban supporting hippy groups.

There?s also troughers like scumbag unions that tuck their members for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year so union bosses can traipse around the country looking as though they?re doing something.

But there was one candidate that gained some attention on the blog this year that did stand out as a leading example of tucking into the public trough at a rate that would leave JT?s Waipareira Trust looking on in awe.

The?2013 WO Trougher of the Year?therefore goes to none other than…?Boyd Swinburn,?Professor of Population Nutrition & Global Health at the University of Auckland.

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I wonder if his horses had electric blankets?

Ratbag politicians are always on the bludge, finding new and interesting ways to sup from the trough.

A Conservative British MP has apologised and promised to repay part of a ?5822 expenses claim for his energy bills – after it emerged taxpayers were paying for the electricity supply to his stables.

Nadhim Zahawi says he was ‘mortified’ to discover the error which came to light after he was among politicians criticised over subsidised energy bills.? Read more »

Winston’s nasty minion Asenati Lole-Taylor trips a circuit breaker

NZ First list trougher just doesn’t know when to plug her leaking skull, and shows us how by gushing it’s putrid contents all over facebook. If it wasn’t already bad enough the she was repeating the exaggerated poppycock from The Horrid and Gurnard, she attacks a National supporter who was engaging in reasonable conversation:

nastyarsehole Read more »

The Troughing Mayor’s Delay Tactic

Readers may remember this piece from the weekend when a reader asked for some Whale Sunshine for the Troughing Mayor of Nelson. ?Aldo Miccio has been to China “on behalf of the ratepayer”, but has set up a company for himself.

MP for Nelson Nick Smith was in the paper a few days ago reminding Aldo Miccio that in politics, there is doing the right thing, and being seen to do the right thing. ?Nick speaks from experience.

So what does the greasy Miccio do?

He kicks for touch.

“Rather than continue to engage in unwarranted and unsubstantiated media speculation, I have referred this matter to the acting [Nelson City Council] chief executive to review independently, including reference to the auditor-general’s office,” Mr Miccio said yesterday

You can see the strategy here. ?The deeply unpopular first-term Mayor won’t be re-elected, and he’s very busy feathering his nest. ?By sending this issue to the Auditor-General’s Office he’s hoping the glaring sunlight will stop. ?With some luck, his alleged misuse of ratepayers money will still be tied up in “third party reviews” by the time he’s turfed out.


Waste of Money

I can’t think of a bigger waste of money right now:

The New Zealand Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) is seeking expressions of interest from young New Zealanders who are interested in representing New Zealand at Commonwealth Day in London on 12 March 2012.

Applicants need to be aged between 18 and 25 years, with strong leadership skills and an interest in the Commonwealth and parliamentary affairs.

The theme of this year?s Commonwealth Day is ?Connecting Cultures?. The one-day programme will include:

  • discussions on the Commonwealth, the CPA, and their contribution to parliamentary democracy;
  • short debates and presentations on current critical issues in the Commonwealth;
  • attendance at the Observance at Westminster Abbey at which Her Majesty the Queen will be present as Head of the Commonwealth;
  • and attendance at the Commonwealth Secretary-General’s evening reception in the presence of Her Majesty.

A whole lot of travel for a one day programme…what this trip amounts to is a first class lesson in troughing.

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